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Spit Cycle: Part 1

Exhibition Opened: 31st May- 5th June 2022
12.30 - 6.30pm daily. 

Opening Party and Live Performance: Thursday 2 June 6.30-8.30pm. 

Exhibition text can be accessed here

All images courtesy of the curator

Pacheanne Anderson presents artist Holly Jackson in the 1st part of an ongoing series of films and performances entitled Spit Cycle


Spit cycle is an exploration of obsessive thoughts, compulsive behaviour, surveillance and self objectification from a feminist-centred perspective. 


The overall body of work displayed through Spit Cycle, act as results of obsessively observing the self and the other shown through performance, video and sculpture. 


The work aims to engage the liminal non-physical and emotional place where Jackson simultaneously puts herself; revealing her deepest and most private discomforts amidst putting them on display for the world to observe, critic and sometimes even be disgusted by. 


Through performing mundane tasks and creating self-implemented physical limitations and hiding herself away completely in secretly filmed footage of total strangers, Jackson invites you to be a voyeur in her mind whilst taking on some of her discomfort by participating as a spectator.


Scheduled Performance Times

Thu, 2 June 2022

19:00 Spit Cycle

19.30 Lunch

20:00 Lunch Pt. 2


Saturday 4th 2022

13:00  Spit Cycle

14.30 Lunch

16.30 pm Lunch Pt. 2

19:00 pm Spit Cycle


About the artist:


Holly Jackson is a performance, video and installation artist who works within the themes of surveillance, obsession and self-degradation. Her work often engages with the female-queer and challenges the cis-het gaze by interrogating the audience through the queering and placement of found and made mundane bodily and non-bodily objects. 


Her work looks at self-obsession from a self-deprecating lens of disembodied emotion and is visually striking, colourful, and humorous but spans various perspectives on topics in relation to the female body, OCD and sexual trauma via satirical and whimsical performances and sculpture. 


Since graduating university with a first class degree in Fine Art, Holly Jackson has taken part in various group shows. She has been working with her art agent Pacheanne Anderson for the last 9 months, who has allowed her to grow her art world networks in London and develop her practice over time and she is currently preparing for some group and solo exhibitions around North and East London.

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