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Help with your submission form


* fields marked with asterisk are compulsory and must be completed 


Show Title *

The name of the show which you would like to submit for. Please make sure this is accurate and copied from the call out (we may have multiple call outs open at once and need to know which show you want to take part in)


Name *

Your name, first name followed by your surname (i.e. John Smith)


Artist Name (if different)

Tell us if you wish to be known by another name for press, artist labels etc. Please ensure spelling and capitalisation is how you want this to be printed on the label.


Email *

Your email address


Address *

Your full address


Country *

Your country


Website or Blog

Your website, blog, tumblr, Instagram etc.

Artist Statement and Biography *

Include a brief CV of your past experience e.g where you studied and any relevant artistic experiences. 

Include a statement about your artistic practice as a whole - what you are interested in exploring with your work. Please keep this to no more than 300 words in total.


We ask that you submit up to 6 works per show. You can submit as many as you like but no more than 6. So ‘artwork 1’ is compulsory but if you’re only submitting 1 work you can leave the other fields empty


Artwork 1 Title

The title of the work. Please type exactly as how you want this to be seen on a label, paying attention to capitalisation and punctuation.


Artwork 1 Medium

What it is made from, for example, oil on canvas, acrylic on board, bronze, etc


Artwork 1 Dimensions in cm

Size of the piece in centimetres. Length, Width and Depth. If this is a 2D work and you are submitting it as a framed piece, please give dims framed and unframed. If it is a video piece, please give length in hours and minutes.


Artwork 1 Type

Please select from the dropdown menu; 2D, 3D, Installation, Film, or Other - in which case please state


Artwork 1 Brief Statement

An brief statement about the piece to give us some context. 


Artwork 1 Date

The date the work was completed


Artwork 1 Price

Either the price of the work if it is for sale, or if the work is not for sale please state this, or if it is price on request please state this.


We are asking about this to help us know we are achieving our mission and complying with our values. Please self-describe your gender in any way you prefer. This information will be divorced from all personal information and only be used in bulk statistics.


We are asking about this to help us know we are achieving our mission and complying with our values. Please self-describe your ethnicity in any way you prefer. This information will be divorced from all personal information and only be used in bulk statistics.

Submitting Images

To accompany each artwork submitted please upload a high resolution image (no smaller than 1748x2480 and around 2mb) for each piece of work being submitted via the email link. Clearly label your images with the artist’s name and the title of the artwork as follows:




ie: JohnSmith_Untitled1.jpeg


Lastly, please also ensure you put the artists name in the subject of the email.

Extra Tips To Help You Get Selected

Please make sure you fill in your form accurately. All information we use in labels, press releases and catalogues is taken directly from this form. Any errors you make in the form are likely to be reproduced if you are selected!

We receive lots of submissions and due to this we don't have time to chase people for incomplete forms or missing images. Please make sure that you complete your form fully and remember to email the images separately as per the instructions.

We don't care where you studied or even if you studied, but it's nice to know a bit about your background so if you don't have an artist CV and this is literally the first time you've submitted work anywhere, tell us a bit about YOU. What do you do for work? What inspires you to make art? Do you paint in a studio or in your shed? Just a few things to introduce yourself.

We DO care about the ideas behind your work. What drives you to make this particular work. Are you inspired by any other artists, art theory, politics, people. Please make sure you include some kind of statement about your practice. But keep it to a paragraph please, we have lots to read!

In regards to the above, we also sometimes really NEED a text about each artwork you submit. Sometimes work can speak for itself, but this is a lot less common than artists think. Please try to include something about each piece - imagine you are trying to explain it to an intelligent ten year old - and then replicate that explanation for us.

Finally, please remember that we are selecting these works based on the images you provide. Please please send decent quality images. We need one image of each piece. The image needs to show the whole of the piece, be well lit, free from glare and with true colours. If the image is going to come to us framed, we need to see the piece with the frame it's coming in in the photo. We don't care if the photo is taken on a camera in a studio, or with a phone in your garden, just make sure it's clear and accurately shows the piece.


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