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21/06/2019 - 29/06/2019

Sweet ‘Art are a non-profit organisation operating from an intersectional feminist perspective, which is dedicated to the promotion of visual artists through the delivery of regular curated exhibitions, events and projects.


Join us at The Stash Gallery, part of the decadent Vout-O-Reenees for welcome drinks, arty freebies and exciting and affordable contemporary art. The fundraiser will be launched with a 'silent' auction will allow guests to bid on range of varied art works on display by a selection of established and early career artists, including portrait artists Leena McCall, taxidermy sculptor Shannon Lane and living artwork and performer Marnie Scarlett....

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Intersect poster.jpg
Instersect 2019





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30/10/2018 - 16/11/2018

Sweet ‘Art are delighted to invite you to Beautiful & Damned, their next multi-disciplinary art exhibition, showcasing the work of over 30 accomplished artists.

The exhibition, running over the Halloween period will be serving up some of Sweet ‘Art’s most decadently debauched arty offerings! No tombstone has been left unturned in selecting artists whose works explore the glamorous and grotesque, disturbed and diabolical, surreal and supernatural, merciless and macabre and uncanny and undead!

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16/05/2018 - 30/05/2018

Sweet ‘Art are delighted to invite you to Unspoken, an exciting, fun and thought provoking art event, with work by 30 artists. Running from the 16-30 May the exhibition will be held in the aptly atmospheric Stash Gallery, part of Vout-O-Reenees members club, hidden in the depths of a crypt.

Unspoken will explore the repressed and taboo in a personal and social context, utilizing a visual language that can speak the unspeakable but also explore the process of repression and denial....




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Sweet ‘Art at the Royal Festival Hall as part of WOW! ...

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Naughty & Nice
19/12/2017 - 23/12/2017

An exciting, fun and thought provoking art event, with work by over 50 artists. Running from the 19 -23 December the exhibition will explore the festive season in both traditional and alternative ways.


Before entering the gallery, enjoy an alternative take on the Christmas window created by artist and puppeteer Garry Rutter.


Then go on a curated journey exploring the season and festivities with snowy landscapes by artists such as Bhavisha Patel; tongue-in-cheek looks at consumerism, excess and gluttony by artists including Gia Strauss and Michael Croft; fun, festive and celebratory pieces by artists including Chris Avis and Maria Varniva; and non-christian explorations of the Christmas season by artists such as Bahar Borna Faraz...


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08/09/2017 - 10/09/2017

Sweet ‘Art’s femfest was borne from our missions and values and identifying a need for arts festivals to focus on and privilege the voices and experiences of those identifying as women. We have selected an array of performance artists, filmmakers, visual artists, makers and designers to be featured throughout the festival, which aims to showcase artists in a range of ways and through various platforms from a contemporary exhibition, to interactive performance pieces and maker fair....

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Game Face
01/07/2017 - 02/07/2017

A group exhibition exploring the relationship between art and games from a feminist perspective.


Game Face brings together a range of visual artists whose work explores the relationship between art and games. Each artist tackles the theme in an idiosyncratic way, examining aspects of games and play through technique, materials and subject.


Feminist themes form an integral part of the exhibition...




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07/03/2017 - 08/03/2017

T’ART brings together a range of visual artists, whose work explores themes of feminine identity. Each artist tackles the theme in an idiosyncratic way, examining aspects of gender identity, feminist issues or personal perspectives. This year, the theme for IWD is #BeBoldForChange so artists will also be considering how to forge change in today’s political and social climate. Works celebrate, critique, challenge, ridicule and reflect notions of femininity in our society and internationally. ..... 

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SHE Book Launch 

In July 2016 Sweet ‘Art hosted SHE with an aim of simultaneously engaging people around the world in an exploration of femininity or what it is to be a woman. Three arts organisations from around the world came together in a single art event to celebrate similarity and difference. In an age of multiple online and traditional platforms for communication, SHE had three main components: the exhibitions in the UK, Vietnam and the USA, the international exchange and the international collaborations. Along with exhibiting a selection of artworks, from the politically challenging and provocative to the aesthetically beautiful....



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30/07/2016 - 31/07/2016

SHE will be a large multi media art event taking place at the stunning 47-49 Tanner Street, a Victorian warehouse just a stone’s throw from the South Bank.


On the 30 and 31 July 2016, SHE will showcase the work of over 60 visual and performance artists as part of the Perform Gender Festival hosted by Ugly Duck. SHE will showcase the work of local and international artists exploring the theme of femininity, feminine identity and issues faced by women worldwide.


SHE will also be exhibiting the outcomes of an ambitious artistic international exchange, where replications of the same curated artworks will simultaneously be exhibited in SHE exhibitions in our partnering galleries..... 

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Hand Maid
06/03/2016 - 09/03/2016

Hand Maid will be Sweet ‘Art’s third exhibition in aid of International Women’s Day and will be following a Sweet ‘Art tradition of hosting fun, challenging, interactive and inclusive exhibitions to mark IWD.


Hand Maid will take place at the Hoxton Arches Gallery in Shoreditch and will showcase the work of local and international artists exploring the themes of femininity, feminine identity and women’s day. Works will celebrate, critique and reflect notions of femininity in our society and internationally, created by artists identifying as any gender.





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Dont Look Now
31/10/2015 - 05/11/2015

On the 31st of October Sweet ‘Art will be launching Don’t Look Now, a multimedia art exhibition and live art event. Think glamorous and grotesque, surreal and supernatural, beautiful and dammed, merciless and macabre, uncanny and undead!


Follow the lights of our jack’o’lantern installation to the arty ghoulishness of the Iklectic Art Lab and browse our cabinet of curiosities, filled with scary sculptures and objectionable objects. Join us if you dare to fest on diabolically decadent edibles and work up some dutch courage with a Don’t Look Now cocktail before embarking on an evening of spooky interactive works, creepy performance and frightening freebies.

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Sweet 'Art's Summer Festival
18/08/2015 - 13/09/2015

A summer festival running over 3 venues in sunny Shoreditch hosted by Sweet ‘Art with art, music, workshops, artist talks and an art bar crawl! 


In collaboration with Juno Gallery and Bar, The Looking Glass Cocktail Bar and Shannon Rose Curator.

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Y Not?
31/03/2015 - 05/04/2016

This time Sweet ‘Art will be partnering with two amazing creative organisations. Lensational, who empower women emotionally and economically through providing photography training and equipment, will be curating an area of the exhibition, showcasing the stunning photography resulting from the workshops they have facilitated with women in developing countries.


The LMP Gallery is an energetic and creative hub in Austin, Texas. This amazing organisation are also hosting an International Women’s Day show in parallel to Sweet ‘Arts London based exhibition and the two spaces will be exchanging 5 artworks to exhibit during the show run...

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01/12/2014 - 05/01/2015

‘Saturnalia’ was a Roman holiday in December celebrated with a sacrifice, banqueting and continual partying that over turned social norms! Krampus is a demonic beast-like creature from folklore who was said to punish children during the Christmas season and carry them off to his lair! Hans Trapp the French “anti Santa” was said to be an evil Satan worshiper who preyed on children dressed as a demonic scarecrow! 

If you want more pagan than panto this Christmas, less of The Snow Man and more of The Wicker Man then ‘Saturnalia’ is the show for you!

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15/12/2014 - 21/12/2014

This time we have teamed up with The Circle, based in the heart of London’s Soho, to host the UK’s first exhibition of animated gifs! For ‘GIF(t)’ Sweet ‘Art will also be partnering with gifpop, who specialise in the making of animated GIFs into physical artworks using lenticular printing methods. 

From the glitchy, schematic and graphic works of Joe Winograd, the surreal narratives of the works of Cindy Suen to the hand drawn traditionalism of Miranda Pfeiffer’s pieces, Sweet ‘Art have again worked their magic in selecting an eclectic, fun and well executed array of artworks by internationally recognised artists who are beginning to showcase this new and exciting art form.

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Guilty Pleasures
03/11/2014 - 30/11/2014

Following the success of our London Fashion Week show ‘Seams’ we are back with our next hotly anticipated show.

This time we have teamed up again with the popular bar and gallery venue Juno in the heart of Shoreditch to host ‘Guilty Pleasures’. Sweet 'Art have again worked their magic in selecting eclectic, interesting and well executed artworks from artists whose work explores the thrill, the fun, the desire, the sinister, the surreal, the absurd, the grotesque, the bizarre, the debauched, the humorous, the childish, the moving and the taboo in the world of Guilty Pleasures! Are you ready to indulge in yours?!

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13/09/2014 - 17/09/2014

Join us this London Fashion Week for Seams, a multi disciplinary exhibition exploring the relationship between art and fashion. Seams will aim to offer an alternative view on fashion week; with fashion designers, sculptors, fine artists and illustrators all addressing the theme with a view to celebrating but also critiquing and challenging fashion industry norms.                 

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Visions Of Dr.H
07/03/2014 - 01/05/2014

This time we have teamed up with the popular bar and gallery venue Juno in the heart of Shoreditch to host this one of a kind exhibition. ‘Visions of Dr H’ will be an exhibition dedicated entirely to portraiture of Dr. Huxtable. 

So dig out your jazziest of jumpers and make your way to Juno, Shoreditch High Street...

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05/12/2013 - 10/12/2013

Join us for a mince pie and mulled wine around the Sweet 'Art Christmas tree this December and sample our next instalment of thought provoking, dynamic and playful artworks at our ‘Freeze’ winter show.

This Christmas we are supporting the charity Shooting Star Chase, a London based children’s hospice service and so are pulling out all the stops for our hotly anticipated ‘Freeze’ show for this amazingly worthwhile cause. At our private view there will be Christmas drinks from our sponsors Sipsmith, edibles courtesy of Ocado and the usual Sweet 'Art freebies and surprises to enjoy while taking in the awesome talent and a range of works by over 40 artists from all over the world. This will include fun winter themed instillations including a magical kinetic interactive snowstorm!

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03/10/2013 - 07/10/2013

Al-go-rithm [al-guh-rith-uh’m] noun

a set of rules for solving a problem in a finite number of steps, as for finding the greatest common divisor.

An-eu-rysm [an-yuh-riz-uh’m] noun Pathology.
a permanent cardiac or arterial dilatation usually caused by weakening of the vessel wall.


‘Aneurithms’ brings together the work of two artists visually and conceptually exploring the contrast and tension that can be created between a desire for precision and an appreciation of the beauty in error. 


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Summer Show
29/08/2013 - 03/09/2013

Our hotly anticipated Summer Show will follow a fun, end of the pier vibe with a twist. A new take on the ‘summer show’ theme, visitors can expect to see playful and dynamic works of art, moving the summer show away from perceived notions of the traditional format.


The Summer Show will bring together works from 40 artists in the Espacio Gallery, London. Works will include painting, sculpture, photography, printmaking and installation. There will also be an interactive perfomance piece by the wonder that is JoWOnder!


Join us at the end of the pier for a stick of rock and a refreshing summer cup courtesy of our sponsors Sipsmiths.

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Show #1
09/03/2013 - 14/03/2013

Sweet ’Art has decided to launch it's first show in aid of international women’s day.

International women’s day has been observed since in the early 1900's, now held annually on the 8th of March, and brings together a global web of rich and diverse activity connecting women from all over the world.

A celebration of the achievements and contributions of women as well as a critique of the way in which women are perceived, shaped and contained within society, Show #1 is an exhibition where artists, regardless of gender, are invited to explore through any medium themes surrounding female form, female issues and the roles of women in today’s society.



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