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Sweet ‘Art is a non-profit independent organisation, and welcomes support from individuals or institutions. We are not currently in receipt of funding from any governmental or grant-making organisation, so every contribution is vital in assisting us to continue in our work providing opportunities for artists to exhibit and develop their creative practice.


Please take a look at our mission and values to read more about what we aim to achieve.


Since 2015, we have shown work by over 500 artists in exhibitions around London. We have hosted workshops, film-nights, artist talks and a maker fair. We have facilitated international collaborations – allowing artists to create work cross-continents and build relationships with colleagues in the USA and Vietnam. We have created publications exploring themes appearing from our exhibitions.


We want to continue to provide these kinds of opportunities for artists, especially those who may feel marginalised from the mainstream artworld; and we want to further explore aspects of intersectional feminism through our exhibition themes. Our exhibitions and most of our events are free to attend, and our drive for accessibility means we really want to keep them that way!


Here’s how you can help us:


    - We welcome donations of any size as all contributions help – no matter how small. To give you an idea of how your donation will be spent, it costs an average of £75 to allow us to exhibit the work of a single artist for a single exhibition. This includes costs such as venue hire, marketing, private view, staffing and volunteer expenses and install materials.


     - To donate via cheque: Please make cheques payable to ‘Sweet ‘Art Limited’ and post to our temporary mailing address 8 Haberdasher St, London, N1 6EJ.


    - To donate via bank transfer: Please drop us an email to discuss your donation. A single payment, or even a regular standing order can be arranged.



     - To donate online: Please click on one of the buttons below to donate via Paypal




Donations of £75 or over will receive a small thank-you gift from us, with a small artwork selected from one of the artists we have exhibited.


If you would like to support us in another way, please do get in touch to discuss your idea – we would love to hear from you!

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