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How do you take your art?


…drinking Crystal Head vodka shots while kneeling at a future ritual alter? Wandering through a magical Narnia style wardrobe to discover a digital, interactive snowstorm? Listening to artists beginning to slur their words while giving art talks at London’s first Art Bar Crawl fueled by Sailor Jerry Rum? With a vagina cupcake? While smashing a Donald Trump piñata filled with feminist badges? Or while getting involved in a Halloween Gore Draw?!


Born from a frustration with the lack of art exhibitions and events in London in aid of International Women’s Day back in 2012, Sweet ‘Art began life with Show #1 which was planned to be a stand-alone exhibition in support of IWD, curated from an intersectional feminist perspective. The success of this event led to a series of exhibitions and the eventual formation of Sweet ‘Art as a company in 2014, operating from a feminist ethos, focusing on privileging the voices of women and marginalized groups through the arts.


To date, Sweet ‘Art has hosted over 30 multi-discipline art exhibitions in collaboration with many high profile partners and sponsors, along with aiding artists in their own creative projects with curating, events management and mentoring support.


In hosting events that focus on creating a fun, inclusive and a participatory atmospheres for visiting guests, Sweet ‘Art aims to create spaces that expand ideas on what art can be, on what demographics it can be for or created by, challenging art norms, welcoming those who feel excluded and forging change.





Our ambition is to create a truly inclusive and accessible space for contemporary art for both artists and the community.





Sweet ‘Art is dedicated to the promotion of artists through the delivery of regular site-specific exhibitions. With a specific emphasis on working with artists who are marginalised from the marketplace, Sweet ‘Art aims to provide an accessible and inclusive space for looking at, thinking about and debating art.





  • We operate from a feminist ethos.

  • We exhibit art that is thought provoking, intelligent and challenging in aesthetic and concept.

  • We encourage artists in a process of exploration, challenge and debate when considering their own practice and that of others.

  • We respect and celebrate diversity, and take an intersectional and inclusive approach.

  • We promote equality and inclusivity, so that input from all is heard and valued.

  • We encourage peer-to-peer networking, and promote collaboration between artists.

  • We encourage participation in the visual arts from the wider community.


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