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Private View:
Saturday 10th December
7pm - late

In July 2016 Sweet ‘Art hosted SHE with an aim of simultaneously engaging people around the world in an exploration of femininity or what it is to be a woman. Three arts organisations from around the world came together in a single art event to celebrate similarity and difference. In an age of multiple online and traditional platforms for communication, SHE had three main components: the exhibitions in the UK, Vietnam and the USA, the international exchange and the international collaborations. Along with exhibiting a selection of artworks, from the politically challenging and provocative to the aesthetically beautiful, the SHE exhibitions also aimed to be fun and immersive art experiences for visitors attending the events. Sponsored by Cinesync, visitors also had the opportunity to artistically connect with guests at each sister gallery, in real time. 

The outcomes of this ambitious and timely project have been documented by Sweet ‘Art and illustrated in a visually beautiful publication, showcasing the works of all artists involved and the complexities and challenges of the internationally collaborative process. All the while celebrating a female perspective and highlighting worldwide social issues regarding gender identity. 

Sweet ‘Art will launch the SHE book in a way that honours their tradition of hosting exciting and fun arty parties!

So join Sweet ‘Art at the Unit 5 Gallery on the 10th of December 2016 for a drink, a festive vagina cupcake and the opportunity to pick up a copy of the SHE Book. 

You will also have the chance to see a selection of some of the artworks that were part of the SHE UK exhibition and that are featured in the publication

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