Free for All
Bring Your Art: 25th July 2022, 9.00 - 13.00

Exhibition Open: 27th-30th July 2022, 12.00 -18.00 Weds-Sun

Closing Party: 29th July 2022 6pm-9pm, Book your free ticket here

Address: The Art Bypass Gallery, 261a City Road, EC 1V1AJ

Free for All will be Sweet 'Art's final exhibition in the Art Bypass Gallery and will be a frenetic embodiment of our mission to create non -pretentious, non-exclusive and fun environments for exhibiting and thinking about art. Free for All will embrace our open submission policy but with a difference! An exhibition that is open to all, on a first come first serve basis, artists will be invited to bring their artworks to the gallery on a designated drop off day and we promise regardless to exhibit their art as long as we have room and we do not deem the work to be inciting hate (we’ll be the judge I’m afraid!). No submission forms, no selection panels, not themes, just ART! Our opening arty party for this exhibition will be a closing party for the Art Bypass Gallery and we hope Free for All will challenge the potential for nepotism and non-inclusive practice in the art world, even for organizations like Sweet ‘Art, that actively resist such exclusions. We hope Free for All will be a fun, diverse and interesting way for us as an organization to make new friends, create new networks and meaningfully carry out our mission, values and ethos for the next 10 years!