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Exhibition dates:
13th  - 17th September 2014
11am - 7pm

Private View: Saturday 13th September
8pm - late

Join us this London Fashion Week for Seams, a multi disciplinary exhibition exploring the relationship between art and fashion. Seams will aim to offer an alternative view on fashion week; with fashion designers, sculptors, fine artists and illustrators all addressing the theme with a view to celebrating but also critiquing and challenging fashion industry norms.


Following on from the success of our winter show ‘Freeze’ and the not to be missed ‘Visions of Dr H’ we will be hosting Seams, opening on the 13th September with the usual thought provoking art, interactive works, freebies and surprises.


We have hot designer Shara Hayz back with us to exhibit another of her amazing interactive digital fashion installations. She will be joined by more fresh talent from the fashion world including Aleksandra Stodółka and Holly Deagle. Others joining the 67 artists selected for Seams include Alice Essex and Rossella Spoto.


The Sweet ‘Art team along with other artistic collaborators will also be showcasing a new interactive artwork ‘Sweetshop’ that aims to critique the fashion industry By manipulating, undermining and emulating imagery and text, mirroring and commenting on consumer manipulation. The result is challenging, humorous and on occasion absurd! 



Visit SWEETSHOP here

Some selects from our Shara Hayz / Crystal Head Vodka photo shoot.

Sweet 'Art's Seams show was proudly sponsored by Cyrstal Head Vodka and Sipsmiths


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