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Exhibition dates:
30th July 2016
10am - 10pm
31st July 2016
10am 0 7pm

Private View:
Saturday 30th July
4pm - 6.30pm
After Party
Saturday 30th July
6.30pm - 10pm


SHE International Collaborations

SHE International Exchange

SHE will be a large multi media art event taking place at the stunning 47-49 Tanner Street, a Victorian warehouse just a stone’s throw from the South Bank.


On the 30 and 31 July 2016, SHE will showcase the work of over 60 visual and performance artists as part of the Perform Gender Festival hosted by Ugly Duck. SHE will showcase the work of local and international artists exploring the theme of femininity, feminine identity and issues faced by women worldwide. 


SHE will also be exhibiting the outcomes of an ambitious artistic international exchange, where replications of the same curated artworks will simultaneously be exhibited in SHE exhibitions in our partnering galleries, the LPM Gallery in Texas, USA and the Sao La Gallery in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. As part of the international collaboration 5 artists from the UK will also exhibit works that have been created across continents with artists from both Vietnam and the US, in a celebration of international solidarity, connectedness and difference.


Along with exhibiting a selection of artworks, from the beautiful to the provocative, SHE will also be an inclusive and fun art experience for visitors attending the show and our opening reception, that is set to be another awesome arty party following Sweet ‘Art tradition, including interactive artworks and fun and exciting freebies and surprises.  Sponsored by Cinesync, guests will also have the opportunity to artistically connect with guests in Vietnam and the US in real time.


With help from our sponsors and collaborators we plan for SHE to be our most ambitious event to date, continuing our ethos of making art accessible to all.


So do join us for a vagina cupcake, Sweet ‘Art punch and beers courtesy of Five Points Brewery on the 30th of July in celebration and solidarity!

Anthea Lewis Performance


Anthea trained at The Northern School of Contemporary Dance in the UK before studying further in New York. She has been a freelance performer with Jagged Antic, Future Cinema, Polar Produce, Oily Cart and Hauser Theatre. Since 2010 she has worked as a performer with Belgian company SOIT. She also worked as an assistant choreographer participating in collaborations with director Melika Melani at The Gothenburg City Theatre and at the Box Gallery with the Los Angeles Poverty Department.


Anthea also choreographed several of her own works which includes, ‘Look Back Run Forwards’ ‘Dining Joint’ and ‘Fragile State In Mind’. 


"My work is based in performance art with a fusion of contemporary dance and physical theatre. Having come from a dance background I like to experiment with the boundaries between that and other art forms questioning what is considered dance and what is performance. I like to tell stories even if they are not in a linear fashion and create pathways for the audience to explore. My solo is a study, an examination into love, loss, identity and acceptance".


For SHE, Anthea will be exhibiting the piece 'Stay With Me Forever' at the following performance times:


Saturday 30th  1pm - 2pm

               5pm - 6pm

               9pm - 10pm


Sunday 31st    1pm - 2pm

               4pm - 5pm 

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