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Aaron Levi Simic

Aaron Levi Simic (b. 1990) is a writer and photographer that primarily works with polaroid.  He is currently working on a large photography project, Collateral Damage, which explores his identity through gay dating apps as well as past and current relationships through a romanticised ideology.   After graduating from London College of Fashion with a first class honours in Fashion Photography, Aaron has continued to work with photography as an outlet of exploration but transitioned into a more conceptual based medium. Aaron's work has been published in The Independent On Sunday, Glass Magazine, Hello! Magazine as well as the online edition of The British Journal of Photography. 


"I use my photography and poetry to document my life and as an outlet of my emotions. The soft, intimate feel of my polaroids offer an insight inot my romanticised ideology".


For SHE, Aaron will be exhibiting the pieces 'Permanence II' and 'Permanence III'.


Keith 'Bloody' Mary

Keith ‘Bloody’ Mary studied Fine Art and graduated from Nottingham Trent University a few moons ago. After which, Keith made some pretty incomprehensible conceptual art and tried to figure out how to make it as an artist in the big wide world. Failing immediate Damien Hirst-esque notoriety Keith started a real job at an international gallery and during spare time, began to make lewd collages / illustrations.  Keith Mary most recently exhibited in Belgium with the IFEAF. Keith often exhibits in alternative spaces and has exhibited at various pubs and small galleries in their home town of Nottingham, UK. 


"I make artwork because I think I’m funny. I like to sate people’s desire to chuckle at bad puns, sexual euphemisms and swear words. Making collages allows me to act out the part of Dr Frankenstein, taking parts of other people’s hard work and fusing them together to make something that is potentially offensive and obscure. My name isn’t really Keith Bloody Mary, I just like working under a different name to confuse the hell out of everyone".


For SHE, Keith 'Bloody' Mary will be exhibiting the piece 'KEITH MARY ON A GENDER'.

Amanda Cotton


British researcher and 3D Materials specialist, Amanda Cotton began accumulating and diagnosing a durational analysis of her own bodies’ materials back in 2008. However not till four years later did she realise her research had crafted a ‘Body of Work’. Presented to the public, they found a natural curiosity to make direct comparisons and connections between themselves and her practice. Using the information compiled, this Masters of Art & Design 2013 UOB graduate, has since moved onto create mementos. Amanda, best internationally known for her ‘Placenta Photo Frame’, aims to craft a sellable range that suggests personal significance and identity. 


"It is my belief that materials of the human race have just as valid aesthetics as their virginal material resource. For this reason my work is focused around the human body's intricate materials which we love and care for, yet once removed we seem repulsed. For example hair; we spend thousands of pounds on our hair in a life-time but when we find a single hair in our food, we are revolted. My intention is not to shock, but to question peoples preconceptions and explore personal significance as I believe ultimately, these materials help build our identity".


For SHE, Amanda will be exhibiting the piece 'Body of Ceramics'.


Amy Powell

Amy Powell studied Fine Art at the University of West England.  She has worked for various charity-based arts organisations including Creativity Works, Shape Arts and Core Art.  Amy has co-curated numerous arts exhibitions while also founding and managing a community arts project in Bristol called Free Art School, to provide free open-access art education to the community. 


"My work starts from my own response to my inner world- that which attracts me, inspires me, haunts me.  Through play and process art becomes the portal to other states of being and understanding.  To shift perspective and open debate on controversial issues, humour is also useful".


For SHE, Amy will be exhibiting the pieces 'Self Portrait on Toilet' and Self Portrait with Pig Mask'.





I am a Polish self-portraitist currently based in the United States. I graduated in French language and literature; later, I did my research in linguistics. Passionate about the beauty of words, a few years ago I fell in love with the poetry of a famous Polish poet- Halina Poswiatowska, who inspired most of my self-portraiture. In October 2013, I published my first portfolio in “Arte Fotogràfica” (issue 61)- international Fine Art Photography Magazine.It must be stressed that I have always been profoundly moved by arts, which I had been profoundly ignorant about, including photography. I agree with H. Cartier-Bresson who said: “I’m not responsible for my photographs. Photography is not documentary, but intuition (…).” All of my pursuits in photography so far, are self-taught, purely intuitive and deeply-rooted in linguistic theories of cohesion in text.


My work is inspired by the poetry of a famous Polish poet-Halina Poswiatowska.I consider my photographic creation as a poetic experience in which I drown and infuse myself and, as a result, it gives me the feeling that I am reborn with each portrait into a new being. Although, all of my photographs are self-portraits, they shouldn’t be necessarily read as self-presentations, rather they should be revealed as the multiplicity of “selves” available to one individual. To put it succinctly, my attitude towards the self is more of an exploratory journey between an awareness of self and an unawareness of some aspects of oneself. 


For SHE, RapidHeartMovement will be exhibiting the piece 'I Want To Feed You With Myself'.




Anna Kenneally

Anna Kenneally is an artist, currently studying at Bath Spa University in her Second year of BA Fine Art. Prior to this she studied at Kingston University for foundation, where she received a distinction grade. Anna Predominantly lives in London, where she was originally from. Anna works using oils, on a large scale. The subject matter of her work is mainly figurative, with interest in textile design and natural forms.


"I am a painter, working on a large scale in oils. My paintings provide balance between abstraction and representation, a meeting of idea and execution. I explore the role and placement of figures within a space. I use fashion campaigns as a tool to present female figures within the work, mirroring their clothing, composition and representation. Due to my choice of body type when introducing figures into the painting, my work questions what is considered ideal and beautiful. Multiple figures create a narrative within the paintings, men and women interacting together, constructed using old master compositional designs and techniques".


For SHE, Anna will be exhibiting the piece 'Anna and the Orchids'.




Anthea Lewis

Anthea trained at The Northern School of Contemporary Dance in the UK before studying further in New York. She has been a freelance performer with: Jagged Antic, Future Cinema, Polar Produce, Oily Cart and Hauser Theatre. Since 2010 she has worked as a performer with Belgian company SOIT. She also worked as an assistant choreographer participating in collaborations with director Melika Melani at The Gothenburg City Theatre and at the Box Gallery with the Los Angeles Poverty Department. Anthea also choreographed several of her own work which includes, ‘Look Back Run Forwards’ ‘Dining Joint’ and ‘Fragile State In Mind’. 


"My work is based in performance art with a fusion of contemporary dance and physical theatre. Having come from a dance background I like to experiment with the boundaries between that and other art form questioning what is considered dance and what is performance. I like to tell stories even if they are not in a linear fashion and create pathways for the audience to explore. My solo is a study, an examination into love,  loss, identity and acceptance".


For SHE, Anthea will be exhibiting the piece 'Stay With Me Forever'.


Astrid Jahns

Born 1972 in Wolfsburg lives and works in Hanover (Germany). Visiting the Technical Secondary School of Art and Design and studied graphic design at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts (diploma) in Hanover. Since working as a freelance artist and writer. Working on collages, short texts, poems, film sequences, sound-collages, poem-objects and assemblages. Exhibitions, projects and publications national and international.  


"I focus on the collage technique because I can combine several realistic fragments with each other. The results are surreal surroundings that often are connected by poems or short texts. Finally there is an interplay between the text and the collage thus resulting short stories or other narrative storylines in which the protagonist have to deal with themselves and their surroundings.  I like to work on various projects and feel free to choose materials and techniques or even to combine them thus I get a manifold spectrum in which I can realize my ideas". 


For SHE, Astrid will be exhibiting the pieces 'It still needs to be challenged' and 'Let's Dance'.




Awuor Onyango

Awuor Onyango is a writer and visual artist from the pagan citadel of Nairobi in neo-colonial Kenya. She participated in a number of workshops at Kuona Arts centre such as Life Drawing(instructed by Ermias Ekube) and printmaking (Instructed by Anki Kalstrom). She’s since participated in Sanaa (2014) an exhibition for upcoming artists, Kenya Art Fair (2014) Wasanii exhibition and has since started experimenting with video art and mixed media pieces on paper as well as sculpture.


"I am interested in the politics of the personal, the self as art. My interests are in exploring the black feminine, the african feminine, the gendered leanings of society, the archetypes and psycho-social role of the queer, othered or progressive and the various socio-cultural implications of “african-ness”. My aim is to question the colonial, the religious and the “globalized” view of the African as believed by the African, the African diaspora and the colonialist and his kin. I attempt to fiddle with these views from a womanist perspective. My approach is experimental and often results in mixed media pieces and film-based installations. I try to incorporate texture as much as possible into my work, if not physically then at least visually. My practice is also about claiming public space disallowed to people considered black, woman and other". 


For SHE, Awuor will be exhibiting the piece 'The African is Part of the Tour'.







Carolyn Whittaker is a printmaker, sculpture and installation artist. Originally from Lancashire and now a practising Artist in London; she returned to her childhood passion in her late forties, after having children herself; studied part time for seven years, and graduated in 2015 from the University of East London with a First class honours in Fine Art and won the Dean’s prize for Art and Design. Carolyn has both exhibited and curated exhibitions in various London venues including Caroline Gardens Chapel in Peckham, and the Church of St John in Bethnal Green with a small group show planned for the end of 2016.


"My often time based ephemeral work relates to my inherent fascination with the unstoppable nature of time’s ability to change things; the knowledge that different outcomes – whether desired or not at the outset – will emerge. My recent printmaking explores the fragility of life and form by investigating the recordings of the sculptural performances".



For SHE, Carolyn will be exhibiting the piece 'Lost Girls'.



Carolyn J Whittaker


Carys Reilly-Whitehouse

Having completed my BA in Fashion and Textile Design at WSA, I am now studying a Masters in textiles at the Royal College of Art. Over the past year I’ve been involved in three group exhibitions, ‘No Body’, ‘Other’ and ‘Bad Art’- these three exhibitions questioned how textiles are viewed in relation to art, how women’s experiences are otherised, and how value judgements are applied to art. Specialising in woven textiles has given me an appreciation for detail and hands-on making. My ability to construct fabrics from start to finish allows me to control the materiality of my art pieces. 


I am an artist with a cross-disciplinary practice, concerned with portraying women’s lived experiences, particularly in relation to mental health, and gender roles in childhood.    Taking inspiration from my own personal life experience, my work contends with the stigma against women within psychiatry, and the links between trauma and mental illness.   The explicit portrayal of the emotional experiences of womanhood-in a society where women are sitgmatised, stereotyped and demonized for expressing emotion-is central to my work.


For SHE, Carys will be exhibiting the piece 'Untitled'.




Charlotte Edey

Born in 1992, Charlotte Edey is a London illustrator & designer specialising in hand-drawn ink illustration. Following her Foundation year at Chelsea School of Art & Design in 2011, she has worked with clients ranging from Vogue, Orange & Monica Vinader to London Design Festival and Designersblock. In the last year her work has been exhibited at The Oxo Tower, Somerset House, The Old Truman Brewery, The Arnolfini & more.


"Subtly suggestive, my work is conceived of linear complexity in confined space. Exploring fluidity and soft femininity within sterile scapes, the infinity suggested by the sphere is a frequently fitting capsule for each idea; creating a gradual universe of microworlds.  I divide my time between illustrating on card, ceramics, concrete and copper". 


For SHE, Charlotte will be exhibiting the pieces 'Charcoal Nude' and 'Nude'.




Cheryl Papasian

Cheryl Papasian is a London sculptor juxtaposing handcrafted bronze and ceramic objects with mass-produced objects. Her sculptures and installations comprise high and low sculptural materials with an excess of artificiality and luxury, She has an MA Fine Art from Chelsea College of Art 2013, is a member of the Royal British Society of Sculptors and has been shortlisted for the Henry Moore Plinth Prize, Red Mansion Prize 2014 and Future Map 2013.  Cheryl has been Artist in Residence in Japan, Beijing, Scotland and Switzerland. She has a studio in London and exhibits in the UK and internationally.


"My work is influenced by the landscapes I see on residencies. I examine the intricate relationships between possessions, value, natural objects and pleasure.   While in Switzerland this past autumn, I spent a month photographing and filming my handmade driftwood rafts (with pearls) floating and crashing into the shores of Lake Geneva. This work references the migrant crisis as well as the number of women and children suffering due to wars. The rafts were displayed in an installation in Switzerland with paintings of the water surface of Lake Geneva along with photographs of the rafts floating".




For SHE, Cheryl will be exhibiting the series 'Perles Du Lac'.




Orelia Creek

Orelia Creek is a London based artist, passionate about contemporary/experimental visual arts, who likes to get involved in a mixture of projects including theatre, film, painting and photography Trying to express the invisible = Once in a while, blow your own damn mind!!


"Whenever I feel uncomfortable, I create.. I’m expressing myself through any medium that feels closer to my inner self at the time. I love the truth of a naked body as much as the honesty of a naked soul. Surrealism is my everyday life norm, accompanied by poetry and music.. This is what I create.. It’s this strong sexual affair of Melancholy and Optimism that inspires me the most but.. without Wittiness fooling around, this combination wouldn’t work for me. That’s my ideal world anyway!"




For SHE, Orelia Creek will be exhibiting the pieces 'Over Exposed' and 'Kinesthetic Sense'.




klaus is koming

klaus works and playskin london. klaus has a filthy fascination for vintage pornography and loves to show off the ladies that sprawl the pages. klaus is in their mid twenties although could pass off as someone in their early twenties. klaus likes to concoct images that are celebratory, bold and salaciously fun. klaus likes to challenges censorship and dissect eroticism. klaus goes by the professional title of ‘artist’, so klaus can get away with looking at porn all day without their mother worrying. klaus wants to reassess the nude and allow for a more colloquial conversation around sex ed. klaus is having a good time and wants you to have a good time too.




For SHE, klaus will be exhibiting the pieces 'Mirelle' and 'Antonia'.




Corrina Eastwood & Mia Hawk

Corrina Eastwood has been a practicing artist for over 14 years working as a painter and more recently in film. Following completion of her BA hons in FineArt Painting in 2000 Corrina went on to complete her MA in Art Psychotherapy and now works in a range of private and community settings as well as supervising and lecturing in the subject of feminism, art and therapy. 
She has exhibited extensively over the past 18 years in a range of settings, curating many of her own shows including her first London based solo exhibition. 'Lines in the Sand' Corrina's first short film as both co director and writer previewed at Cannes film festival 2012 and was also selected for Raindance film festival in the same year.
Corrina also has a keen interest in feminist issues and in 2012 saw her first publication of feminist writings as well as founding the arts organisation Sweet 'Art.


Mia Hawk is a self taught artist. Her work often has strong elements of realism in them, however, the imagery is often imaginative. Her oil paintings are often inspired by story telling, almost as if the image was taken out of a story book, depicting one of the crucial moments of the story. 




For SHE, Corrina and Mia will be exhibiting the series 'Pedestral Self Portrait Series'.




Dagmar Rieger

Dagmar's career in the fine arts started in 1983 when she showed her works in Salzburg, Austria. After that she took part in many competitions and exhibitions. She was having a solo exhibition at the university of Salzburg in 1987 as well as one in Cafè da Vinci in Linz in Dagmar's works were shown not only in Austria but also in Istanbul, London, Birmingham and of course on the Internet.  Dagmar Rieger lives and works mostly in Austria and she has no special university education in arts, she is more or less an autodidactive person. Her works are created mostly on paper in her own very special techniques that could be seen as a mixture of painting and comic drawing. She also works with all sorts of fabric, makes embroideries and creates figures.


"My work shows the clutter of a woman's life. As men are supposed to be tempted easily in some societies, female beauty, wit, preferences and knowledge have often to be hidden under veils or ""tent-like clothing"" (that's how an Egyptian feminist calls the hijab). Patriarchic structures try to keep women quiet, suppressed and without any possibility of change. That's why women sometimes develop their skills secretly and keep them away from public eyes like a precious treasure." 




For SHE, Dagma will be exhibiting the piece 'Unveiled'.




Deborah Griffin

From her performance roots in the punk-rock tradition of the anarchist-  social-realism of playwright Chris Ward’s Wet Paint, and James Martin Charlton’s Fireworks theatre companies in the 1980s, Deborah Griffin achieved iconic status on the London fetish scene from the late 80s throughout the 90s primarily with her cutting-edge and genre-defining work with photographer Trevor Watson. Their collaborations, with Deborah centre-stage as model,  muse and partner-in-crime with her edgy sexually and politically-charged  character-play, documented this embryonic scene at a crucial defining  stage of its development in a myriad of published books, magazine front-  covers and fashion spreads.  The same confrontational politic and exhilarating sense of fun and  transgression now informs her current sculptural, installation and image-  based art-work.  Deborah Griffin first exhibited at Resistance Gallery in 2008, in the  inaugural group show ‘Resistance Rising’ and again in the ‘Iconography Of  Mask’ show curated by Jason Atomic and Garry Vanderhorne in 2009,  where she exhibited a mask made from the ashes of her own recently  deceased father.  In October 2010 she had her first solo show, The Pig Show at Resistance Gallery.


"My work is intensely autobiographical and explores themes of life, death, birth, loss and both the personal and the universal experience of womanhood".



For SHE, Deborah will be exhibiting the pieces 'Mothership Connection: artist, artist’s daughter, artist’s uterus' and 'Pain: model's own'.




Dianne Murphy

Dianne murphy graduated in 1985 with a 2:1 in fine art from Duncan of Jordanstone college of art, Dundee.  She has lectured in art colleges in Wales and has exhibited widely with pieces held in collections throughout the world. She has been involved in many social projects over the years and currently lives in the Welsh valleys with her family.


"The Images of childhood form my visual language which I use to discuss perceived injustices along with a range of personal ideas. Most of my work consists of steel plate colour inked etchings: coloured inks are applied in one application and printed in one pull. This is a labour intensive process but, coupled with the ochre background, it produces a mellow and faded tone. Fabriano Rosapino paper also helps impart the mood of something that is not new.  Each print is slightly different as during the wiping process colours merge and are altered.".


For SHE, Dianne will be exhibiting the pieces 'Evanescence' and 'L'amore della madre'.




Elina Lund

Elina Lund is a self-taught artist from Sweden living in London.


"This portrait uses stripes and camouflage as a metaphor for how society can make women feel like they have to adapt and blend in to avoid sexual harassment".  


For SHE, Elina will be exhibiting the piece 'Untitled'.




Eliza Tamo

Eliza Tamo (b.1980) is a London based artist working predominantly with photography. She holds an MA in Photography from the London College of Communication. She works between the UK, Greece and Anatolia. Her work has been exhibited at the Athens Photo, The Photographers’ Gallery in London and the Benaki Museum in Athens. She is also known as Elisavet Tamouridou.


"My work ranges from the overtly political to the deeply personal. Central to my practice are the notions of power and freedom and the relation to each other. I see my work as real generalisations that continuously try to mark the division between that which does not depend on us and that which does.  I use mainly photography and collage to make records of all that happened and all that didn’t happen and indulge in the idea of an image that fails to thrive, embraces its limitations to ‘investigate’ anything and self-cancels".


For SHE, Eliza will be exhibiting the piece 'When It'.




Emma Davis

With a Master of Arts (MA) degree in Literature and also in Fine Art, Emma studied at the Slade School of Fine Art, Chelsea College of Art and the University of York. She exhibits regularly at the Royal College of Art, Originals, Discerning Eye exhibitions, and the Other Art Fair. Recently shortlisted for the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, the ArtSlant International Prize and represented in State Magazine's inaugural 'Visible' supplement.  She has now exhibited four times with Sweet'Art.


“Davis is a writer and a visual artist, always torn between semiotic means. She works across a variety of media, including oils, watercolour, etchings, monoprints and pencil on paper, but all of her work really relates to drawing, an activity she finds somehow intimate. Etching makes the drawings easier to read, more permanent, more finished. Davis often adds text to her works, making reference to what is in her head, what an image suggests to her, or what sensation is conjured. The act of drawing slows her down, allowing her to access her thoughts more directly." - Anna McNay


For SHE, Emma will be exhibiting the piece 'When It'.




Ewa Habdas

Ewa Habdas is a photographer who lives and works in London. In photographing objects she is looking for inner truth, which she believes can be found in any object of our daily life. She thinks of herself as a passenger, who tries to freeze a moment of intangible beauty. Her photography is also a study of a condition of human being, especially her self- portraits. Daydreamer and crazy idealist, enjoys reading and long discussions. 


"For me a self- portrait is a way of “cleaning” myself from overwhelming emotions. It is also self-analysis of my inner “ego”. Through my self-portraits I express my fear, love, anger, happiness or loneliness.  It is also a conversation with the other. Emmanuel Levinas states that if we want to truly convers with the other, we should reveal our naked soul.  My self-portraits are my “naked soul” - a provocation for a conversation with the other."  


For SHE, Ewa will be exhibiting the piece 'Variations of my Soul'.




Fe Hanhardt

Fe Hanhardt made the first half of her life different things, among other working with nature and animals. She worked at various places in Germany and  Swizerland. Eventually she decided to switch slowly into the art field, and moved to berlin, where she attended classes in art techniques, and began to  paint.


"My work is about personal experiences in life, or personal reflection of conditions of society. I paint representative oil paintings. I paint mostly  in series, due to a narrative quality. Art is an exchange of minds and ideas, in connection to the individual character. Gender is an underlying issue of  my work. Being female dictates the conditions in which to live in. I paint in layers for the slow process and the haptic quality".


For SHE, Fe will be exhibiting the piece 'Bubble'.



Fionn Wilson

Fionn Wilson

Fionn Wilson (b. Newcastle upon Tyne, 1972) is a London-based figurative artist.  She is a member of the National Society of Painters, Sculptors and Printmakers and has recently exhibited at the annual open exhibition of the Royal Society of British Artists at the Mall Galleries. Her portrait of former RMT general secretary Bob Crow was recently acquired by the Marx Memorial Library as part of its collection. She is currently painting six portraits of Danish composer Gunnar Berg for an exhibition in Copenhagen as well as curating and painting for two exhibitions of work by women artists.


"My work relies on creating an immediate emotional impact through paint and examines the sensuality of presence in space and colour. My interest lies in exploring life force through sexuality, the energy ‘behind’ things, light and the creation of spaces. I work quickly with no preparation, straight to canvas, building ideas and expression from there. I like the texture heavy body paint gives, it conveys a sensuality which fits with my work. My painting is instinctual, emotional and intuitive. As a body of work, I allow it to develop in its own way, rarely intervening or imposing a direction".


For SHE, Fionn will be exhibiting the piece 'Blonde 2'.





Born in Belgium in 1966, Florence Collard grew up in the countryside where she cultivated a particular love for nature. She moved to Brussels to study graphic design and then began to work freelance. To develop Collard’s critical mind, she extended her sense of curiosity and observation by collaborating mainly with women magazines. Graphic Designer and Illustrator was her placement. Her steps then placed her as artistic director of Marie Claire magazine in Belgium to which she occupied the post for 15 years. Conceptualizing, innovating, paging, ways of perceiving and communicating were keys ideals that fed her artistic mind. From work and life experience, collard has established a confidence in her work, to which femininity is depicted and represented. 


Curves and lines to express a world of emotions through the flowing gesture of the brushstrokes. The painted line opens an array of possibilities telling stories, recalling memories and suggesting throughts, the same line that shapesthe sky, the sea and the horizon. For the artist, the human body is a recurrent subject used to discover a language that can be expressed through all facets of social cultural and physical identity. Series of black line paintings with rare hints of colour. Black can be described by some as a non-colour but for Flo is a source of life traversed by energy.


For SHE, Flo will be exhibiting the series 'Look at my bottom'.




Gaye Black

Gaye Black completed a foundation year at Bideford School of Art in 1973 and a further 2 years of Graphic Design at Torquay School of Art, resulting in a diploma in Graphic Design in 1975. She has exhibited widely and curated 3 shows.


"My work explores the contrast between attraction and horror, light and dark, order and chaos, and highlights man's inhumanity to man, man's inhumanity to animals, and man's inhumanity to women."


For SHE, Gaye will be exhibiting the piece 'Hold Your Tongue'.




Gudrun Latten

I do research on aesthetic questions with my photographies. Therefore I work in series. Topics of my research are the (digital) image and all its qualities, differing realities, art historic gernes, colour and style.  I work in various styles. Motives of my photographies are architecture, me (staged photography), landscape, abstract. 


The series »Narziss – form follows function« treats the image of a housewife. I play the housewife and alienate the traditional image. I want to create a new and cool image of a housewife. In contrast to Narcissus I don’t look at my reflection in a lake. It’s the performance of a female Narcissism.


For SHE, Gudrun will be exhibiting the series 'Narziss . Form follows function # 40'.




Hara Tzevelekou

Hara Tzevelekou was born in 1992, Greece. 


"My work begun throught the study of the oil painting “A Morning. The Dance of the Nymphs”, Camille Corot, 1850. My research focused at the discovery of a body that would capture the greatness of the female spitit. Eventually, I detected that soul at the body of a woman that wasn’t allowed to be born as one. I was sure though that this model was the ideal; the utter reconciliation and the sincere love for her own body that was showed by her carefree dance, was the essence of the female spirit that I wanted to capture with my camera".


For SHE, Hara will be exhibiting the piece 'Black #000000'.



Hara Tzevelekou


Heather Burwell

Heather Burwell studied Fashion at Cleveland College of Art & Design in the late 1980's but didn't pursue her passion for painting until later in life where she completed numerous fine art courses and workshops and then later studied at The Art Academy,London. Heather has exhibited in galleries and art fairs across the UK and has collectors in the USA, Europe and the UK.


"​My work is from a personal level of perception and experience.  It is about human relationships, questioning the humanness of existence within the familial and social structure.  My aim is to capture a moment, a memory, an exploration of an untold story; that was once present. My work can sometimes be unsettling in it's subject matter often pushing the viewer to question it's content and their own feeling".


For SHE, Heather will be exhibiting the piece 'Little Miss Selfie'.




Helena Carrizosa

Helena is an Italian and Colombian born conceptual fashion designer and artist. With eloquence and enquiry, Helena explores the deeper facets of individuality through her uniquely tailored garments, paintings and drawings. In 2013 she also established with other London artists a collective called, “ARTISTS WHO …”, in order to promote art and together create opportunities to exhibit our work.


"My Work as an artist and fashion designer is about individuality. For my art, I focus on the unconscious mind and how its secrets and its behaviours give the illusion as having a different individual inside ourselves. It is a search for its secrets through unclear messages with clues of its whereabouts so I can discover it and set it free".


For SHE, Helena will be exhibiting the piece 'MORPHOSIS'.




Holly Rozier

Holly Rozier is currently based in Brighton and previously studied Fine Art at the University of Chichester. Since leaving she has enjoyed the position of Artist in Residence at St Georges School Ascot, in 2014 and also participating in numerous exhibitions all over the country. Highlights have been Feminism in London conference Exhibition (October ’15), we are sweet’arts Handmaid Exhibition (March ’16), and her first solo Exhibition, which is site specific soft sculpture installation, in Corridor Gallery Brighton (June ’16).  


"My work manifests itself as an exploration of the juxtaposition between beauty and the grotesque. My soft sculptures have the ability to intrigue, attract and repel the viewer simultaneously. I contort, inflate and extend the bodily forms into a new breed or hybrid being. These surreal anthropomorphic forms could be human, animal, plant or alien; genetically engineered or naturally evolved, alive or dead? Private challenges emotionally motivate my creative production, with the process of making these beings becoming a means of catharsis. I channel troubles, anxieties, passions and thoughts in to my work, where it is contained underneath their skin".


For SHE, Holly will be exhibiting the piece 'Susan'.




Jamie Ashman

Forward thinking Contemporary Artist Jamie Ashman graduated from Central Saint Martins school of Art with a degree in Fashion Design and a lifelong interest in Art. He worked in the Fashion Industry as an Internationally published Trend predictor and Freelance Designer and has been painting since the late 1980’s.


"My work is mainly in Oils on canvas of Iconic people; the style and content of which illustrate a reaction to the many art movements of the past. With a fluid line, strong sense of design and colour and  a mood of nostalgia the  subjects of my Portraits sourced from the Internet identify the Zeitgeist that evolved in each era and the search for identity through Social Media, Film and TV for each generation.."


For SHE, Jamie will be exhibiting the piece 'World Peace Rocks'.




Jane Fairhurst

Jane Fairhurst uses a wide range of media including drawing, painting, mixed media and traditional ‘craft' skills. Through collecting and making she creates fictitious artefacts that respond to the ethnographic objects found in museum collections. .  Combining her fine art craft skills and a wicked sense of humour she focuses upon the female, making her own interpretations of femininity that connect contemporary women with those of the ancient world.   Her current work is based on research into female deities and the role of women in the Paleolithic and Neolithic eras and their resonances in the 21st century.


"I use a wide range of media including drawing, painting, mixed media and traditional ‘craft’ skills. I use the media most appropriate to my narrative. The work is often darkly humorous. Through collection and making I construct fictitious artefacts and create installations that respond to ethnographic artefacts found in museum collections. Following extensive research I make my own interpretations with reference to feminist, environmental, political and social issues in contemporary society.  My current work is based upon research into female deities and the role of women in the Paleolithic and Neolithic eras and their resonances in the 21st century."


For SHE, Jane will be exhibiting the piece 'Face Masks and Body Wraps'.




Jerome Beresford

Jerome Beresford creates work that explores the tension between modern and traditional design and drafting styles. He is registered architect and has worked in various architectural practices over the last 10 years. He is currently his practice's new technology champion and is managing its transition to Building Information Modelling, a method of virtually constructing buildings during the design stage. He is currently working on projects for London Underground and Crossrail.


"I use cutting edge computer modelling software with traditional architectural drafting techniques to create procedural patterns, and play with new technology to create light hearted interactive artworks. The resulting iwork seeks to explore the tension between digital geometric precision and human fallbility".


For SHE, Jerome will be exhibiting the pieces 'Ke$ha' and 'Kinect Installation'.




Jessica Baek

Jessica Baek born in Seoul, South Korea in 1986, she received her B.A in Graphic Design with Photography from Kingston University in London and her M.F.A from photography at Pratt Institute. Baek’s works have been shown at Pratt Institute and Rubelle and Norman Schafler Gallery in Brooklyn, New York in 2016 and 2014. She raised in a culture where discrimination between man and woman was common and accepted, Baek has always felt an uneasiness of such discrimination. Her artistic identity became clear from her experience working with Male colleagues often judging female colleagues by their appearances or a pregnant worker hiding her pregnancy or a male boss asking a female employee to not get pregnant were frequent observations that discomforted Baek. From this point, Baek has been portraying and expressing such negative discrepancies through her works in photography and painting. By doing this, Baek wanted to show and reveal the discrimination that has been penetrated deeply into a society reaching the point where women themselves take such prejudice as a norm. 


"My current work in photography and painting deals abstractly and metaphorically with the recent experience of pregnancy and depression.  Images of my self and images of domestic space, including interventions in that space with materials to create a tension between the sense of translucence and opaqueness; amplitude and emptiness; order and disorder; and stability and chaos; suggesting psychological disquiet.  As a mother, it is my responsibility to find balance.  As an artist, I  incorporate the discordant and resolve threads of anxiousness and fear, creating unexpected juxtapositions of materials and imagery—the abstract next to the representational, density beside fragility.  Metaphorically, these disparate currents reference the complexity of my experience with motherhood".


For SHE, Jessica will be exhibiting the piece'In Between 4'.





JHH studied art anywhere and nowhere. 'A Mind Interacting With The Public Platform Whims and Fancies of A Man Called Donald' is a large piece of work exploring the public platform whims and fancies of a man called Donald.


"'A Mind Interacting With The Public Platform Whims and Fancies of A Man Called Donald' is The Artist's Statement". 


For SHE, JHH will be exhibiting the piece 'A Trump Tower'.




John Lee Bird

John Lee Bird studied at London Guildhall University and graduated in 2000. Since then he has worked as a full time artist.


"My work is defined by a distinctive use of line; influenced by pop art and 1950’s instruction and medical manuals yet entirely more detailed and personable. I use diagrammatic line to make intensely human studies; whether the object be a portrait or a more abstract vision of matters of the human condition".


For SHE, John will be exhibiting the series 'S/HE is HER/E'.




Karina Geddes

Karina Geddes studied at De Monfort University where she found her love for embroidery and print, since then she is determined to make the world better one stitch at a time.


"I create Illustrations where embroidery, print and traditional painting techniques get together to create interesting imagery".


For SHE, Karina will be exhibiting the series 'SexyPants'.




Kat Toronto AKA Miss Meatface

Kat Toronto, AKA Miss Meatface, is an artist of cult status from the San Francisco Bay Area. She received her BFA from the Kansas City Art Institute and has exhibited her work in such spaces as Resistance Gallery in London, the Orange County Center for Contemporary Art in Los Angeles California, the Baton Rouge Center for Contemporary Art in Louisiana and Kat Von D’s Wonderland Gallery in Hollywood California.


"I am a multidisciplinary artist from the San Francisco Bay Area that works in performance based photography. I create unsetting and surreal images to explore the cultural ideals of feminine beauty and the objectification of women in a feminist society by toying with the push and pull of dominance and submission and the act of revealing and concealing. After battling cervical cancer and eventually undergoing a full hysterectomy in 2013, I use 'Miss Meatface' as an artistic and spiritual catalyst to delve into a complex set of questions about where I now fit into society as a Woman".


For SHE, Miss Meatface will be exhibiting the pieces 'What was left after the party','Her masks found hidden in dark closets with the dolls' and 'The house empty, slowly she emerged from the wardrobe'.




Laura New

Laura was born in Germany in 1980 but moved to the UK in childhood.  She studied at Central Saint Martins achieving her degree in 2003 and has since regularly shown in group exhibitions as well as several solo shows.  


"Amidst various Fine Art and Illustration projects my current work revolves around the idea of the artists muse. In particular I am embarking on a series of drawing called ‘Eyes Closed’ in a combination of pencil, chalk and ink on wood panel.  However all of my current work is centred around the people I know, have relationships with and are part of my life".


For SHE, Laura will be exhibiting the piece '#Freethenipple'.




Laura Wilson

Laura Wilson studied Illustration at Cardiff School of Art and Design, graduating in 2014. She lives in Cardiff and works as a freelance illustrator, focusing her art on themes of feminism and empowerment within fashion illustration.


"My work deals with themes of modern femininity and female empowerment. I want to depict the reality of being a woman as I experience it, and use my art as a platform to encourage more realistic depictions of the female form and existence". 


For SHE, Laura will be exhibiting the piece 'Bathroom'.




Lindsay Tripp

Lindsay Tripp is a photographer and painter who recently received her BFA from Alfred University. She currently lives and works in Buffalo, NY, and is interested in exploring the symbol of the home, queer friendships and communities, comfort, self-care, and magic through her photographs.


"The subtle comforts and energies radiating within the concept of “home” is the central focus of my artwork. Within my own social circles and environment, what I consider home has changed from a solid structure into a constantly growing ideology. This new understanding of home resides within the radically constant and playful love and support of my friends. Through a tricolor photographic process, I am seeking to capture and explain the invisible, internal energy present in these relationships, and to celebrate both the natural and domestic spaces that form the backdrop to this newfound home, merging them into one". 


For SHE, Lindsay will be exhibiting the piece 'Maddie and Charlotte Enter Utopia'.




Lisa Evans

Lisa Evans was born in 1992 and now lives in Cardiff. In 2014, Lisa graduated from Carmarthen School of Art with a first class honors degree in Fine Art Sculpture and is currently studying for her MFA at Cardiff School of Art & Design. Lisa has exhibited on a National level including Ireland. Her background in metal casting and foundry work has enabled her to supervise at International Iron Conferences in Ireland and Latvia. Lisa’s recent success is the 2016 shortlisting for the National Eisteddfod’s Young Artist Award and the 2014 Woon Foundation Sculpture and Painting Art Prize. 


"My current work explores form; confronting the boundaries of material and object manipulation. A laboured and physical approach evokes sculptural components that are constructed within an installation context. Through exploration of making or assemblage of objects; the morphing of materials becomes juxtaposed. Foam, steel, lard and wax are at present the main mediums that explore the question of gendered materials. Through play and process I can manipulate scale and define space. I am fascinated with the relationship between object, space and scale; the dialogue between materials and the sensation of physical movement". 


For SHE, Lisa will be exhibiting the piece 'Maureen'.




Lisa Mitchell

Lisa Mitchell is a Photographer and Multi - Media artist from the East Midlands who previously studied a BA Hons Degree in Fashion & Textiles at De Montfort University in Leicester. Lisa has just completed her largest solo exhibition at the Sam Scorer Gallery in Lincoln, showing over 62 works, a culmination of two years work. Lisa has also had a piece of work used in a Channel Four TV drama. Lisa has also taught art to various groups including Children and Adults with Learning Disabilities. 


"My recent work centres around the relationships we forge throughout our lives. We cannot avoid them and each connection is unique, some of which leave imprints on our lives forever. It is these relationships that forge us, help us grow, develop and at times destroy us. We learn how to love and we learn how to be hurt. Our interpretations of which are as unique as our fingerprints. Through my digital photography I am able to create layers within my work, including incorporating the written word and giving them a more textural and 3 dimensional feel".


For SHE, Lisa will be exhibiting the piece 'Fragments'.




Lyndsay Martin

Lyndsay has exhibited both nationally and internationally; participating in group exhibitions at SCOPE Art Fair Miami 2015, the Saatchi Suit at the Hyatt Regency, London, Japan Media Arts Festival and Tate Liverpool. In 2014 her work was shortlisted for Beers Contemporary Visions, the WW Solo Award as well as Wells Art Contemporary. She has work in private collections both in Europe and Canada. 


"My work explores the physical and emotional consequences of human relationships, employing a mixture of photography, ceramics, found objects and video installation. The mixed media pieces often portray frayed and faceless figures as they collide with idyllic patterns, textures and tableaux in order to articulate the intimate narratives of their relationships". 


For SHE, Lyndsay will be exhibiting the piece 'Notions of a Home'.





Mags is a Polish born, Surrey based self-taught artist. She studied Tourism Management in Poland and in 2006 she moved to England. While Mags has been creating art all her life it was not until 2009 that she publicly showcase in Brick Lane Venue. She was always fascinated by human body, anatomy, mainly faces. Mags went to study Massage Therapy and Health and Social Care in University of Surrey. She continue to attend multiple life drawing groups in London. Mags’ art is a unique combination of classic portrait drawings with pastels and contemporary, satirical elements painted with acrylics.


"Portraits are my passion and I am especially fascinated by people’s faces where every face tells a story with their powerful and emotional expression. My collection shows the emotional vulnerability below the surface of a traditional polish woman. The aim was to increase public awareness of the role women were expected to play through communism to modern day but to focus on the internal struggles that are often hidden away. For me drawing is an effective vehicle to open peoples’ eyes to help notice issues that are generally avoided and I endeavoured to do this with this collection of pictures". 


For SHE, Mags will be exhibiting the piece 'Morning After'.




Maria Garton

Maria Garton is a Manchester based artist.She graduated from the University of Salford in 2001 with a BA Honours degree in Visual Arts. In 2005 Maria Garton recieved an MA IN Contemporary Fine Art from Leeds Metropolitan University.She has been involved in various group shows in the UK and Europe and also U.S.A.


"I am interested in exploring notions of the social and psychic constructions of feminity. The use of hybrid forms and diverse elements in my work allude to notions of difference, multiplicity and fragmentation. I use aspects and items of the everyday in my work and incorporate influences from the natural and domestic landscape for example fashion, advertising,interior decor,items which reveal fragments of encoded histories". 


For SHE, Maria will be exhibiting the piece 'Untitled A'.




Marie Kårsjö

Swedish-born, Cambridge-based, Marie Kårsjö has a degree in Horticulture and works as a gardener. She have also studied photography and ceramics. Her main media are photography and collage. In Sweden and London she has been part of photo exhibitions, and published her collages in a literature magazine. 


"Art for me is a way of telling stories. I get inspiration from the society, the city, dreams and nature. I’m interested in landscapes in different shapes, within a person as well as the outer physical landscape. For my collages I use photos from old National Geographic magazines and newer magazines. I find it interesting to blend these together, play with reality and create my own version". 


For SHE, Marie will be exhibiting the pieces 'Untitled' and 'Open Mouth.




Marnie Scarlet

Marnie Scarlet is a unique multi media artist. Marnie creates performance pieces, wearable art pieces and fine art pieces. Her prefered media is latex, but often recycled items and fabrics will also be used, such as hypodermic needles used in her shows or used make-up wipes She blends Drag, Fetish, Art and Cabaret together into a heady mix, with which she has travelled the globe She is part of Art Society Soho and also has had work on display at Cultivate, StopJectify and Modern Panic.


"My work consist of performance art and fine art pieces, often my art works will become 'outfits or props of in my shows, i like to challenge peoples view of what a women should be, look like or dress like. a lot of my art is (un)wearable art and are based on womens garments such as corsets and shoes and dresses and taken out of context".


For SHE, Marnie will be exhibiting the piece 'Vagball'.




Melissa Spiccia

Melissa Spiccia is a London based artist. She began her career as a ballerina performing at a soloist level in Germany for a number of years before receiving a BA (hons) degree at the Laban Centre in London in 2006. After graduating she worked as a Contemporary dance artist across various platforms and has recently made the shift into the visual arts. 


"I have a deep interest in the detailed physicality and organisation of the body stemming from a career as a contemporary dance artist. Drawing from past experiences in dance choreography and improvisation, my processes are non linear and in constant transition, allowing ideas to shift, respond and materialise in their most suited form, unconstrained to one practice. Intrigued by identity and experience, configuration and disassociation and the play between our visual and physical perceptions, has resulted in me creating works in a more sustained outcome".


For SHE, Melissa will be exhibiting the series 'She is,Body dysmorphic'.




Mia Hawk

Mia Hawk is a self taught artist, and has been working full time as an artist for the past 4 years. 


Her work often has strong elements of realism in them, however, the imagery is often imaginative. Her oil paintings are often inspired by story telling, almost as if the image was taken out of a story book, depicting one of the crucial moments of the story. 


For SHE, Mia will be exhibiting the piece 'The Hunt'.




Michele A Utley Voigt

Michele Utley Voigt is an award winning artist known for her electric images of the human experience divulged from the female perspective. Her works are socially politically charged and fetching. Identified as a “prodigy” Voigt began painting in oils at age three. Her childhood instructors included artists Howard Kanovitz and Larry Rivers. Voigt received her BFA from Otis Parsons and Parsons Paris and a BS in Political Science - Women’s History. She has exhibited across the U.S. in Solo and Group Exhibitions and has presented at numerous Art Fairs including Miami Art Basel, ArtExpo New York and Art Santa Fe.  


"I paint stories of the human experience. The soul of life demonstrated in depictions of figures interacting within a realm of time, a realm of realities, and with one another. I paint what is seen and unseen. I depict beauty that exists often after tragedy.  I express the plane of existence pictorially divided, fragmented, as the energy and emotion around each being and happening. Often this movement is abstract rarely it is literal. I create images from inside myself. I develop them within until I create. Most works are of women’s realities as they relate to the greater human experience". 


For SHE, Michele will be exhibiting the piece 'Sinu Ina Ruth's Revision'.




Mustafa Boga

Mustafa Boga is an award-winning writer and director currently studying for an MA in Fine Art at Central Saint Martins in London. After qualifying as a Journalist in Turkey, his country of birth, he moved to London six years ago to take a course in Cinematography and Post Production at Greenwich University. Since living in the UK, he has made a number of community documentaries, artist profiles, commercial films and music videos. His short films have been shown at various film festivals across the world, and his travelogue video, Instants, has received over 75000 views online.


"My work looks at the differences between art and documentary, fiction and reality and how this has led to the trivialization of issues such as discrimination and prejudice. I am interested in the boundaries that separate the viewing of events as a witness and my desire to tell stories. My works are inspired by family history, childhood memories and personal experiences. In my recent projects I am trying to create a dialogue between feelings of compassion and threat. My work deals critically (but also humorously) with issues such as gender, national identity, militarism, masculinity and sexuality".  


For SHE, Mustafa will be exhibiting the piece 'Where Do We Go'.




Pascale Pressicaud

Being influenced by the likes of Philip K. Dick, Douglas Coupland and various movie makers of the American New Wave, Pascale refers herself as a post-pop artist as she absorbs written and visual material to bring it back on the canvas. Systematically using bright and fluorescent colors as a backdrop for her paintings, she questions the impact of visual perception in her practice whilst the addition of the imagery she chooses to paint projects a sense of timeless, irrational or even absurd universe. There is a tension in her work that can be unnerving and it lays in that chosen imagery as wild dogs, scary birds or bulldozers cross the frame in a photorealist presence. We feel that Pascale is still in a phase of maturation and having met her in her studio where she has proved to be tireless and consistent, we have great faith in her potential for the future. Institutions and collectors have already proved their interest after Pascale graduated in Fine Art with a First.


"I divide my time between London and Bordeaux in France when I am not in America exploring cityscapes to inform my practice. I also tap into the broad spectrum of social sciences for which I have an immense interest. Although I would have enjoyed a career as a social scientist to investigate actively, the visual material that inspires me is also often extracted from the tabloïd press, the National Enquirer in particular, as well as popular culture and cult movies".


For SHE, Pascale will be exhibiting the piece 'John of Ark after Hubert Lanzinger'.




Peter D'Alessandri

Born 1963, studied for BA at Norwich School of Art, tried a life in the ""real world"" for twenty odd years, and didn't much care for it. His current work is based on observation of the human figure.


"The representation of the human body has been the main subject and source of inspiration for my recent work. I have always been fascinated by the relationship between the artist, the model and the viewer. My “Relationships Series” of paintings evolved from a number of figure studies that I was working on from 2005. With this work I am attempting to explore the relationships between two or more figures within a composition, in both a spatial and an emotional sense".


For SHE, Peter will be exhibiting the piece 'Arrangement on Red Carpet'.




Prapti Mittal

Prapti Mittal is a student of History and Art History. She is a self taught artist who works with social and cultural issues. She has won the Prafulla Dahanukar Award in the past and has exhibited in various exhibitions in India.


"As a woman in the third world with some amount of courage, I have noticed things and condemned the everyday, while struggling to improve and endeavor not just in my life, but of other women around me. In this process, literature has been my constant support and thus, the whole series is in tandem with my reading of feminist literature".


For SHE, Prapti will be exhibiting the piece 'Some Call it Rebellion'.




Rachael Mcarthur

Rachael McArthur is a photo-based artist from Toronto and a recent graduate from Ontario College of Art and Design University. She has graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography with a minor in Printmaking. Her work has been exhibited in Toronto,Paris and England. Rachael has also attended Paris College of Art in France and has worked in the Folio Club in Barcelona. Her work centers around the themes of character creations, photo based sculptures and tableaux photography. Her most recent work explored a narrative of modern family secrets influences by images of the domestic social life of the Victorian era through her photo sculptures. 


"My work is revolving around the theme of beauty and women. In this new series I am exploring the modern ways women use beauty products. There is a long history of interesting and different products and procedures that women have taken to achieve the standard beauty. I have build the backgrounds and created different scene to reflect the characters of each woman I have photographed".


For SHE, Rachael will be exhibiting the piece 'illuMask'.




Rachel Fallon

Rachel Fallon has a background in film and cirque nouveau, which informs her sculptural and performance installations and her interest in the dynamics of shared creation. Fallon has received numerous awards for her individual practice as well as residencies and project research grants for her collaborative practices.  The domestic and maternal thematic of her work has led to projects with U.K./ International groups Project Afterbirth, Procreate Project. Desperate Artwives and MeWe,  Fallon is a member of the Royal British Society of Sculptors, The Feminist Parasite Institute, founding member of Outpost Studios and RAFT, a collective involved in socially engaged practice.


"My work explores themes of protection and defence in domestic and maternal realms -  the protection of a woman for her child, her mental health, identity or place.  The conflicts and ambivalences of each subject inform the choice of material and technique for the work.   My research findings lead, not to answers, but to the formulation of more questions.  The work I make is an attempt to pin these questions down, so that the viewer has the possibility to form their own answer through interaction with each piece".


For SHE, Rachel will be exhibiting the piece 'La Befana'.




Raine Kenny

Raine Kenny is a female photographer living and working in London. She trained as a textile designer but photography has always been her first passion. Her major influences are early Victorian photography and the surrealist movement, Her work has been used as an album cover by the North London band Ethersuite and most recently one of her images has been used to publize the singer songwriter Skopje Acoustic.


"All my images are created within a vintage 35mm camera. NO COMPUTERS OR PHOTOSHOP HAVE BEEN USED TO GENERATE THESE PHOTOGRAHS. I like the haphazardness of double exposure and not having complete control over the end result. I even enjoy the wait to see if the whole process has worked!"


For SHE, Raine will be exhibiting the piece 'Running Out Of Time'.




Rosie Burns

Rosie Burns is  an artist and a teacher.


"Broadly my work is concerned with three subjects she, sea and sky. SHE: I want to depict women as thinkers, strong, singular entities not mother or queen or sex object, able to indulge and be guilty of sloth or envy, and still maintain feminine beauty – sirens. The depiction of women in art has been a preoccupation through a degree in Archaeology: the goddess figures of fertility, the possibility of matriarchal societies in the Neolithic and the  dominance of homemaker, gatherer roles for women. Experiencing depictions of women in Degas delicate dancers and burlesque bathers, Rodin’s fallen in the gates of hell and sexualised drawings of women, Henry Moore’s gigantic queens and powerful mothers cradling infants reinforce the same depictions investigated in Archaeology".


For SHE, Rosie will be exhibiting the piece 'Reverie'.




Sara Hindhaugh

Sara Hindhaugh was born in the Solomon Islands and spent her formative years there and in Hong Kong.  She currently works at AWOL studios in Manchester and has worked as a creative consultant for children and young people with Autistic Spectrum Conditions.  Education: BA Fine Art (Painting) – Wimbledon School of Art (1987) Diploma in Foundation Studies – Wimbledon School of Art (1984).


"My work is autobiographical. Exploring personal subjects, with a particular emphasis on loss, I use a wide range of media including drawing, painting, printmaking, embroidery and sculpture to create individual works and installations. The media and the approach employed are often dictated by the subject". 


For SHE, Sara will be exhibiting the piece 'Great Tit'.




Seana Wilson

Seana is an artist-researcher facilitating the investigation and dissemination of feminism in art through art exhibitions, panel discussions and other events as well as installation art, sound and performance. Her work explores feminism, activism and the monstrous feminine within popular culture. She has presented work in galleries, festivals and venues in the UK, including the WOW festival, Feminism in London Conference and Secret Garden Party. Originally from Texas, Seana has a strong link with collaborative and collective art making with a politicized attitude demonstrating the relevance of feminist art in today’s society. 


"As an artist-researcher, I facilitate the investigation and dissemination of feminism in art through art exhibitions, events and panel discussions as well as installation, sound and performance. My iinterdisciplinary approach to work explores feminism, activism and the monstrous feminine within popular culture I am a co-founder of Fans of Feminism, curating and organizing art events and exhibitions.  Installations, performance and interventions are at the centre of my practice.  My work incorporates women’s activism and feminist theory. I demonstrate a strong link with participatory, collaborative art making and a politicized attitude that helps to demonstrate the relevance of feminism in today’s society". 


For SHE, Seana will be exhibiting the piece 'Cairn O Mam'.




Shadi Mahsa

Shadi Mahsa studied at Chelsea university of Art London. MA Fine art with distinction. She was engaged in several solo and group exhibition. 


"As an Iranian woman, living in exile, often I look at the pictures of women before and after Islamic revolution(1979), in Iran, I have witnessed the changes of dress code of Iranian woman, I felt like by painting them, I am going back to the memory line, mostly from my childhood.  By observing, the old photos of the way my family and friends, used to dress in 60’s, 70’s till to this date, I got inspired to used them into my paintings, then started to become more challenging as I tried to capture a person’s soul and personality and then I added the feelings I had into my portrait paintings".


For SHE, Shadi will be exhibiting the piece 'Lost Identity'.




Sheera Jacobs

1984 born south africa. 2010 BA fine art  slade school, london. lives between london and tel aviv.


"my work tries to depict figures which exist in a constant state of flux between time, space identity and culture".


For SHE, Sheera will be exhibiting the piece 'Sharon'.




Sylvia Batycka

Sylvia Batycka was born in Krakow, currently lives and work in London. Mainly self taught she has been mentored by established artists.  Awards:  EWAAC, 2014, two works shortlisted. British Women Artists, 2013, shortlisted. The Brix, London, 2010, 1st prize. Exhibitions: ""01"" Exhibition, Copeland Gallery, London, 2016, group show. ""Hybrid Woman"", Subtitles Café, London, 2015, solo show. Parallax Art Fair, London, 2014, art fair. Urban Art Fair, London, 2014, art fair. The Portico Gallery, London, 2014, group exhibition. The Brix, London, 2013, group exhibition. The Brix, London, 2011, group exhibition. The Brix, London, 2010, group exhibition.


"My practice is cross disciplinary and currently spuns over ceramics, painting and drawing. I am to develop personal means of expression through applying both traditional and innovative techniques, as well as exploring transition from representational forms into abstract ones. Themes evolving through my work are related to female identity, as well as cultural identity: the sense of placement in the urban environment, nomadic transition through places ('here' becoming 'there') while attempting to sustain identity in this process".  


For SHE, Sylvia will be exhibiting the piece 'The handbag (part of "#Nomad" installation)'.




Thomas MacGregor

Thomas MacGregor Graduated from Edinburgh College of art in 1999.  He has had a permanent rolling exhibition at the ‘Stand comedy club’ in Edinburgh since then and his involvement with the club has provided a stream of work in portraiture. Between 2001-2007 Thomas had the unique experience as lecturer of Art in HMP Edinburgh. In 2007 he undertook a two-year residency at ‘Sustainable Bolivia’ in Cochabamba, Bolivia. This involved two Solo shows in Cochabamba and another in Santa Cruz. Thomas now lives with his wife and two daughters in east London. He works and exhibits across the UK.


"My thickly laid brushstrokes upon watery shadows present an academic style in a figurative or pictorial tradition, however, my contemporary vision combined with the attitude and posturing of figures as well as the elements I incorporate bring the viewer a realism that does not reflect reality but analyses it. A neorealism.   The result shows the mythical aspect of the everyday life, an ironic glance and analytical observation. A characterized or Abstract realism Bringing a mature and entertaining work.  Major influences include Paula Rego, Max Beckmann, Philip Guston, John Byrne and recently Nyoman Masriadi".


For SHE, Thomas will be exhibiting the piece 'DR Miranda Sheild Johansson'.




Hannah Sothern

Hannah Sothern is a recent graduate from an MSt in Literature & Art at the University of Oxford. 



"My recent work focuses on women and water, looking at the interplay of the female body and spirit in connection with the essential element and nature. How we move, respond and let go when submerged. It is an ongoing exploration. Water has always helped soothed me at difficult moments in life."




For SHE, Hannah will be exhibiting the piece 'Bathing Women'.




Judith Hayes

Judith Hayes is an artist who lives and works in London. Her work is focused on the ‘Domestic’, taking themes of the everyday and the ordinary as her main source of inspiration. By examining ‘ordinary’ events and things she hopes to give her subject a deeper appreciation making them more extra ordinary and present. Judith studied at Wimbledon College of Art – MA 2012



"My work examines the complexities of the 'Domestic'. I am interested in the emotions and secrets of the 'home', the people that occupy it, and the material objects that say so much about life within. As a woman I have a keen interest in representing the effects of family life. I mostly work taking personal experiences as the starting point, or by referencing Old Master paintings as inspiration; I can then develop ideas that I believe resonate with a wider audience."



For SHE, Judith will be exhibiting the piece 'Still-Life. Always'.




Odette G Farrell

SHE:  The female body is my source of inspiration: voluptuous and powerful. Postures show our feelings. We can incite, seduce, frighten, refrain, and even close our selves. Our femininity can be enhanced or diminish through the posture.  akeup, hair-style, fashion, and jewelry help us to enhance it and also show our status in society: Too covered or too uncovered women. Women seen as an object, the hidden woman, the mysterious one. I wonder how many gestures are innate to our femininity and our real essence and how many of them have been made up by a world dominated by men.


Odette G Farrell was born in Mexico City. She has a B.A. in Architecture. Since year 2003 she works as a full time visual artist. Her work has been exhibited in Mexico, Italy, Germany, Ireland, China, Spain, and UK. She has also won several art awards in her birth country and internationally. She was also awarded with 2 art residences: a 6 weeks residence in Ireland and a 4 week residence in Spain. Since year 2008 she lives and works in London.  She has been council member of the Hesketh Hubbard Art Society, Praxis Art and Free Painters and Sculptures.



For SHE, Odette will be exhibiting the piece 'Drawing'.



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