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The Art Hunt
14th September - 31st October 2020
Missed the hunt? Check out our video of the trail. Download your map for full details of the artworks.

The Art Hunt

Another Sweet ‘Art first, as we are taking our art exhibition out-of-doors this Autumn and bring you our first self-led contemporary art hunt in and around the Shoreditch area of East London, running between 14th September and 31st October!

The Art Hunt will include approximately 20 ‘art sticker stops’ with small artworks hidden in a street location, up to 5 venue ‘Sweet spots’, where you can take a moment to enjoy some of the local shops, pubs and cafes, and a ‘blank canvas stop’ where anyone can take part in displaying their artwork. All stops on the trail will showcase examples of challenging, thought provoking, accomplished and fun contemporary art practice by up and coming and established artists, and many art works will respond in site specific ways to locations, architecture or histories of the area. We hope people will interact via social media and those who do will be able to win Sweet prizes! The trail will be approximately 1.5-2 miles long for those wishing to calculate completion times based on mobility, but participants can complete part of the trail or do it in stages, and we will include Covid safety and mobility guidance.

Inspired by vintage nursing magazines and religious imagery artist Mia-Jane Harris will be taking part and paying tribute to NHS front line workers with her Blood Sweat and Hope Series of hand drawn monoprints that have been donated to and displayed in several London hospitals. 

Mr Tractor Inspector is an “unsuccessful artist who mostly engages in low art forms such as erotic comics, drawings and stickers. He only draws in black and white as these are his favorite colours.” His artwork Worms can be found along the trail if you search hard enough! The image depicts how “wormy” life in London sometimes gets.

Sensitively responding to part of the areas history, artist Victoria General has created a painting of Catherine Eddowes, one of the victims of the unknown serial killer Jack the Ripper. The artwork will be represented as part of the hunt responding to and challenging how his victims have now become faceless props, ‘a puzzle’ or ‘game’ for voyeuristic amusement.

The hunt is on!


The Hunt is On: 14th September -31st October


Book your ticket via eventbrite


The Art Hunt map and details will be sent to you after your purchase. The map will be available on a ‘Pay what you can’ basis 



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