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The Great Leveller?
Exhibition dates:
14th May - 7th
June 2020

Opening Online Party:
Thursday 14th May
7pm - late

The Great Leveller? online exhibition

Sweet ‘Art are hosting an online art exhibition responding to the coronavirus pandemic.


The exhibition is now live and will be online from the 14th May - 7th June.

You can view the exhibition on any device (desktop, laptop, tablet, phone) here For best results and resolution, we encourage you to download the ArtSteps app which is free to use and does not require an account to be set up.

The exhibition includes both sound and text so please do make sure your sound is switched on!

A global pandemic is no excuse to miss an arty party opportunity, it may be chaos, but lets do this! Boozy Zoomers who get fancy from the waist up (a hat, a customized mask, full black tie…) will get some Sweet freebies in the post! Waist down is up to you.

Our Boozy Zoom will take place this Thursday from 7pm (UK time)


Hopefully we will be able to see some of you there, and you can also meet and chat to the artists involved.

The exhibition is a first for Sweet ‘Art, responding to social distancing guidelines while not neglecting our mission of hosting inclusive and accessible art exhibitions that explore important social issues from intersectional, feminist perspectives. 


Held in a virtual Sweet ‘Art gallery, accessible to anyone on a computer or phone, or even experienced as a 3D space using VR, selected artworks explore ideas of strength and support from being part of a community and ways of reaching others during social distancing. Also included is art based critique of ideas surrounding isolation, solitude and enforced joining-in, political critique in response to the societal inclusion/exclusion of marginalised communities at this time, and the potential stresses of having others beamed into your home daily! 

Artist Neeq Serene will be exhibiting a photographic response to themes of isolation and loss with her piece A Matter of Time, while sculpture by Mia-Jane Harris comments on the protective roles of parents during the pandemic.  Using visual cues from board games such as Risk, artist Jake Francis will exhibit Odds, wittily critiquing the circumstantial ‘worlds and territories’ families are currently experiencing in their daily entireties; dependent on location, ‘class’, and income. With Children of the Quarantineartist CW Stubbs critiques western points of the crisis including the environment, the virus itself and mental health. Although a virtual exhibition, Sweet ‘Art have endeavoured to carefully select artworks that explore the social complexities of the current climate, curating a visually powerful and conceptually challenging show.

PS Wash your hands!

Art exhibition live: 14th May -7th June via the ArtSteps platform 

List of artists available to print out can be found here

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