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Exhibition dates:
1st December - 5th January
6pm - late

Private View:
Thursday 4th December
6pm - late

‘Saturnalia’ was a Roman holiday in December celebrated with a sacrifice, banqueting and continual partying that over turned social norms! Krampus is a demonic beast-like creature from folklore who was said to punish children during the Christmas season and carry them off to his lair! Hans Trapp the French “anti Santa” was said to be an evil Satan worshiper who preyed on children dressed as a demonic scarecrow! 

If you want more pagan than panto this Christmas, less of The Snow Man and more of The Wicker Man then ‘Saturnalia’ is the show for you!

Join us if you dare on the 4th of December for one of Juno’s special Christmas cocktails and some Sweet ‘Art festive treats and surprises, including the opportunity to nab an arty Christmas gift from Krampus’ sinister sack! 

Yule Love it!!

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