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Significant Other
Exhibition Opened: 8th - 19th June 2022, 12.00 -18.00 Weds-Sun

Opening Party: 9th June 2022 6pm-9pm 

An online catalogue is available here.

Sweet ‘Art celebrated their 10th birthday with a 3 month long program of art exhibitions and events taking place in their pop up space -  the Art Bypass Gallery!


We are a non-profit arts organization dedicated to the promotion of upcoming and established artists through exciting art events with a difference. We operate with an intersectional feminist ethos and utilised our space from May – July 2022 to celebrate our 10 year anniversary, engaging the public with diverse artistic practice, and promoting awareness and understanding of important social issues through the arts with a special emphasis on working with artists who are marginalised from the artworld. Sweet ‘Art always aims to provide an accessible and inclusive space for making, looking at, thinking about and debating art.

Our second exhibition at the gallery was Significant Other.


This exhibition was a creative celebration of difference and overcoming adversity. At Sweet ‘Art our mission and values have always responded to a desire to be inclusive and provide opportunity for those who face barriers in the art world and society and may feel ‘other’; our mission being prompted in part by the Sweet ‘Art teams’ own intersecting identity related challenges, artistically and personally. This exhibition called on artists to respond to otherness and its richness and importance culturally, societally, personally and politically. In psychology the significant other is a person with a strong influence on an individual's self-evaluation and reception of social norms. This exhibition responded to the importance of those that challenge societal normativity and in doing so make space for change and innovative and important practice.


Visitors joined us on the 9th of June for our opening arty party that will celebrate difference in exciting and radical ways! It will be an evening of art, Sweet ‘Art themed cocktails, freebies and surprises!

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