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Sweetshop                    Agent X                      Aleksandra Stodółka    

Alice Steffen                Aline Bunji                  Amy Davis    

Angela Morris Winmill        Angela Smith                 Astrid Jahns
Candice McGaw                Carl Grauer                  Carlos M Burgos    

Caroline Kirton              Cherie Grist                 Chloe Iza Manasseh

Corrina Eastwood             Dannielle Hodson             Dagmar Rieger
Devina Wells                 Dhoriane Mondesir            Diogo Duarte    

Donna Harle                  Erez Solo Rimon              Eric Haacht    

Evelyn Jean                  Genieve Vasconcelos          Georgina Maxwell    

GJ Marui                     Helene Williams              Holly Deagle    

Id:ealistic                  Iluá Hauck da Silva          Iona Magnus    

Jess Wahls                   Joanna layla                 John Gathercole    

Julia Ueberreiter            Kasia Gawron                 Kelly Chamberlain

Krishma Sabbarwal            Laura Benetton               Laura Fishman & Dervin Batarlo
Laura Marsden                Lily Ackroyd-Willoughby      Lisa Mitchell    

Liz Haney                    Liz Smith                    Mia Wilkinson    

Michiyo Hayes-Kuramochi      Mira Loew                    Pascale Pressicaud
Rart & Sete                  Rococo Wonderland            Rosemary Meza-DesPlas  

Rosie Kavanavoch             Rossella Spoto               Salit Krac    

Sandra Jawad                 Sandy Sand                   Sangeeta Sagar 
Santi Permana Rahayu         Sequin Kay                   Shara Hayz    

Shona Munro                  Sophie Wellan                Stefan Nenov    

Waltz Her


Anchor 125


Project Managers: Charlotte Elliston and Gavin Round

Contribution from: Carolyn Butler, Corrina Eastwood, George Kloet and Jerome Beresford.

‘Sweetshop’ is an art project created by members of the Sweet ‘Art team along with other collaborators that aims to critique, challenge and subvert established and commonly observed strategies and ideas perpetuated in and by the fashion and advertising industries and the general media. 

By manipulating, undermining and emulating imagery and text, mirroring and commenting on consumer manipulation, Sweetshop aims to highlight and expose the often sinister, exploitative, manipulative and absurd messages communicated by these industries. Messages that we find ourselves exposed to on a daily basis. 

Sweetshop as an art work seeks to highlight and support those exploited, manipulated and potentially damaged by the more insidious elements of our culture. 

Go shopping at Sweetshop now!

Anchor 126
Agent X


Agent X creates experimental, multimedia collages, paintings, and 2D artwork. His work is an amalgamation of diverse cultures, past, present and future, and his signature collage street intellectualism is a commentary on the urban experience. 

The phenomena of pop culture, technology, fashion, music, politics, and race are central to his practice of designing experimental works.

For Sweet ‘Arts show Seams Agent X will be exhibiting two pieces, ‘Cindarella' and 'Pris Unit-8675308'.

Anchor 127
Aleksandra Stodolka


Aleksandra Stodolka is a fashion designer living and working in Cracow.

“The collection “Wild Thing” is an attempt to define the complexity of woman`s nature. It makes a study based on contradictions in the inner structure of women by creating a landscape of coexisting elements of power and finesse. This idea is translated into fashion language by expressing contrasting choices of shapes, fabrics, colors, accessories; geometric cuttings next to soft pleats, stiff artificial leather next to delicate lace. Everything shines in shades of gold and impenetrable black. Precious silk, tulles and laces next to heavy accessories; deer antlers and bird furthers. Everything is done with the purpose of demonstrating the duality of woman`s nature.”

For Sweet ‘Arts show Seams Aleksandra will be showing one garment from the Wild Thing collection.

Anchor 128
Alice Steffen


"My work embodies the exploration of language, pop culture, stereotypes, class, gender, identity. I take ideas from everyday experiences, class based social systems, and extreme environmental comparisons of class. These topics are transposed into my work, creating a dialogue with the viewer. My work is autobiographical, reflecting the multiple facets that define my personhood.

"The topics chosen are reflected in my material choices. I manipulate colour and objects; shoes, lipstick, car doors, fake nails, plums. Erasing the original labels of objects to convey materialistic messages which can be awkward or uncomfortable, changing the dynamics of the objects in the presentation.”

For Sweet ‘Arts show Seams Alice will be showing her sculptural piece The Eden of Essex.

Anchor 129
Aline Bunji


"With my artwork I want to bring joy, put a smile on people's faces and sometimes open their mind for more tolerance.
My art should make people, including myself, happy and satisfied." 

For Sweet ‘Arts show Seams Aline will be exhibiting Blues Shoes and Dress Less

Anchor 130
Amy Davis


An artist-come-maker dabbling in the world of embroidery, Amy creates sculptural samples for gallery orientated spaces. 

“Embroidery to me is the interconnection of found materials in the broadest sense. The interlocking of materials which are so often disregarded and lacking in visual appeal are restored through the use of print, dyeing and manipulation techniques in order to generate tactile samples which excite, are visually spontaneous, and are playful in terms of their colour and sculptural appeal.”

For Sweet ‘Arts show Seams Amy will be exhibiting three of her pieces. 

Anchor 131
Angela Morris-Winmill


Angela Morris-Winmill is a self taught figurative artist with a diverse portfolio developing in painting, sculpture and fashion art.

Angela's sculptures are a skeletal representation of fashion history using her previous skills as a fashion designer/corset maker. Constricted female torsos from the later half of the 18th century are presented as semi taxidermy 'Hunted Women' in steel and pheasant.

For Sweet ‘Arts show Seams Angela will be exhibiting Crystal Three from her ‘Hunted Women’ series of female corseted structures based on 1870 tailors stands. These represent the ‘trophy’ wives, the prize, from the hunt. She will also be exhibiting a metal skeletical gown collection.

Anchor 132
Angela Smith


“The exposure and concealment of vulnerability is central to my practice."

"My paintings often contain figurative elements but don’t aim to illustrate reality. Instead they are a response to veiled, obscured and disguised feelings. I take inspiration for the figures from life and from fashion magazines, focussing in on differing mixes of strength and fragility; confidence and awkwardness.
Strong bold colours and a high gloss finish are the antithesis of the fragile vulnerability which is central to the paintings. However, they reflect the confident veneer in which we cloak our innermost feelings.”

For Sweet ‘Arts show Seams Angela will be exhibiting her painting Sidestep.

Anchor 133
Astrid Jahns


“I focus on the collage technique because I can combine several realistic fragments with each other. The results are different surreal surroundings that often connect with poems or other short texts, creating an interplay between the text and the collages, thus resulting in short stories or other narrative storylines. 

"I like to work on various projects, including sound-collages, poem objects or assemblages. I like to feel free in choosing materials and techniques or even to combine them to obtain a manifold spectrum in which I can realize my ideas.“

For Sweet ‘Arts show Seams Astrid will be exhibiting two of her collage works Missgunst/Grudge4 and Schicksal/Fate1

Anchor 134
Candice McGraw


Candice works in a variety of mediums, predominantly painting, but also photography and installation.

“In The Sensates series, I am interested in appetite, wanting and satiation. The intention was to make rich and layered images with a strong connection to painting history and to draw connections between the appetite for bodily sensation, consuming, looking, performing, and satiation. Since the Early Renaissance images have been utilized to present current fashion trends, textile innovations and attitudes of looking. The masked figures are a metaphor for fashion as an enactment of a role and the exterior display we present to the world.”

For Sweet ‘Arts show Seams Candice will be exhibiting The Satiate and Untitled from The Sensates series.

Anchor 135
Carl Grauer


Carl is a painter who has also worked as a medical illustrator, portrait artist, creative director, designer and a small business entrepreneur and co-founder of a vintage interior design boutique and gallery.

“In my painting I explore the construction of identity and the rendering of likeness through portraiture. I look to the practice as a method to connect with an individual, to capture the essence of the subject, and moreover to define one’s place in time. I search for images that evoke strong memories, familial history or events from the past. I search for a link – a connectedness from my past to explain how I have become who I am. As these explorations develop, I find a connection to the “now”. It is important for me to examine the people who pass in and out of my life; some for years, some only days, minutes or even seconds. Whilst thinking about how little time we spend connecting in person, with the prevalence of social media and technology, I prefer to paint people from life with an aim to connect within a selected amount of time. More than a practice in painting from life, it is an exploration of time itself. I explore time observed passing in the now; a temporal study that also contains a narrative. Within all of my work there is a thread that references the human experience in the now; how our connectedness shapes the events of our past, present and future, and how one may chose to participate or withdraw.”

For Sweet ‘Arts show Seams Carl will be exhibiting two paintings, The Girl With the Green Cardigan and Wallflower.

Anchor 136
Carlos M Burgos


"I’m a figurative artist through which I like to explore aspects of how we live and how we feel through visual narratives, resulting in an often surreal and alternative look at the world around us with slight traces of satire or humour. Conjuring concepts, distorting them for emotional effect to evoke moods or ideas, meaning or emotional experience. I create textures, tones and natural hues using tea and its staining properties but am also proficient in a range of other painting and drawing media. Drawing inspiration from social history, literature, music, conversations and general popular culture. Fusing elements of the classical, the expressive, the surreal, beauty, darkness and my love for the human form."

For Sweet ‘Arts show Seams Carlos will be exhibiting ‘Hey Micky You So Fine’ & ‘Belly Button’.

Anchor 137
Caroline Kirton


As an artist Caroline uses a combination of fabrics, free machine embroidery, appliqué, screen-printing and mixed media to create a moment in time through stitched drawings. 

“My work is a series of snapshots observing the ups and downs of life. In my practice I try to create a sense of autobiography, recording stories, feelings, emotions and moments in time.

"My aim is to increase an audience's awareness of contemporary textiles by telling the stories of the people who are the subject of my pictures. They are designed to arouse discussion and invite interaction whilst showing the importance of building relationships through the generations.”

For Sweet ‘Arts show Seams Caroline will be exhibiting "I can't believe she's copied me!"

Anchor 138
Cherie Grist


Cherie Grist is an Abstract Expressionist Artist from Liverpool and studied Fashion Styling & Photography at the University of the Arts, London College of Fashion. She is also the co-founder of 104 Duke Street Studios Gallery based in Liverpool city centre. 

“My main objective as an artist is to express what I am and document what I have experienced, seen and dealt with so far. I am inspired by the use of colour and pattern in labels such as Peter Pilotto, Mary Kantrantzou and KTZ. I am also influenced by photographers like Mert & Marcus and their amazing use of colour. My paintings exist because of the world I’m surrounded by. They are visual recordings of my response to life situations and I see them as self portraits”

For Sweet ‘Arts show Seams Cherie will be exhibiting Fighting and You Already Know pt1.

Anchor 139
Chloe Iza Manasseh


Chloe has recently completed her masters in Fine Art at the Slade School of Fine Art, having received the Euan Uglow Memorial Scholarship.

“My interests primarily lie in the notion of perception of space; how orientation, movement and balance within a space effect spectatorship, and the role memory plays in activating a spectators senses. Ideas of walking and looking up in a landscape are key to how I perceive a space, sometimes leaving the work in a vertiginous state, with sensations of being overwhelmed and off balance. 

The engagement of the body is also present, and central in both the making and viewing of my work. The ever-changing relationship between the spectator and the maker results in a shifting connection between ideas of home, displacement, space and location. Physical spectatorship acts as an activation point and is integral to pushing the work beyond its materiality feeding awareness of the present, the past and the fluctuating reality of ones own perception of space. By embodying a psychological state of identity in landscape, I explore the boundaries between the reality and unreality of one's perception.”

For Sweet ‘Arts show Seams Chloe will be exhibiting ‘Don't imitate me, we are not two halves of a muskmelon’.

Anchor 140
Corrina Eastwood


Corrina Eastwood has been a practicing artist for over 14 years working as a painter and more recently in film. Following completion of her BA hons in Fine Art Painting in 2000 Corrina went on to complete her MA in Art Psychotherapy and now works with both children and adults in a range of private and community settings

Corrina also has a keen interest in feminist issues and in 2012 saw her first publication of feminist writings as well as founding the arts organisation Sweet 'Art. 

“In the abstract representation of physical and emotional scars, the healing process, and the way in which we view such trauma, this body of work seeks to examine the ambiguous nature of the impact of experience. The personal and the internal are explored alongside what can be seen as a socially constructed notion of the feminine”

For Sweet ‘Arts show Seams Corrina will be exhibiting her ‘99’ series of paintings.

Anchor 141
Danielle Hodson


Dannielle Hodson is a St Martins fashion graduate turned artist currently exploring the grey area between fantasy and reality, fashion and art. 

For Sweet ‘Arts show Seams Danielle will be exhibiting a head piece that belongs to a bigger body of work still in progress on a journey through in-between space, with the working title: Concrete models of Irrationality.

Anchor 142
Dagmar Rieger


Dagmar's career in fine art started in 1983 when she showed her works for the first time in a collective exhibition honoring International Women’s Day in Salzburg, Austria. Since then she has exhibited in organized exhibitions as well as performances, having her first solo exhibition at the university of Salzburg in 1987.

“Fashion influences our lives in many ways, thinking of patterns, colours, body forms and sizes. Although this fact is relevant all over the world, the ideals are different. I tried to meet the western standards of today with a critical feminist thought on my mind but also twinkling a bit.”

Dagmar Rieger

For Sweet ‘Arts show Seams Dagmar will be exhibiting ‘Venus’.

Anchor 143
Devina Wells


Devina is a 2D Illustrator based in London. She works predominantly with ink and pencil and focuses largely on fashion illustration and portraits, often drawing in black and white, with only a splash of a bold primary colour.

“As someone who has always had a love for art and fashion, I find drawing fashion figures come naturally. Drawing is something I have always done, and is the only time when my head feels completely empty and free. 

"Most of my inspiration comes from runway shows, collections or a how I am feeling at the time. I work best from photographs, but appreciate that there is nothing like working from a life model and often make use of friends and family. 

"I find that I generally think in black and white; I have never been a fan of greyscale. I think this comes out most in my artwork. Although I don’t want to limit myself, black and white with a splash of colour is best!”

For Sweet ‘Arts show Seams Devina will be exhibiting ‘MixedRaceMarilyn’

Anchor 144
Dhoriane Mondésir


Dhoriane is a fashion designer who loves daydreaming in museums and taking the odd photo.

“I get the most creative when I get bored. Thanks to my sweet mum, I also happen to love museums since she used to take me there since I was 3 years old.
All the art you can see is just the result of my boredom that I hope you will enjoy!” 

For Sweet ‘Arts show Seams Dhoriane will be exhibiting ‘Windows In The Palais de Tokyo 1’.

Anchor 145
Diogo Duarte


Diogo is a photographer, born in Lisbon, Portugal, and has been living in the UK since 2007. 

“Buses, train platforms and cigarette breaks tend to be my most comfortable place to create. It’s usually in those places when I zone out and give my mind freedom to express itself, though I’ve had some great ideas during boring conversations. Most of my ideas arise naturally in the form of intrusive images, which I then add to or take away from during the development stage. I am inspired by the duality found in nature and especially human beings; in my opinion, there’s nothing more fascinating than the hidden side of things, which I often express through satire. I see myself as an image maker and photography is the vehicle through which I express myself. My ambition is to continue to create and execute some of the wildest images I have had.”

For Sweet ‘Arts show Seams diogo will be exhibiting ‘Here I Choke’ and ‘Invivo’

Anchor 146
Donna Harle


Donna Harle is a freelance artist and comedy writer based in London, and goes by the name of 'YouRuddyGuys'. 

“I use oils on paper to paint off-kilter caricatures, with the exaggeration of some characteristics and oversimplification of others.”

For Sweet ‘Arts show Seams Donna will be exhibiting 'Westwood' and 'Lagerfeld'.


Anchor 147
Erez Solo Rimon


Erez is a Tel Aviv based artist who has recently moved to London for MA studies in The Cass, London met University.

“In recent years, I have been developing a personal language that expresses the mid-point between being a designer that produces knit-wear and being an artist that creates knitted art.

My analytic starting point is that there is a difference between the artistic production processes, where the concept is leading to the choice of the material, and between craftwork productions, where material is leading to the concept.

In my artwork I am developing new ways of expression while using the most basic knitting techniques. My objects are created by layering and piling geometric knits, that together with maneuvering amongst the different attributes of the matter create new shapes. The loops and layers, affected by the placement and natural light, generate a shape that reveals an image and by that give the object its meaning.”

For Sweet ‘Arts show Seams Erez will be exhibiting ‘The knitter pt 3’ and ‘The Knitter pt 1'

Anchor 148
Eric Haacht


Eric is a British Portrait Painter

“My work is concerned with the immediacy and the artificialness of life (and death)

"I use the subject of CEO's, politicians and those in positions on power to investigate these ideas. I often paint the suits that these people in positions of what we would call power wear as I believe fashion is a big part of immediacy, artificialness and a way to perpetuate the idea of power.”

For Sweet ‘Arts show Seams Eric will be exhibiting ‘I live I live I die I die’ and ‘Movement of the so called (part 2)’

Anchor 149
Evelyn Jean


Evelyn is a self taught multi-media artist from London who aspires to work in his own unique way.

“I am distracted by human behaviour and how we really feel about ourselves underneath the veil. I see life and art being played out like a film script with more control over it than we realise. The ability to rewrite every scene. I feel rewarded by the emotion and distracted by the aesthetic and I will accept understanding and feeling the meaning in a piece, over the admiration of technical brilliance. I am attracted to various art movements of the past but do not belong to or aspire to any.”

For Sweet ‘Arts show Seams Evelyn will be exhibiting ‘Je Sais Maintenant Que La Vie Est Pourrie’

Anchor 150
Genieve Vasconcelos


Genieve Vasoncelos, is conceptual artist/fashion designer and the mother of 3 daughters. She studied Textiles with Fashion finishing with a highly appraised distinction; she is now a 2nd year BA Fashion Design student at London College of Fashion. When she completes her studies she intends to run her own independent art/fashion label.

“The Law & Disorder is a dress that explored disorder and the order created by knots. The composition of the dress is 100 meters of Jersey, taking in excess 100 hours to conceptualize and make. The dress is handmade and sustainably designed; it has no hand or machine stitching, no waste materials and is 100 percent recyclable.”

For Sweet ‘Arts show Seams Genieve will be exhibiting ‘The Law and Disorder’

Anchor 151
Georgina Maxwell


Georgina Maxwell’s art practice focuses on the long term suffering and imminent extinction of cetaceans and other marine wildlife within a desensitized, plastic-addicted society 

Four billion tonnes of plastic are dumped in the oceans each year and continues to grow.

As a contemporary eco-artist, Maxwell feels a strong sense of compassion and responsibility for the planet we inhabit.

"There are social, ecological, scientific, moral and spiritual facets to my art practice. Marine inhabitants are innocent, intelligent, sentient beings who are suffering from our addiction. The cultural conditioning of today’s fashion industry lacks any cosmic or interrelated dimension. With it’s underlying principles of production and consumption, maximum energy flow, waste and greed in this throw-away society we live in now threatens the oceans eco-systems”

For Sweet Arts show Seams Georgina will be exhibiting 'Bursting at the Seams (Cruel Death Surrenders with the pale Ghost Reliving)’

Anchor 152
GJ Marui


GJ is a practicing artist based in Berlin, Germany.

"I love to create! Painting, doll making, illustrating, photographing, sewing and stitching are the tools I use for my journey as an artist. Huge inspiration I gain from the circus, clowns, theatre and the ballet. The fascination pushes my fantasy and my inner burning to create my own interpretation of the things I love."

For Sweet ‘Arts show Seams GJ will be showing her works ‘Folklore’, 'Raining Down’ & Hug Me’.

Anchor 153
Helene Williams


Helene Initially earned a BSc in Psychology followed by a BA in Ceramics from Camberwell, and more recently an MA in Arts Psychotherapy.

“I create significant forms that investigate the connection between mind and art, thus embracing my experience as a psychotherapist and an artist. These forms are brought to life through the mediums of painting, photography, sculpture and performance.”

For Sweet ‘Arts show Seams Helene will be exhibiting ‘Dressing Within’

Anchor 154
Holly Deagle


Holly is a fashion and textile designer based in Kent but a fine art enthusiast at heart. She has a passion for anything and everything fashion or textiles created in the hand rendered medium and tries to encorporate this design technique into her work wherever possible, giving the work a distinctive individual style. 

“A celebration of the hand painted and the powerful, taking inspiration from S/S14’s abstract art trend, my designs explore neo-expressionism transformed with the modernity of current youth culture and colour. The paintings take inspiration from Gustav Klimt, with reference to Basquiat, which I have abstracted with bold graffiti to create a new form of hand painted defacement, and a new type of street art culture.”

For Sweet ‘Arts show Seams Holly will be exhibiting one of her fine art inspired garments.

Anchor 155


ID:EALISTIC is an artist whose work is based upon experiences within the UK graffiti scene since the mid 80’s. Through these experiences he has developed and experimented with the concept of creating marks within locations in acts of portrayal vandalism.

“Through past experience within the U.K graffiti scene I have been influenced by the process and production of creating pieces of imagery within the towns and cities of Yorkshire where I grew up. My current work uses memories or actions retracing my experiences from roaming the streets in the early hours painting my name in nondescript locations. Some pieces have a direct reflection from the period whilst others use moments snatched in time, chance encounters, smells and sounds experienced. In the end my work is biographical to a point expressing a period of time from my early teens to the present day only as varied and diverse as the life that has been lead.”

For Sweet ‘Arts show Seams ID:EALISTIC will be exhibiting works from his masking project, a installation photographic and performance piece.

Anchor 156
Iluá Hauck da Silva


Iluá Hauck da Silva was born in Campinas, Brazil, and graduated from Goldsmiths' College in 2002.

“Permeated by a strong sense of the relationship between decadence and beauty, my practice explores some of the darkest aspects of the human condition, and at its core, entails investigating existential concepts, and offering thoughts on current social values and the construction of history and traditions. 

"Using a wealth of materials to form a complex and meticulous visual vocabulary, my choice of media is dictated by the concepts behind my ideas, as an intrinsic visual dialogue between matter and meaning is vital to my practice. Optical glass charges Veins of Vanity II with transgressive connotations: beauty, pain, and pleasure crystallise.”

For Sweet ‘Arts show Seams Ilua will be exhibiting ‘Veins of Vanity’.

Anchor 157
Iona Magnus


Iona combines images of reality and fantasy to create an alluring but slightly uncomfortable composition that represents both the creative beauty and the destructive ugliness of the fashion industry on society and the shockingly profound influence it has on all sexes, races and societies in the contemporary world.

For Sweet ‘Arts show Seams Iona will be exhibiting ‘Love Me For Who I Am Not’.

Anchor 158
Jess De Wahls


Born 1983 in Berlin, Jess relocated to London in 2004. She followed her passion for creating through several disciplines which ultimately lead to inventing her niche Retex sculpting.

My work comprises hand sewn relief portraits of inspiring female role models. Created from upcycled clothing, a technique that I have called ‘Retex sculpting’. Encouraging social change and gender equality as well as exploring and incorporating art, feminism and recycling, has been and remains my main focus.

For Sweet ‘Arts show Seams Jess will be exhibiting ‘Anna Piaggi’.

Anchor 159
Joanna Layla


Joanna graduated with first class honours in English Language and Literature - the linguistic training sparking her interest in the choreography of visual language and to develop her own visual language to shape a world of words.

Her work revolves around the hand drawn and begins with the pencil. Forever drawing and sketching, she interprets the world around her, editing and selecting the components of an image as if storytelling each moment. 

“In January 2014 I was asked to draw a series of snakes to illustrate a silk capsule collection for AMAKA AW14. Snakes to wrap around and cover/uncover the female figure. Sheer snakes. Silk snakes. Elusive pencil snakes. My snake designs went into production - they were sampled, seamed and stitched into place. I sat through meetings with the creative director agonising over how each garment would sit on the figure, how the snakes would wrap around the female body.”

For Sweet ‘Arts show Seams Joanna will be exhibiting ‘(Snake) Skin Deep’ and ‘Eve’

Anchor 160
John Gathercole


For Sweet ‘Arts show Seams John will be exhibiting paintings ‘Untitled 1 & 2’, derived from collage compiled from fashion magazine beauty ads. They question the aesthetics of traditional and desired beauty and the idealistic and commercial drives behind such demands.

Anchor 161
Julia Überreiter


Julia as a artist works with different media such as photography, sculpture, installation and drawing. Her works deal with social compulsions and gender, in particular the power of the media and its normative conceptions of the human body.

“For me it is important that people get access to understand my work. So I try to find a language which is not only appealing in an aesthetic way, but to find a graspable form of presentation.” 

For Sweet ‘Arts show Seams Julia will be exhibiting her sculptural piece ‘Fußwerk’

Anchor 162
Kasia Gawron


As an artist Kasia has a very strong interest in drawing the human body, as well as using typography in her works. Also a passionate collector of vintage fabrics, she loves to integrate their prints in her drawings as well as using them as backgrounds for paintings.

For Sweet ‘Arts show Seams Kasia will exhibiting ‘Stripes on pink’ and Kasia ‘Stripes on yellow’.

Anchor 163
Kelly Chamberlain


Kelly Chamberlain's artwork relies on the considered deconstruction of the 2D paper and card surface to create textured layers of light, shadow and form. Through the techniques of hand-cutting, tearing, embossing and papier-mache, an ordinary but fundamental material becomes a subtle, maleable mirror through which we are able to explore ourselves, our society and our dreams.
Kelly studied Fine Art in Nottingham and is currently a practicing artist and art teacher living and working in London.

For Sweet ‘Arts' show Seams Kelly will be exhibiting ‘The New You’ and ‘Blank Canvas’; paper-based mixed-media works, striped back to expose the medium and ourselves enabling us to reflect on the simplicity of natural beauty. This through the complex and blurred layers of debate regarding the power of the influence over our choices the fashion and beauty industries may have.

Anchor 164
Krishma Sabbarwal


Krishma is a fashion designer living and working in Oxford.

For Sweet ‘Arts show Seams Krishma will be exhibiting ‘Dancing for the Orient’ a fashion garment inspired by the tale of Mulan, created as a costume design for a production for the Ballet Russe.

Anchor 165
Laura Benetton 


Laura Benetton is a London based Italian artist. She studied painting in Venice at the Academy of Fine Art and sculpture at TAM Art Metal-Working School in Pietrarubbia (Pesaro-Urbino).

“My work balances between painting, words, and installation. With my work I want to tell hidden and everyday life stories.

"Observing, sketching and writing are key elements in my work, therefore I mostly work with painting and installation. These media make it possible to approach life closely and show it directly. I often use material that captures an unexpected moment or story.”

For Sweet ‘Arts show Seams Laura will be exhibiting ‘SIX ME’

Anchor 166
Laura Fishman & Dervin Batarlo 


Laura Fishman's artistic vision is to connect with the viewer through the language of colour and paint, and to convey her painting experience. With drips and pours, she uses a deeply intuitive approach where opaque and translucent layers are worked until the results produce surfaces that are beautifully textured, sublimely multicoloured and visually engaging.

Dervin Batarlo’s avant-garde designs are defined by their exaggerated forms and complex cut. This collaborative piece is embellished with rippled paint skins at the back, which is inspired by the flow and movement in Fishman's paintings as well as the paint used in creating the textile.

For Sweet ‘Arts show Seams Laura and Dervin will be exhibiting ‘Cloak’

Anchor 167
Laura Marsden


Laura Marsden began working as an independent textile designer and artist in 2005, following a BA and MA in Textile Design at Chelsea College of Art and Design. The Victoria & Albert Museum soon purchased two ‘21st Century Ruffs’, for their permanent Contemporary Collection. A ruff also resides in the collection of The Museum of Design and Plastics, Bournemouth.

Following her degree in textile design during an MA, Laura created a technique which uses waste plastic bags to give them a second life as intricate installation pieces, inspired by historical fashion and hand stitch techniques. It is a combination of hand-stitch and needle lace-making with various processes to change the properties and appearance of the plastic bags. The resulting textile can be sculpted. Laura is devoted to working with recycling textiles in new, innovative ways, and also ensuring that the results challenge preconceptions about undesirable recycled products. Pieces include garments, wall adornments and fashion accessories.

For Sweet ‘Arts show Seams Laura will be exhibiting ‘Eternal Lace Wedding Dress'

Anchor 168
Lilly Ackroyd-Wiloughby


Lily has recently graduated from The University of Leeds, studying Fine Art.

Originally from London, she is an artist currently based in Leeds. Alongside practicing art, she has co-founded and co-directs the arts collective SEIZE and works as part of a small team putting on a range of ambitious art events and exhibitions across the country and abroad. (See Facebook/SEIZELeeds)

“Fusing handmade surfaces and altered found-objects, my sculptures explore what matters to us. In our day-to-day lives we participate in an ecology of things – objects, materials and surfaces that we enter a dialogue with and imbue with certain meaning and resonances. 

"A designer good, a fashion brand, or even a pair of signature Air Max's are equally part of our natural lives as plants, earth and rock. My work samples everyday surfaces and objects, playing around with and skewing our perception of them, allowing the viewer to enter a dialogue with the material.”

For Sweet ‘Arts show Seams Lily will be exhibiting Lily ‘Stone Carved Nikes’.

Anchor 169
Lisa Mitchell


Lisa previously studied a BA Hons Degree in Fashion and Textiles at De Montfort University in Leicester and now continues her photography practice while working as an art teacher for adults with learning disabilities.

“My most recent work has centered around exploring our relationship with lost places and objects. There is great beauty to be found within the realms of decay and dereliction and I am constantly intrigued by the stories that such places and memorabilia hold. 

"My work is often emotive and autobiographical with past works having drawn on intense personal histories, which at times can prove controversial.”


For Sweet ‘Arts show Seams Lisa will be exhibiting ‘Ego’ and ‘Make me Beautiful’ works that aim to show a different side to the fashion industry including the insecurities underpinned by our need to reach perfection.

Anchor 170
Liz Haney


"During the photography festival here in Toronto I had a large photograph of the corpse placed on the table and people who entered the show made the marks on the paper with various tools...charcoal, pencil, white chalk.

"It ended up being a very unique piece as I had alot of artists mark her up. In a way if represents all the marks we accumulate during our lives only our bodies don’t really reveal them."

For Sweet ‘Arts show Seams Liz will be exhibiting ‘Exquiste Corpse’ 

Anchor 171
Liz Smith


Liz is a figurative painter who works in oils. Her work focuses on the idea of identity, what it is that makes us who we are. She is interested in portraying the character of the person behind the face that we present to the world. She works in series and displays the paintings in grids where the serial repetition pin-points singularity. Her graphic quality emphasizes the disjointed nature of the photo face that we send out into the world. 

“These character studies of the Redchurch Street shops and cafés reveal as much about the history of the place in which they are located as they do about their function. A face reveals the journey of a person’s life in its contours and it is shaped as much by luck and misfortune as it is by our genes”.

For Sweet ‘Arts show Seams Liz will be exhibiting ‘Shoreditch Characters'.

Anchor 172
Mia Wilkinson


Mia is a practicing London based artist who studied at UAL Wimbledon College of Arts gaining a BA Fine Art in Painting. 

Her oil paintings are visceral explorations of certain sexualised female forms. The sensual indulgence with which she approaches the work is reflective of her subject; Female Body Builders and Squashers wrestle on the canvas in an orgy of drips and loaded excess paint. The humorous and light hearted intention with which she approaches her work is not lost, as complex issues of sex and gender are confronted by her brush. The work is unapologetic and intense, yet doesn’t become the expected angst ridden expressionism, rather comedic as the figures are increasingly morphing out of themselves and are hilariously exposed as bizarre avatars.

For Sweet ‘Arts show Seams Mia will be exhibiting ‘3 women and stockings’.

Anchor 173
Michiyo Hayes-Kuramochi


Michiyo was born in Tokyo and studied Fashion at the Institute Technology NY, ArtEz Arnhem. Before leaving Japan she was a vintage clothing buyer, this provided her initial interest in sustainable fashion. Already having a keen interest cultivated in politics and urban myths she has included this into her work. Choosing not to work in the fashion industry she feels greater freedom.

“Expressing my dark fantasies inspired from modern myths in one of a kind wearable form. Choosing such a medium makes a pop up gallery on the street, similar influence as graffiti art. My combined passion towards and feeling of protest about the wasteful nature of today’s fashion industry lead me to explore a sustainable way of creation.

"The works are made from recycled materials utilising officially licensed- iconic characters challenges the commercial borderlines of rip-off's and legal rights.”

For Sweet ‘Arts show Seams Michiyo will be exhibiting ‘Terrortubbies Jumper’.

Anchor 174
Mira Loew


Mira Loew began her journey as a photographer and filmmaker at the Federal Graphic Institute in Vienna. After extensive travels Loew went on to earn her BA in Fashion Photography at the London College of Fashion (2009), and finally an MA in Image and Communication from Goldsmiths, University of London (2011). Her work seeks to create a new artistic space situated within the realm of fine art photography while borrowing aesthetical means from fashion photography. 

“The exploration of the human body and movement is a central theme to my work, including nudes, portraiture and an ongoing investigation of the correlation between performance and photography. I’m particularly concerned with the experience of inhabiting and experiencing the world through the female body. 
Fascinated with the delicacy of photographic surfaces, I often combine different materials to allow the materiality and the textures of the photograph to come to the forefront. 

"My work invites the viewer to challenge the idea of images as representations of reality and identity, to explore more fully the relationship between human beauty, fragility and mortality.”

For Sweet ‘Arts show Seams Michiyo will be exhibiting ‘Faceless Selfportrait’.

Anchor 175
Pascale Pressicaud


“My painting practice is anchored in the social reality of the ghetto and its predicaments where I’ve noticed that hype and fashion never cease to blend in, consistently holding all the pieces together like icing sugar. In combining ghetto’s swag and its mode of livelihood I aim to subject the viewer to the same kind of vicarious prospects on offer today on cable TV series as well as the fashion world”

For Sweet ‘Arts show Seams Pascale will be exhibiting ‘Prettiest Dee’. A work exploring soldiers’ trauma when they return from war the twist appearing in the top layer inspired by fabric patterns found on Christian Lacroix’s fashion designs.

Anchor 176
Rart & Sete

For Sweet ‘Arts show Seams Rart & Sete will be exhibiting ‘Stamp’.

Anchor 177
Rococo Wonderland


Rococo Wonderland uses light to convey the darkness within human life, existence and emotion. This is often accompanied by a dry, self-deprecating sense of humour. Rococo views neon light itself as a contradiction - the attention seeking, often trashy and harsh, immediacy is in stark contrast to the fragility of the thin glass tubing out of which it’s made. Drawn to the glow of neon lights in retail outlets and bars, with their seedy connotations and visual, often consumerist, urgency, she makes her observations using neon in a grittier and simultaneously more delicate way. Ms Wonderland draws inspiration from the exciting and chaotic London, where she lives and plays, and the fears, questions, realisations, life experiences and friends she’s collected along the way. She combines the duplicity of some textual phrases with the sensory element of light, aiming to encourage the viewer to engage and take from it what they will.

For Sweet ‘Arts show Seams Rococo Wonderland will be exhibiting two of her lamp/art hybrids 'Break Me’ and ‘Peacocking’.

Anchor 178
Rosemary Meza-DesPlas


Rosemary Meza-DesPlas is a Mexican-American artist from Dallas, TX. She received her MFA in Painting from the Maryland Institute College of Art and her BFA from the University of North Texas.

“My studio practice focuses on the creation of artworks in the medium of hand-sewn human hair. I have been collecting and using my hair in my artwork since 2000. I sew with small embroidery needles into a variety of grounds. The artwork reflects contemporary notions of gender issues and feminism. The imagery used is appropriated from art historical or mass media depictions of women and re-contextualized to produce a contemporary meaning”

For Sweet ‘Arts show Seams Rosemary will be exhibiting ‘Unravel The Latest Mistake.’

Anchor 179
Rosie Kavanavoch


Rosie Kavanavoch is an artist and designer based in London, UK.

She is the dark force of nature behind her label KMOSSED, her work revolving specifically around the dark psychologies of the vacuous and provocative nature of fashion inside its identity within.

“Empowerment and entrapment are confused in the entanglement of sexuality with fashion. The web of glamour, status and slavery to the incessant sexualisation of the female form ultimately reveal nothing of the individual entwined within.”

For Sweet ‘Arts show Seams Rosie will be exhibiting ‘CoverUp It's 2014’. 

Anchor 180
Rossella Spoto


“My paintings draw inspiration from a combination of life experiences and socio-cultural background, actual surroundings, dreams and expectations: past, present and future mix to recreate simple, ironic tales which touch themes that resonate with the viewer’s personal and/or collective memories, emotions, and taboos. My main goal as an artist is to reinterpret and expand these memories and inputs to create inclusive stories which are accessible, engaging and thought provoking”.

For Sweet ‘Arts show Seams Rosie will be exhibiting one of her portraits. 

Anchor 181
Salit Krac


Salit is a self taught Self-taught, multi-disciplinary visual artist who has exhibited in Europe and Israel since 2011.

For Sweet ‘Arts show Seams Salit will be exhibiting her drawing ‘Smile’.

Anchor 182
Sandra Jawad


Sandra Jawad is a freelance illustrator and creative designer from London, England. She is a graduate of The London College of Fashion with a degree in Fashion Illustration.

Her speciality is black and white high fashion portraiture sometimes with a dash of colour to add emphasis. Mainly working with regular pencils, she adds finishing touches on the computer to achieve her photo realistic outcomes.

“To bring fashion and art together with the use of Illustration, photography, and digital work. 
Bold, sexy, beautiful, striking and oozing personality!”

For Sweet ‘Arts show Seams Sandra will be exhibiting ‘WET HOT SUMMER I’.

Anchor 183
Sandy Sand


"Bowie is one of pop culture's biggest icons. I chose to depict Bowie / Ziggy Stardust's persona as I feel his character has its own intriguing narrative. During my teenage years he held a massive influence over my taste in fashion and music... I became a Bowie 'devotee' and this piece is my take on idolatry." 

For Sweet ‘Arts show Seams Sangeeta will be exhibiting 'Ziggy Stardust Textile & Watercolour'.

Anchor 184
Sangeeta Sagar


Born in India, Sangeeta became interested in art at an early age. She holds a BA and MA in Fine Arts and was awarded "Artist of the Year". At university, Sangeeta held her first solo exhibition and has since done various solo and group exhibitions and also attended Artist Camps.

“My work reflects human interactions and relationships. It seeks to bring out various emotions such as joy, pain, despair and portrays human values of love, trust and betrayal. I endeavour to express these interactions through different subject matters in paintings, sculpture, drawings and watercolours. The subconscious mind is a key inspiration to my work”

For Sweet ‘Arts show Seams Sangeeta will be exhibiting ‘Jamboree’.

Anchor 185
Santi Permana Rahayu


Santi Permana Rahayu (Ckie) is an artist with a street art background before she began to explore her skill with other media. Now living in Bali, Indonesia Santi works as a Graphic Designer. 

“It all started in 2013, when I learnt about how to make engraving art while I did street art as well. In the process and experience it made me feel great about myself.
For me, art is a part of my self-expression. Because it connects with the artist’s feeling when they start to make their artwork.

"Simple and full of expression feeling are my purpose as long as I made artwork. The strong expression of some objects around me inspired me to make these works.”

For Sweet ‘Arts show Seams Santi will be exhibiting her engraved portrait ‘Sinead O’Connor’.

Anchor 186
Sequin Kay


“Mandalas are a teaching tool and have been used for centuries, these pieces are a reflection of lessons I have learnt in my life so far, they have been created to teach and guide me from personal experience. By choosing these circular found car hubs I am illustrating the cyclical and magical interconnectivity of life, and that there is no separation, we are literally part of everything; objects, thoughts, Mother Nature, we are truly intertwined in a web of life. Part of the magic of creating is being able to craft a physical piece of work from the intangible; you’re literally reaching into a void and harnessing creative energy.”

For Sweet ‘Arts show Seams Sequin will be exhibiting ‘1000 Tears’.

Anchor 187
Shara Hayz


Shara is a London based fashion designer and has been recently feature in UK Vogue, as well as being featured in editorials and interviewed in different fashion forward magazines. She sas recently worked with brands including Smirin off, Blu cig, Toni and guy, with more exciting projects to be launched soon.

For Sweet ‘Arts show Seams Shara will be exhibiting a piece from her 3rd collection named Pop-0-matic, which is a combination of Ready to wear items currently being sold on ‘Not just a label’, and her usual one off bespoke pieces, these are aimed at music artists wanting to wear something unique for stage or video. Shara takes influences from around the world, with eastern influences combined with western popular and youth cultures creating a visual feast for the viewer.

Anchor 188
Shona Munro


“My focus is on investigating the dialogue between preconceived romanticism towards identity and the essence of mortality. Inevitably the absence of fact surrounding mortality is prominent. The fear of mortality in particular is something that I focus on and it builds on the need of our culture to leave a memory behind, to be remembered.”

“We were always more or less miserable, and most of our acquaintance were in the same condition. There was a gay fiction among us that we were constantly enjoying ourselves, and a skeleton truth that we never did.” Charles Dickens, Great expectations.

For Sweet ‘Arts show Seams shona will be exhibiting ‘Run rabbit ’ and ‘Run Rabbit Run’.

Anchor 189
Sophie Wellan


"My interest lies in the language of materials and remarkable connection between all things. In this work I attempt to express our vulnerability and our true nature, as we inhabit a universe where nothing is really autonomous. I attempt to give a sense of the interconnectedness between man ,animal life plant life and the cosmos, while also commenting on our collective deep sense of loss of connectedness as part of this whole.

This work is my vision of how we truly exist when in complete harmony with everything.

My work contains ideas of transformation and the remarkable connection between all things. Attempting to retain a sense of personal 'connectedness' through the language of materials and the spiritual nature of substance is a strong motivation in my work."

For Sweet ‘Arts show Seams Sophie all be exhibiting 'As Above So Below 1 & 2’

Anchor 190
Stefan Nenov


Stefan is a practicing artist and studied Sculpture and Woodcarving at the National Academy Of Arts, Bulgaria.

“I think of my artworks as messages that have to contain a captivating visual material, a strong concept and an open field for thoughts. I am trying to reflect the aspect of our society and translate that to one more global and deeper meaning. Internet and the new technologies are my main source of ideas and provocations. It is an interesting challenge to observe the way our society communicates and what influence have the Internet technologies on the inner unconscious movements in human soul. In many people there is a perceptible feeling of urge and rush to be connected at all times. This is the focal point in my art.

"The structure of the computer, keyboard, screen, the inner world of Internet, all icons, pixels, Facebook, represent a rich gallery of symbols with strong physical presence. It is quite inspirational to use those tools. I am always trying to relate the representative of the new with the archetypal, existential symbols of human identity.

"The constant changes and development of the technologies gives me a platform to unfold my ideas, but my strive is to stay in touch with the natural, as well as with the clear, eye catching, figurative approach.”

For Sweet ‘Arts show Seams Stefan will be exhibiting one of his sculptural pieces.

Anchor 191
Waltz Her


“My work mostly consists of hand drawn pen illustrations. I have recently started exploring digital drawing which opens up another world to illustration and new ideas, I make art for me, things that amuse me and intrigue me about art that I try to express with a pen. I’m only ever trying to please myself, no one else, although I do like it when someone finds my work interesting or points out the same things I do, or just likes it.”


For Sweet ‘Arts show Seams Waltz Her will be exhibiting his drawing entitled ‘Hitler’.

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