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Ant Pearce

Ant Pearce

Ant Pearce is an emerging British artist, based in London. He attended Central Saint Martins School of Art and Design. Thereafter he undertook the MA Visual Arts course at Camberwell College of Arts, graduating with Merit in late 2012. He has exhibited in London, the UK, Europe and the US. He is currently represented by Artvera's Galerie, Geneva, Switzerland and internationally by White Court Art.


"My practice focuses on the concept that man is condemned to exist imprisoned. I explore the fragility of life, drawing on human psychology.  Each work examines the human condition, dissecting the psychical personality while encompassing aspects of narcissism, gender and the life and death drives, as discussed by Freud. Through a web of cross-references between colour, medium and form, the viewer is positioned before the work in discourse between order and chaos. Each work brings into visibility the sense of imprisonment and anxiety, which underlie human existence, and the instinctive desire to return to an inanimate state."


For Don't Look Now, Ant will be exhibiting the piece Cathexis #3 #1.


Boje Ardnt Kiesel

Boje Arndt Kiesiel 

I am a self-taught artist, grew up in Northern Germany. My artworks regularly deals with the downsides of consumerism, commercial fiction and the consequences of dehumanisation in modern society, or draws on inner spaces as a positive ressource.


"My works are located in contemporary art using urban-, pop- and lowbrow- elements and comprises most notably socio-critical sculptures and atmospheric paintings. Since three years Ive lived in Berlin, regular exhibitions."


For Don't Look Know, Boje will be exhibiting the piece The Lilith. 



Constantine Anjulatos

Constantine Anjulatos

Constantine Anjulatos studied Journalism (2003-2005) and Digital Art; Design (2007-2009) in Athens (Greece), where he was born. In 2012 he moved to London where he studied Fine Art (2012-2015). Currently he is an active London based artist who has co-organised and participated in several art exhibitions.


"My work is a mixture of memories and imagination and refers to experiences and stories, mainly derived from urban life. As the nature of memory is blurry and undefinable, the forms in my paintings are portrayed with blemished shapes and tonalities, in an abstracted aesthetic of missing or deformed facial and body characteristics. In my photography I capture environments that imply isolation, abandonment and silence. Even though those environments are cold and unfriendly, they  give a feeling of something familiar from our psyche."


For Don't Look Now, Constantine will be exhibiting the piece Hotel Kensia I.

Corrina Eastwood

Corrina Eastwood

Corrina Eastwood has been a practicing artist for over 14 years working as a painter and more recently in film. Following completion of her BA hons in FineArt Painting in 2000, Corrina went on to complete her MA in Art Psychotherapy and now works with both children and adults in a range of private and community settings. 


She has exhibited extensively over the past 14 years in a range of settings, curating many of her own shows including her first London based solo exhibition. 'Lines in the Sand' Corrina's first short film as both co director and writer previewed at Cannes film festival 2012 and was also selected for Raindance film festival in the same year. Corrina also has a keen interest in feminist issues and in 2012 saw her first publication of feminist writings as well as founding the arts organisation Sweet 'Art. 


"Gender is determined by biology. However femininity is socially constructed. My work explores this idea with a particular focus on the notion of a society that contributes to the development of a distorted or traumatized female sense of self. An interest in physical and emotional wounds and scars, the healing process and the ambiguous nature in which we can view such trauma is also explored. As a female artist this process inhibits a very personal space."


For Don't Look Now, Corrina will be exhibiting the piece Stranger on Display 2. 

Delio photography

Delirio Photography

Delirio photography is a dark, psychedelic daydream; a sinister reverie of beautiful horrors and exquisitely tempting fantasies; a twisted reality that binds pleasure to pain, exposing hidden desires buried deep within our souls.


For Don't Look Now, Delirio Photography will be exhibiting the piece Tears in Rain.

Electra Costa

Electra Costa

Electra Costa was born in London in 1986. She works predominantly in the medium of drawing but she includes different mediums into her practice such as collage and photography. Electra completed a BA (Hons) Fine Art degree in 2010 as well as a Foundation Course in art and Design in 2007 at Byam Shaw School of Art at Central St Martins. Since graduating Electra has exhibited her work throughout the UK as well as abroad. She has exhibited at the Leyden Gallery in the exhibition 'ExtraOrdinary Quotidian' and has recently been selected for the OPENCUEB 2014 international art competition at cueB Gallery and has also been selected as a finalist for The National Open Art Competition 2014 (NOA.). Electra's work was displayed at Somerset House, with Antony Gormley and Gavin Turk attending the (NOA.) PV. 


"I sometimes use humour to create a reaction but it comes from the darkest end of the comic spectrum.  The images are both comfortably familiar and deeply unsettling. I explore the idea of nostalgia and the desire for a time that never actually existed."


For Don't Look Now, Electra will be exhibiting two pieces, I'm a Cat and Your Wish is My Command.

Elisha Cantarelli

Elisa Cantarelli

Elisa Cantarelli was born in Parma (Italy 1981). She works predominantly with mixed media on printed images, a unique technique she calls Dotting. Elisa completed her BA with distinction at Bologna Academy of Fine Art (2006). In 2007 she won the national award Premio Nazionale delle Arti and her work was exhibitied at Bologna Art Fair. This opportunity gave her work a lot of visibility. Since then she has taken part in solo shows, group shows, art fairs in Italy, UK, France, Germany, Japan, Hong Kong. She lives and works in London since 2009.


"Dotting is my personal way to colour an image. My parents used to buy me colouring books. My professors at Bologna Academy of Fine Art gave me the freedom to transform colouring in dotting.  From a digital image, then printed, then painted…actually, dotted.  Dotting is the meditative process to my work: dropping the medium, colour on colour, shade on shade, covering the whole surface with dots. The viewer loves to be involved from a visual perception to a tactile one. I am experimenting with my technique on different subjects and supports to see how far my dots can go."


For Don't Look Now, Elisa will be exhibiting the piece Fag in the Ear.

Emma Davis

Emma Davis

With a Master of Arts (MA) degree in Literature and also in Fine Art, Emma studied at the Slade School of Fine Art, Chelsea College of Art and the University of York. She exhibits regularly at the Royal College of Art, Originals, Discerning Eye exhibitions, and the Other Art Fair. Recently shortlisted for the ArtSlant International Prize and represented in State Magazine's inaugural 'Visible' supplement.


"Davis is a writer and a visual artist, always torn between semiotic means. She is greatly influenced by Howard Hodgkin, as well as by Japanese block prints and Chinese pottery. She works across a variety of media, including oils, watercolour, etchings, monoprints and pencil on paper, but all of her work really relates to drawing, an activity she finds somehow intimate. An avid traveller herself, she draws a lot on public transport, or at galleries and concerts, where people are lost in their own thoughts, their private worlds on public display, absorbed and unselfconscious. Etching makes the drawings easier to read, more permanent, more finished. Davis often adds text to her works, making reference to what is in her head, what an image suggests to her, or what sensation is conjured. The act of drawing slows her down, allowing her to access her thoughts more directly. Similarly, her watercolours are mainly about the effect and meaning of line an abstract quality but one that refers back to pictographic languages and calligraphy."


- Anna McNay


For Don't Look Now, Emma will be exhibiting two pieces, Souls and Black.

Evenlyn Jean

Evelyn Jean

Evelyn Jean is a multi-media artist from London with no formal graduation training. He is self taught in all of the mediums he uses and Evelyn aspires to work in his own way. Whilst the influence of his favourite styles and pieces will be felt, he does not feel the need to pay any homage in his work. Evelyn Jean came originally from a music background having spent 12 years in the industry and he has been a working artist for the past 2-3 years.


"I am distracted by human behaviour and how we really feel about ourselves underneath the veil.  I see life and art being played out like a film script with more control over it than we realise. The ability to rewrite every scene. I feel rewarded by the emotion and distracted by the aesthetic and I will accept understanding and feeling the meaning in a piece, over the admiration of technical brilliance. I am attracted to various art movements of the past but do not belong to or aspire to any."


For Don't Look Now, Evelyn will be exhibiting the piece Pourquoi je me sens toujours comme quelque chose de terrible va arriver? 

Fayaz A Ibrihim

Fayaz A Ibrahim 

Coming from Leicester, Fayaz says he's had an interest in drawing people and animals from a young age when he discovered anatomy. "My first inspirations came from the drawings of Leonardo da Vinci and from there I started to sketch, paint and draw.


Having completed a BTEC in Art &  Design, I developed my drawing skills and became more comfortable in my lines"He completed his undergraduate degree in Architecture, which helped furthered his development of drawing with sketch-like lines and strokes, like that of an architect. 


"My work deals with the relationship between living organisms and their inner workings,  studying mammal's and bird's skeletal systems. The main focus of my observation is to look at the many forms of anatomy, with the intention to explore the infinite amount of living bodies, inevitably in search of natural beauty."


For Don't Look Now, Fayaz will be exhibiting the pieces Jawvone and Teeth, Phalanges and Spine Anatomy.


Gary Roberts

Gary Roberts

After gaining his BA Hons in Fashion design at John Moores University, Gary Roberts began to work for a fabric house in London's Westend where he would work with designers of stage and screen to create costumes for productions such as The Harry Potter series, Les Misarables and Agatha Christie productions. Gary Roberts then moved to The Netherlands to study The Dutch Masters and learn portraiture under renowned Dutch portrait artist Ed Van De Kooy. Now back in London, Gary works as a full-time artist.


"My paintings act as small vignettes, each one describing a scenario or telling the story of a character. Stylistically I focus on alternative portraiture. Incorporating surrealism and magic realism with a technique that stems from classical portraiture but presented in a contemporary pop art format."


For Don't Look Now, Gary will be exhibiting the piece Grim Fandango.



Gaye Black

Gaye Black

Gaye Black completed a foundation art course at Bideford School of Art, and two further years of graphic design at South Devon Technival.


"My Work explores the contast between beauty and horror, and is inspired by the dark side of life, including black metal, hieronymus bosch, and personal experiences."


For Don't Look Now, Gaye Black will be exhibiting two pieces, Power and Evil Squirrel.

Harumi Foster

Harumi Foster

Harumi Foster is a London based visual artist. She has studied fine art in Japan, Italy and UK specializing in painting and sculpture. Harumi has received first-class honors in art practice from Goldsmiths University of London and graduated from the MA Ceramics and Glass course at the Royal College of Art. She has been showing her work in a number of exhibitions in Italy and also in the UK.


"I reflect my thoughts and opinions of my everyday experience onto my work. We are bound by the fetters of conventional ideas and rules thus quashing any doubts we may have. I question it for myself and for viewers of my work. I have been taught and have practiced art by both conventional and unconventional strategies. I am interested in combining these different ways of thinking and understanding in art. Therefore I consider not only subject matter but also aesthetics, and quality of work at the same time by using a range of materials and methods."


For Don't Look Now, Harumi will be exhibiting the piece Dispensor.

Hare Raising Designs

Hare Raising Designs

Graduated with honours from Falmouth College of Art and Design in 2009, and currently work as a freelance artist and maker from my home town in Bristol.


"This series of work derived from a project I set myself about 'time' and how we cannot control it, but try to using things like fortune telling, which is where the Tarot Card idea came from, this is my macabre version of said cards. Traditional children's illustrations, the intriguing and complex world of anatomy and the dark beauty of .mortality, all feature in the ever-growing collection of influences that inspire me to draw".


For Don't Look Now, Hare Raising Designs will be exhibiting two pieces, The Devil and Strength.









Delving into many forms of artistic expression, Hasworld developed his signature style of free flowing art intertwined with raw emotions and feelings. Never taken seriously at school, art became an adulthood discovery. Amid life's frustrations, he went into hiding, sketching in his notepad and finding his true calling in the process. Each piece offers simplicity submerged in complexities uncovered with every glance. His pictures, each displaying a new world, entice the viewer to search every inch captivating the imagination.  With a background in poetry and music, he combines art and lyricism into a form of expressionism demanding much deeper thought.


"I paint the portraits of the lost souls, the ones that never had their say, telling the untold tale for those that never found their way. This allows me to explore different themes through which I can express with alternative mediums and techniques. I love how thick black lines can dominate around colours, capturing and holding them into place to form a face. Bold, sincere and honest statements resonate with me most. Good writing like Macbeth and Othello is what inspires me. A touching story leads my pen effortlessly along. This is my outlet which I wouldn't change for anything".


For Don't Look Now, Hasworld will be exhibiting two pieces, Is This Dr. Jekyll? and Is This Mr Hyde?

Ilua Huack da Silva

Ilua Huack da Silva

Ilua Hauck da Silva was born in Campinas, Brazil. She moved to London in 1997 and graduated from Goldsmith's College, University of London in 2002. She has exhibited in the UK and internationally in Brazil. Solo shows include "Minotaurs of the Mind" at the National Trust Sutton House, London and "Punhados de Possibilidades", Itatiba, Brazil. She has also shown with the Royal Landscape, Lacey Contemporary Gallery, Sweet'Art Collective, Shoreditch Town and the West Bank Gallery, amongst others. In 2013 Hauck da Silva was finalist of the Aesthetica Art Prize, in 2014 she was shortlisted for the Smirnoff Winter Pride Awards.


"Permeated by a strong sense of the relationship between decadence and beauty, my work explores some of the darkest aspects of the human condition. Drawing on my background in art history, I rethink and subvert, with a contemporary vision, Catholic Mythologies. At its core, my practice entails articulating thoughts on current social values and the construction of history and traditions.  Using a wealth of materials to form a complex and meticulous visual vocabulary, my choice of media is dictated by the concept behind my ideas, as an intrinsic visual dialogue between matter and meaning is vital to my practice."


For Don't Look Now, Ilua will be exhibiting two pieces, Nossa Senhora da 25 de Marco and Rising above Religion. 



Jamie Chapman

Jamie Chapman

Jamie studied in London to achieve a fine art degree, but has since spread into illustration and is currently providing the artwork for the digital graphic novel series "Kitten Heist 1907".


"I attempt to emulate the gravitas and importance a portrait represents, casting the sitter as more of a symbol, or icon, mythicizing a subject through the filter of paint. I make scratch built rag dolls and use them as a sitter to paint their portrait, blurring the line between portraiture and still life and exploring the idea of sublimation and sympathetic magic." 


For Don't Look Now Jamie will be exhibiting three pieces, The Doctor, The Fool, The Grimalkin and The Sitters.

Jennifer Kaplan-Ortiz

Jennifer Kaplan-Ortiz

Based out of North London, Jennifer Kaplan-Ortiz is a Puerto Rican artist with a focus in photography and mixed media based projects. She obtained her Bachelor of Arts Degree with a concentration in Photography and a minor in Graphic Design from Dominican University in Illinois, and her Master of Arts in Creative Entrepreneurship from the University of East Anglia in England.


"'Pelo Malo' or 'Bad Hair', is a term used in Puerto Rico and other Latin American countries to describe curly and Afro-Caribbean hair. These hair types are often viewed as an unattractive quality, prompting women, including myself, to subject themselves to extreme measures and processes to achieve an idealized look of straight hair from an early age. This series is focused on women affected by this stigma, especially within the Black and Latin American communities and how these depictions of beauty raise deeper issues, such as racial and gender discrimination."


For Don't Look Now, Jennifer will be exhibting two pieces, Roots and Roots II.

Jessica Ballantyne

Jessica Ballantyne

Jessica has, from an early age, been fascinated by the portrayal of subjective feeling and experience, especially in regards to the body. Using thin layers of paint and rendering the body in vibrant and unusual colours, Jessica creates a body that is naked, unusual and autonomous. She is interested in philosophical, psychological and academic ideas about subjectivity and sexuality. As a culture Jessica believes that we have become accustomed to looking at the female body in a particular way- that of the sexual object. By inviting the viewer into a private, psychological space, Jessica explores the body and its meanings.


"My art is a search for meaning in and beyond the body.  I play with the representation and the perception of the naked female body and feminine sexuality. I consider this a problematic area of portrayal as the naked body is so inextricably linked to personal and individual experience. The body seen, contemplated and experienced is given meaning through the viewer’s context, culture and social conditioning. I tend to gravitate towards oil painting but experiment with collage and digital mediums too. I often juxtapose lush sexual allusions with images aimed at inspiring repugnance, overindulgence, beauty and death."


For Don't Look Now, Jessica will be exhibiting the piece The Weeping Room. 

John Gathercole

John Gathercole

John Gathercole studied at U.E.L and at London Met. He has exhibited and sold worldwide, including the Tate and has an extensive celebrity clientille.


John Gathercoles work explores humour, horror and sex working mostly in oils he relishes in its qualities. The works are influenced by psychological ideas, popular culture and historical references.


For Don't Look Now, John will be exhibiting two pieces, Son of Ham and Wierd Cod-piece Hand-me-down.

Julia Bellamy

Julia Bellamy

Julia Bellamy is a collage artist who lives and works in Brighton. She is a professionally qualified photo designer and graduated from the University of the Arts in Berlin. 


"Every collage is a piece of me assembled from my thoughts, feelings, ideas and experiences. Personal and raw, fragmented and reassembled, telling stories about dreams and fantasies, struggles and pains and the desire to make sense of it all. My work is a visual diary of my continuous search for identity. Who am I? and What makes me me? are central questions of everybody's life and I would like my work to inspire exploration."


For Don't Look Now, Julia will be exhibiting tow pieces, In the Beginning was the End and A Broken Whisper.

Julie Impens

Julie Impens

"Since graduating from Central Saint Martins in 2010, as a jewellery designer, I have expanded my work to fine art. My work has been shown around Europe, Asia, Russia and the USA, with publications and exhibitions from Tokyo, to Kaliningrad, and solo shows in Washington DC and London. My work is my way to express my views on society. I question my origins, and try to interpret my heritage. My backgroud plays an important part in my work. Having being raised in a catholic familly I try to understand the power that religion has on our everyday life."  


"Despite the fact that our society tends to move fowards from any concept of religion it plays a very important role in our lives whereas you are religious or not. It defined our society. I started to explore the text of the Garden of Eden and the representation of women it brought with it and I started to see women in a different light. I became fascinated by the power the of the Genesis and the way it has influenced our society. It is interresting to see the way it evolved through the centuries."  


For Don't Look Now, Julie will be exhibiting two pieces, Broaches of Eden and Christmas of the Dead: Anon on Earth.

Justine Cal

Justine Cal

Justine Roland-Cal is a self taught artist who has been painting for thirty years. She has since developed a body of work both figurative and abstract which identifies many aspects of her own life, her daily encounters and her political voice Many of her paintings represent a personal response to what concerns her as a woman and a humanitarian. She has often used found materials such as pieces of wood, discarded doors and large scale canvasses.


She has a striking use of colour, which prevails in huge ecstatic canvases of abstract expressionism and insightful documentation. She began to exhibit in 1994 and since has exhibited in numerous cultural centres and galleries in Paris where she lived for 15 years. In 2006 she had a major retrospective of her work at Novas which included painting photography and onsite installations.   


For Don't Look Now, Justine will be exhibiting the piece Rejection.

Karina Geddes

Karina Geddes

Karina's work is a combination of craft and illustration, she likes to combine and use mediums from both practices. Though she will always start with the drawing as her true love in life's illustrations then she will pull materials and processes from textiles as her ideas snowball and evolve. She draws a lot of her imagery from folklore and culture as this is a passion of hers, she likes to read the stories and history and use what is depicted to her. She often finds that one image is just not enough from her and combines and juxtaposes images to see how they work together.   


For Don't Look Now, Karina will be exhibiting the piece The Music of Erich Zann.

Katerina Lacovides

Katerina Iacovides

Katerina Iacovides has often been inspired by themes of a dark nature. Being inspired by themes such as insanity, the supernatural, death, loneliness, obsession and sexuality. She works as a photographer, as well as teaches photography. She shoots products, portraits and events. In her spare time she enjoys portraiture, as it can be a more intimate experience. Katerina likes to create characters with people she has met who she then styles and photographs. This creates a sort of role-play theme throughout her work. She is fascinated by how people often will express themselves in ways they normally wouldn't during a portrait session. 


For Don't Look Now, Katerina will be exhibiting the piece Learning to Kiss.

Klaus is Koming

Klaus is Koming

Klaus was born a raised on the plains of kent. at the age of 19 klaus escaped to the bright lights and thick smoke of london where klaus studied the finest of arts. klaus now lurks in the depths of south east london in a cave with many a beautiful women.  


"Well, I am interested in the rude to the lewd to the downright krewd. i kombine linguistiks and the challenges of censorship with a filthy fascination for vintage pornography, straddling a space somewhere between chomsky and the chapman brothers. i like to kall myself an 'artist' so i kan get away with looking at porn all day without my mother worrying about me. by re-appropriating the kontext and function of porn mags, i konkoct images which are celebratory, bold and salaciously fun - allowing for a more kolloquial konversation around 'sex ed'."


For Don't Look Now, Klaus will be exhibiting two pieces, I don't Mind it, its Just Nice When its Neat [Warewomen] and Monika's at it Again.


Laura Benetton

Laura Benetton

Laura Benetton is a London based Italian artist. She studied painting in Venice at the Academy  of Fine Art and sculpture at TAM Art Metal-Working School in Pietrarubbia (Pesaro-Urbino), Italy, supervised by sculptor Arnaldo Pomodoro and under the artistic direction of sculptor Nunzio. She has worked between Venice, Istanbul, Pesaro, Florence and London. Arnaldo Pomodoro's artist in residence 2008. Performer for Alicia Framis (50 Venice Biennale), Yona Freedman's assistant (51 Venice Biennale), Olafur Eliasson's student (51 Biennale Venice). Luca Buvoli's Assistant (53 venice Biennale). 


Her exhibition around Europe include: Espacio gallery, Seams, Sweet'Art Collective, Hoxton, London, The Gopher Hole, collective exhibition, Shoreditch, London Gallery Claire Corsia, Paris, Pop-up Space, Southbank, London A+A Gallery, Venice; Art065 Gallery, Pesaro, MAMA Gallery, Bologna; C.A.M Gallery, Istanbul; Galerja Mazchek, Croatia; Laura Benetton's art is  intimate and reflective using her life events as inspiration for works ranging from painting, drawing, installation and sculpture. 


"My work balances between painting, words, and installation. I use my daily life as the main subject of my work with the idea of the work being honest, even painfully so, coming from my desire to be true to my emotions, insecurities and strengths,  I use range of materials that are appropriate to the ideas I am exploring at that time and so this necessitates a wide engagement with different approaches and methods. I am interested in the craft of collage, mark making  painting and installation. My art is introspective and intimate ,using my life event as my inspiration,Observing ,sketching and writing are keys words in my practise .I start with a dream, a vision,  that become clear the day after during the day,therefore i make a plan of wich media can help me better to express and make that vision concrete.I start the project and i keep working on something until it tells me that it is time to finish, to stop and let it  to live in the space. Observing, sketching and writing are key elements in my work, therefore I mostly work with painting and installation. These media make it possible to approach life closely and show it directly. I often use material that captures an unexpected moment or story."


For Don't Look Now, Laura will be exhibiting the piece Eclipse.



Laura New

Laura New

Laura is a London based Artist and Illustrator working primarily in a combination of ink and gouache on various paper ephemera or wood panel.  Her signature style of using wood panel, paint and ink allows her to create very detailed work weaving very intricately drawn creatures into more figurative studies. 


Drawing makes up the majority of my practice.  After achieving my degree in Fine Art in 2003 I spent many years studying birds, taxidermy and entomology in order to achieve the detailed techniques that I now use within my portraiture based work.


For Don't Look Now, Laura will be exhibiting the piece One too Many Strings.

Lisa Snook

Lisa Snook

Lisa Snook is a mixed media artist living and working in London. Her practice is primarily sculptural, working with themes of gender and identity, memory and mortality, childhood and loss.  A graduate from Goldsmiths, she has been shown nationally and internationally and is held in a number of private collections.


Her work has been reviewed in a wide range of publications including The Independent on Sunday, Culture 24, who described her as, adding a powerful voice to our contemporary understanding of mortality. And most recently by curator Jane Boyer, 'Lisa's stories haunt me and trace through my memory as I carry on with my daily work. That's the mark of a powerful tale which touches real experience'. Snook's work oscillates between the real and the uncanny, desire and disgust, sexuality and death. 


"The works I have entered attempt to communicate a disturbances of the mind, my mind! And to communicate the tenuous link between sanity and maddness, reality and fiction. Using everyday objects directly, or casting them and then subverting their meaning through surreal objectification. A dislodging of the normal."


For Don't Look Now, Lisa will be exhibiting the piece I Will Take Care of You.



Michael Walls

Michael Walls

Child's Play focuses on the photograph as a conceptual tool for intervention. In past pieces working with a childhood agenda of surrealistic depictions. The '3' series takes on the idea of the vernacular image in terms of the nostalgic value. Using Victorian portraits as a starting point. Merging the boundaries of the traditional with the contemporary, the sort of childish act of image manipulation, paint over photographs or object over image plays with the separation of two and three dimensions, at the same time delving into the surreal, bizarre- taking out of context the array of formalistic portraiture.


"This project Child's Play touches on the original practice of collage within the Dada movement- using more conceptual approaches I have raised the idea of a childish agenda to image making, how children coordinate colours, or interfere with vernacular photographs for a more humorous and surreal depiction. Whether being the technique of paint over photograph, objects or overlay upsets the traditional value of portraiture for a more conceptual approach to image making."


For Don't Look Now, Michael will be exhibiting the piece Untitled 30.  







Nick Barrett

Nick Barrett

Nick Barrett was born in Middlesbrough, studied Graphic Design at Camberwell and is a London based artist and illustrator.


Nick Barrett's work explores map-making, taxonomy, and weirdness, and has exhibited in London, Barcelona, Valencia and Mid Wales.


For Don't Look Now, Nick will be exhibiting the piece Bride of Frankenstein.


Pere Ibanez

Pere Ibañez

Barcelona native Pere Ibañez has earned international recognition for his emotionally-charged artwork. Ibañez draws inspiration from the dramatic, suspenseful and unnerving styles of classic horror movies. These shocking images, however, seek to explore aspects of human nature that often go underplayed and trivialized. Instead, through photography and poetry, Ibañez magnifies both the falls and ascensions of the human experience through his own lens. Ibañez's works have been embraced around the world. His first photographic collection, EneME, has been released in 22 countries to date.


The Leftlovers and Generation Y, his second and third series, both ranked #1 in iTunes sales for art ebooks in Spain, and its last exhibition in Beijing was ranked among the top five in the city. His work has also been featured in exhibitions and publications across the US, Asia and Europe, and a photo from his newest collection has been selected ahead of the full release for the Best of Photography Journal 2015 in the US.


"Having explored themes of domestic violence, institutional oppression, societal pressure on the individual, racism and homophobia among other social issues, my new works examine the fear of death and the unknown. Drawing on personal trauma and periods of grave illness, I offer this collection as a study in powerlessness, the instinctive need to survive and the challenging question of whose hands a person's fate lies in."


For Don't Look, Now Pere will exhibiting the piece The Witching Hour.

Raine Kenny

Raine Kenny

Raine Kenny is a female photographer living and working in London. She trained as a textile designer but photography has always been her first passion. Her major influences are early Victorian photography and the surrealist movement, Her work has been used as an album cover by the North London band Ethersuite and most recently one of her images has been used to publize the singer songwriter Skopje Acoustic.


"All my images are created within a vintage 35mm camera. NO COMPUTERS OR PHOTOSHOP HAVE BEEN USED TO GENERATE THESE PHOTOGRAHS. I like the haphazardness of double exposure and not having complete control over the end result. I even enjoy the wait to see if the whole process has worked!"


For Don't Look Now Raine Kenny will be exhibiting the piece Insanity Scowl.

Rart and Sete

Rart and Sete


For Don't Look Now, Rart and Sete will be exhibiting the piece Cockle and Winkle.

Ricki Naretter

Ricki Naretter

Ricki Nerreter studied art in germany and started her artistic journey mainly as a painter. Being affected by a stroke at the age of 38 she changed her practice to sculpture. 


"My work reflects my everyday life. Like a 'kunterbuntes' diary i capture every entry in the shape of a sculpture. Only looking closer you might see the darker side to the multicolour world of mine. using my old toys and travel trinkets i create a diary of Nostalgia, Love and Loss."


For Don't Look Now, Ricki will be exhibiting the piece 'Mother Earth'.

Rosie Burns

Rosie Burns

Rosie Burns has been making and selling her art work for over 2 decades. She trained as an Archaeological illustrator and had site and find illustrations published before completing a degree in Archaeology and Sociology in the mid 1990s. Unable to get funding to further a career in archaological illustation she undertook a teacher training post graduate course in seconday art. After seven years teaching in a secondary boys school in Jersey she returned to the UK to establish herself as an artist. She exhibits with a number of galleries accross the UK and suplements art sales with supply teaching. Currenlty based in Essex with a well equiped studio, Rosie continues to work in oil, watercolour, print, ceramic and wood. Her work is often concerned with water, skies and the human form - although there is always room for a facination with the macabre - an inital training in the illustration of ancient burials left her intrigued in the new pallet availbale in the hanging carcas and meaty parts in an abatoir. 


"A while ago my Dad asked if I'd go on a day trip with him. It was to a small abattoir, he farms sheep - non breeding sheep for mutton. I went and became totally engrossed in a new pallet - I'm usually infatuated with skies and seas on canvas. I would like to show three 'Day Trip With Dad' paintings - they are horrific and beautiful, shocking and provocative, educational and fascinating. I painted the second and third in a gallery space I was in, in the same building as a vegetarian restaurant and had some fantastic conversations about how they are important to generate discussion about how meat is animal not a food stuff wrapped in plastic in a refrigerated unit in super markets. The paintings are also challenging in their subjects and titles - the first is 'Hearts and Tales' - ox hearts and tails - not a pretty love story or fairey tale. The second is 'Large Livers and Lose Tongues' - ox livers and tongues, its was mistaken for cancan dancers legs and skirts and relates to William Hogarth's chronicling of the inhabitants of Beer Street and Gin Lane in the 18th C. The third painting is 'Cheeky' its a skinned cow head hung by its nostrils with its cheek steak removed  - according to the slaughter-man a fashionable cut.  I think there is a series of about 10 "I like the meat hooks and machinery of slaughter“ because of the great denial in the presentation of meat as food. I eat and enjoy meat, my mother was a vegetarian and of the view if you can kill it yourself then eat it  - if you cant then don't, respect your food. I'm excited to have found an opportunity to show these pictures. Obsessive creative is probably and accurate description what I see and experience is what you get. I work in watercolour, oil, wood, clay and print make." 


For Don't Look Now, Rosie will be exhibiting Hearts and Tales - Day Trip with Dad no.1.



Mostly self-taught, studied shortly at LARA (London Atelier of Representational Art, 2014), and at the Prince Drawing School (London, 2013).


"I paint mostly the human figure and I am particularly attracted by anything which is mysterious or ambiguous. Originating from a mixture of memories, dreams and daily encounters, most of my paintings are populated with authentic yet enigmatic, sometimes ironical characters with distinct personalities, whose assertive presence evokes themes, memories and taboos commonly experienced. I strive to create a visual imagery with which the viewers can easily connect and engage creatively and critically".


For Don't Look Now, Rosso will be exhibiting the piece Les Grandes.


Sal Jones

Sal Jones

Sal Jones has a BA Hons degree in Fine Art and lives and works in London. Her work is generally figurative; utilising photographs and found images as starting points then transforming them to alter interpretation to produce emotionally charged works. She has exhibited extensively in London as well as in group and open exhibitions elsewhere in the UK.


"I am interested in ambiguities and contrasts, in re-interpreting the everyday. My work is generally figurative and although varied thematically, it often takes photographs, found images or familiar objects as its starting point, transforming them to alter interpretation and confound stereotype. I'm interested in developing ideas around fiction and reality and shifting contexts, how we interpret and relate to images (or objects) as spectators and how they affect us. Current paintings examine emotion and perception through fictitious characters and de-contextualised dialogue". 


For Don't Look Now, Sal will be exhbiting the piece Pinned Down.



Shannon Rose Lane DNL

Shannon Rose Lane

Shannon Lane is both an artist and curator. As an artist, Lane is fascinated by the natural form of her subjects, but by changing slight aspects she likes to hint at the truth behind her work. She has curated three exhibitions since August 2014, all of which have received a large audience and amount of attention. Her aim is to enable young creatives the platform to showcase their work in a prestigious environment, regardless of their education or experience.


For Don't Look Now, Shannon will be exhibting two pieces, Decellurization 1 and Decellurization 2.

Sian Dorman

Sian Dorman Texitles Design

Sian Naomi Dorman  is a North London based freelance textile artist /designer, recently graduated from the University of the Arts: Chelsea College of Art and Design with First Class Hons.Sian Dorman is enthusiastic and passionate about textiles, having specialised in the pathway of mixed media/stitch, she experiments with a vast array of materials and processes that more than not, realise a 3D sculptural outcome.


For Don't Look Now, Sian will be exhibting six sculptures, Mad Scientist, Jack, Nightmare Before Christmas, Mike Wazowski, Microscopic Fly and Mutant Elk.

Stephanie Guillen

Stephanie Guillen

In her childhood, Stephanie Guillen discovered her love and passion for creative expression through panting and has maintained and developed it ever since. Today, she is a visual artist who realizes her creativity mainly through photographic works, which she also processes into mixed media collages on canvas.  Her work has been exhibited in New York City and its metropolitan area, London and Zurich, and was featured in the Artist Portfolio Magazine as well as in the Photographer's Forum's book Best of Photography 2013 and 2015. 


"Creepiness, eeriness, weirdness are things I'm drawn to and which I'm capturing in my ongoing photography project of abandoned and decaying buildings and places, where humans lived. Complementing this attraction I also like to glimpse into the dark and sinful side of human beings".


For Don't Look Now, Stephanie will be exhibting two pieces, Hallowed Perdition and Loosened.




True Hyperion

True Hyperion

True Hyperion is an illustrator from the fifth dimension. He was banished to earth in 1991 for melting the emperor's face of with his bizarre, brain warping illustrations. He sustained himself on marmite sandwiches alone until he could complete a degree at Arts University Bournemouth. His digital illustrations bring strange characters, hand made patterns and pop culture references to create a unique humour and narrative. Be warned, the work of True Hyperion has been known to turn men to stone at a single glance.


"I create digital illustrations which have been described as Futurama on crack. I mainly focus on character portraits, utilising vibrant colours and custom made patterns to create a retro, pop culture feeling. In my work, I like to create strange looking aliens and monsters and push the boundaries with comical gore."


For Don't Look Now, True Hyperion will be exhibting two pieces, Packed Lunch and What is Creepier, the Scary Demon or the Happy Baby?


VJ Von Art

VJ Von Art

Originally from Lithuania, Von Art is a true nature and art child who has been making art since the day she could hold a brush. Born to a family of artists of various creative practices she has never conformed to one medium or has allowed herself to be labelled. Von Art is a free spirit and non-conformist seeking to create a portal to alter the viewer's experience and evoke complex and multiple associations with their childhood dreams. Through a practice of photography, painting and sculptured armed with light, deep rooted darkness, beauty, pain, freedom, torture, love, anguish, ecstasy, longings, moods, childhood monsters and myths creating a paranormal Modern-day reflection of the current state of humanity.




For Don't Look Now, VJ Von Art will be exhibiting two pieces, Strength and The Devil.



Zoe was born in 1996, grew up in a small town near London, where she still lives today. She has loved art from a young age and now in 2015, she is a self-made artist. She specialises in Illustration. She is inspired by mental health, day-to-day life and thoughts and feelings on a particular day. She expresses this in a minimal and simple drawing style.


"My work takes inspiration from Mental health, day-to-day life and my thoughts and feeling on a particular day. I express these through a minimalist characterization in my work. Mental Health is something that means a lot to me. After having it myself and seen other people dealing with it, i feel that it isn't something that should be ignored just because its not skin deep. I do a series of illustrations to represent mental health, which includes a dark character with multiple eyes, representing mental health itself"


For Don't Look Now, Zoe-Emma will be exhibting two pieces, Hidden Within and I'm in Pieces.

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