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Y Not? Artists


Alice Dyba                          Alice Steffen                             Angela Smith           Anne Parfitt                        Aran Illingworth                          Axelle Russo         Carl Meek                           Cassandra Martin                          Charlotte Hamilton   Cheryl Papasian                     Corrina Eastwood                          Dina Delpozo         Diogo Duarte                        Electra Costa

Emma Jarvis & Caroline Loncq        Fig                                       Georgia Grace Gibson Helen Rimell                        Hilary Barry                              Jamie Ashman         Jane Cook                           Jess de Wahls                             JHH                  Joanna Layla                        John Gathercole                           Julia Bellamy         Kelly Chamberlain                   Kerry Beal                                Kirsty Mckenzie       Klaus Is Koming                     Laura New                                 Lauren Jetty         Lisa Snook                          Mervenil Emiroglu                         Mia Wilkinson         Michael Walls                       Nadia Nervo                               Pascale Pressicaud   Rachael McArthur                    Rart and Sete                             Ricki Nerreter       Robina Doxi                         Rosemary Meza-DesPlas                     Sally Hewett         Sal Jones                          Sophia Gardiner                           Yesul Kim



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Alice Dyba

Alice Dyba studied at Tadeusz Kantors Complex of Fine Art Schools between 2006 and 2009, she graduated Fine Art at Bucks New University in 2012.


"I am working in the fields of figurative painting, drawing and printmaking. I'm inspired with everyday's struggles. My work glorifies winos, old ruins, overcrowded communities and blocks of flats. My work is expressive and diverse. I capture dark moments and try to make them beautiful in my own unique way. In my work I construct romantic notion of poverty crossed with my dreams , memories and reflections. My art is very autobiographical and I naturally fill sketchbooks with my ideas through the nights and days."


For Y Not? Alice will be exhibiting her self portrait 'Black Drop'

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Alice Steffen


Alice Steffen (Alice Essex) sculptor, was born in Cambridge, England. She studied at Glasgow School of Art, School of The Art Institute of Chicago and City and Guilds of London Art School. Alice now lives and is a practicing artist in Chicago, doing her best to ‘Live the American Dream’.

Alice collaborated with Gabriel Akagawa in Chicago and was part of the mould-making team for the Queen’s Jubilee Barge, 2012.

The Scotsman reviewing Alice’s work wrote “If American artist Jeff Koon’s is the king of kitsch, then Alice Essex is its potential queen”


For Y Not? Alice will be exhibiting her sculpture 'Thicket'.

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My aim is to create with passion and freedom, to tell stories from my life and the life of others. I express my ideas through sculpture, mainly figurative, exploring using a variety of media. Through the years I have enjoyed working with a variety of materials, from clay to life-casting, plus carving centuries old bog oak (fossilized wood).Working alone, my artwork is produced by hand and cannot be replicated by machine.


Each sculpture is individual and an edition of one.


For Y Not? Fig will be exhibiting 'LOL (Darwin’s theory of probability) '                                        

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Angela Smith

Angela Smith was born in London in 1950 and formally educated to A-level. She studied life drawing and modelling at adult education institutes and learnt carving techniques at Sir John Cass College. She now studies maths, as another source of shape imagery. She worked as a ceramics technician, then in finance and administrative posts, to support herself.Those are bland, conventionally recognisable facts. However, the dominant reality of her biography is self-reliant resistance and struggle to make it possible to produce her sculpture, against the abuse and rights violations that society inflicts, directly and indirectly, on an independent creative woman.


For Y Not? Angela will be exhibiting 'Form With Promontories'

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Anne Parfitt

Anne Parfitt is a visual artist based in East Sussex.  She was educated at the Royal College of Art (1993-95, MA Sculpture) and the Kent Institute of Art & Design (1989-1993, BA Fine Art Hons, First Class).  She has exhibited work in London, the South East and Paris. After an absence of 13 years from the art scene, Anne has been involved in several group exhibitions and artist-led projects in East Sussex since 2012.  She was selected for Studio 1:1’s “This Year’s Model 2015” (Shoreditch, London) and for the Griffin Gallery/QEST’s “Make/Create” at The Crypt Gallery, Euston in May 2015.


For Y Not? Anne will be exhibiting 'Milk Jug With Lemon'.

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Aran Illingworth

I have always been fascinated by textiles. They provide a supremely versatile medium through which realistic images can be created easily, and in my own art I set out to use fabric instead of paint to create a portrait. I love the colour and the texture of textiles and the endless possibilities for manipulation which they offer.  Portraiture in textiles allows the creation of images which are not only convincing but often intimate – and which can even be therapeutic for the maker.


For Y Not? Aran will be exhibiting 'Madonna and Children'.

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Axelle Russo

Born in France in 1976, Axelle Russo has been living and working in London since 2000.  She started working on mixed media sculptures in 1997. Following her Fine Arts MA in 1998 which presented works based on the recycling of books, she developed her painting works and textile sculptures. Axelle Russo has taken part in many collective shows in London and France. for more infomation


For Y Not? will be exhibting 'The Virgin Bride'.

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Carl Meek

Carl Meek lives and works in London having graduated from the Byam Shaw School in the 1990s. He is a conceptual artist who works employing various media to produce series of self-contained, un-related pieces. His work has been exhibited widely, most recently at the Mall Galleries, Espacio Gallery, and Place Suisse des Arts | Schweizer Kunstraum | Lausanne, Switzerland, and is in private collections worldwide. He has also recently participated in a cultural study of contemporary London life organised by the Italian filmmaker and anthropologist Elia Romanelli under Professor Piero Vereni of the University of Rome.


For Y Not? Carl will be exhibiting 'Head, Yellow: Sara'

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Cassandra Martin

Cassandra Martin is an Australian artist who recently graduated from the Victorian College of the Arts in Melbourne. She has taken part in multiple group shows, both from within the university and outside, and is a co-creator of FEMS zine (Females for Equality Making Stuff). Cassandra is currently studying Gender Studies at the University of Melbourne in order to provide more theoretical substance to her art practice. 


For Y Not? Cassandra will be exhibiting 'Ella'.

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Charlotte Hamilton

Charlotte Hamilton is an artist based in Essex and London, and currently in her second year studying BA Fine Art at Central St Martins College. Her current work explores her owmn identity as a woman and what that means in today's society.


For Y Not? Charlotte will be exhibiting 'Temptration'.

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Cheryl Papasian

Cheryl Papasian is a London sculptor juxtaposing handcrafted bronze, aluminium and ceramic objects with mass-produced objects. Her sculptures and installations comprise high and low sculptural materials with an excess of artificiality and luxury, She has an MA Fine Art from Chelsea College of Art 2013, is a member of the Royal British Society of Sculptors and has been shortlisted for the Red Mansion Prize 2014 and Future Map 2013.  Cheryl has been artist in residence in Japan, Beijing and Scotland in 2013 and 2014. She has a studio in London and exhibits in the UK and internationally.


For Y Not? Cheryl will be exhibiting two works,'Geode Eggs' and 'Pearl Waterfall'.

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Corrina Eastwood

Corrina Eastwood has been a practicing artist for over 14 years working as a painter and more recently in film. Following completion of her BA hons in Fine Art Painting in 2000 Corrina went on to complete her MA in Art Psychotherapy and now works with both children and adults in a range of private and community settings.


"Unspoken 3 is part of a series that explores the taboo and that which often can not be said for women within the constraints of a socially constructed idea of the feminine. This piece specifically looks at the complex and difficult relationship women with societies expectations with regard to having children."


For Y Not? Corrina will be exhibiting 'Unspoken 3'

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Dina Delpozo

By an odd twist of fate, I was born between Europe and Asia in one of the Finno-Ugric provinces of Russia and not in, say, Buenos Aires. At the age of sixteen, I had to hitchhike across the Atlantic, rewarding the dolphins, turtles and snails, who took me along on their backs by painting portraits of them along the way. Meandering through many geographical and imaginary landscapes and taking on different shapes, I studied all sorts of things from statistics to literary theory, which left me with a Ph.D. in comparative literature from Yale and an interest in book illustration and the relationships between image and text. Drawing has always been my way to digest the rations of life, both desired and unwelcomed, with the vital enzymes coming from American abstract expressionism (Willem de Kooning and Philipp Guston), such multimedia artists as Lucas Samaras and Lee Bontecou, the Argentine modernist Xul Solar and the Cuban painter Wifredo Lam, those scoundrels Picasso and Chagall, as well as the Moscow underground art scene of the 1960s, especially my first teacher Boris Zhutovsky who challenged me to see dried fish as an art object and a bra as an obstacle. In childhood, I was afraid of clowns and old women, but I drew them obsessively in spite of this to make them less scary. Since then, I have learned to extract peace and comfort from the oddity of the creatures I feared by drawing them, understanding them and turning them into my own protean selves.


For Y Not? Dina will be exhibiting 'Drying Out'

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Diogo Duarte

Diogo Duarte was born in Lisbon, Portugal, and has been living and working in the UK since 2007.


Coming from a background of working in the mental health field, he is inspired by the duality found in nature and especially human beings. He has a particular fascination with the hidden side of things – or ‘shadows’ – latent in every single thing that surrounds us, and often spends most of his time investigating their origins and close relationship with Culture  – trying to answer the child like question of why do ‘shadows’ exist. And more often than not, poking fun at it.


‘La Revanche dans les Latrines’ is the first piece of his new series ‘Unconscious Commands and Judgements of Our Century’, a self-portrait series exploring the close relationship between culture and identity and several boundaries in between.


For Y Not? Diogo will be exhibiting ‘La Revanche dans les Latrines’

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Electra Costa

Electra Costa completed a BA (Hons) Fine Art degree in 2010 as well as a Foundation Course in art and Design in 2007 at Byam Shaw School of Art at Central St Martins.  Since graduating Electra has exhibited her work throughout the UK as well as abroad. She has exhibited at the Leyden Gallery in the exhibition ExtraOrdinary Quotidian and has recently been selected for the OPENCUEB 2014 international art competition at cueB Gallery and has also been selected as a finalist for The National Open Art Competition 2014 (NOA.). Electra’s work was displayed at Somerset House, with Antony Gormley and Gavin Turk attending the (NOA.) PV.


For Y Not? Electra will be exhibting 'Redhead' and 'Captive Wild Woman'. 

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Emma Jarvis & Caroline Loncq

Emma & Caroline both attended drama school and now are members of the writing group, The Wandering Playsmiths. A collaboration, their work will be broken into audio and a film of written fragments. 


For Y Not? Emma and Caroline will be exhibting 'Remember Her'

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Georgia Grace Gibson

Georgia Grace Gibson is a 19 year old artist from North East England. Her work includes ideas rooted in her feminist beliefs, which motivates her interest in stereotypical feminine work like pottery, while largely looking at the concepts of sexuality throughout genders, and how that is represented within orientation, aesthetics and occurrences such as marriage. Georgia has had two exhibitions so far (one solo, one group), writes/creates for two online feminist magazines, has had numerous zine and magazine features,  and runs DIY northern female identified collective, Clandestine Collective. 


For Y Not? Georgia will be exhibitng her ceramic work 'Slag List'

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Helen Rimell

Helen completed an MA in Photojournalism and Documentary Photography at University of the Arts London in 2011, having previously studied an undergraduate degree in Documentary Photography at the University of Wales, Newport.  Helen has had her work published in The Guardian, The Observer, The Independent, The Times, The Times of India, and Vice Magazine. She has exhibited at The Frontline Club, Host Gallery, The Hanbury Gallery, and The Filmhouse Café. She has had work selected in a number of competitions including the Foto8 Summer Show, Reportage Photo Festival and Fotopub; Helen was shortlisted for the Deutsche Bank Award in 2012.


For Y Not? Helen will be exhibitng two works, 'The Princess' and 'Not Drowning'

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Hilary Barry

 I am  fascinated by the qualities of paint and the process of constructing a painting. I am exploring gender, from Freud and his surprisingly tenacious assertions regarding female sexuality; to assumptions regarding femininity, and a consideration of the assertion by feminist philosopher Julia Kristeva’s that women exist only symbolically,”  The work plays with the physicality of the painting process, experimenting with creating, then obliterating, marks made on canvas. The image that remains becomes a ghost of its former self. a closer look raises a question-mark over the issue of equality, revealing the imagery of women as fractured and torn.


For Y Not? Hilary will be exhibiting her painting 'Not Sweet To Be Under'

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Jamie Ashman

Jamie Ashman graduated from Saint Martins school of Art in 1989 with a degree in Fashion Design and a lifelong interest in painting. After working in the Fashion Industry as an 

Internationally published Trend predictor and Freelance Designer. He now paints Oil paintings; mainly of Iconic people, the style and content of which illustrate a reaction to the many art 

movements of the past; mixed with Punk, Acid House, Rock and Roll, Fashion Magazine, Comic book and Celluloid influences. With a fluid line and a strong sense of colour, the iconic

subjects identify the Zeitgeist that evolved in each era. Jamie’s style is a unique combintaion of classicism, Folk Art and kitsch.


For Y Not? Jamie will be exhibting his portrait of Yoko Ono, 'Instant Karma'

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Jane Cook

After completing her BA in Fine Art at Louborough University. Jane was offered a full scholarship for MA studio Practice. She achieved a distinction and was awarded the University academic award. Jane nows lectures in Fine Art at Lougborough whilst maintaing her own pracice of drawing and printmaking.


The subject of domesticity becomes the active source of creativity, which informs the art practice and enables the development of drawings and prints.


For Y Not? Jane will be exhibting 'Great'

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Jess de Wahls

Originally from Berlin, in 2004 de Wahls moved to London. A professional stylist and untrained but passionate artist, she followed her need for creating through several disciplines,mostly involving portraiture. With her main focus on Gender equality and female justice, Jess created her niche Retex Sculpture. These hand-sewn colorful relief portraits of inspirational women from recycled fabrics are a celebration of womenkind and stand to encourage social change as well as highlighting the issue of our waste culture by using recycled materials, all of which is encompassed in her Label #bigswingingovaries.


For Y Not? Jess will be exhibting two works from the #bigwingingovaries series; 'Floveries' and 'Woveries'.

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JHH's work acts as a commentary, because of this she only enters competitions or shows when her mind completely connects to the topic. Motivated by the political/social/cultural, her works based on paper express her views about the topic in hand.  


For Y Not? JHH will be exhibting 'Paperpolitik' a commentary on contemporary cultural stories. 

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Joanna Layla

Joanna Layla graduated with first class honours in English Language and Literature - the linguistic training sparking her interest in the choreography of visual language and to develop her own visual language to shape a world of words. With each new project, she embraces the flexibility of her discipline, challenging her own illustration practice. She has recently worked on commissions as diverse as illustrations on silk for Amaka AW14, illustrated live with Penguin Children's Authors, created limited edition album artwork for artists including K.Anderson and Cate Ferris, illustrated set for National Theatre youth productions and worked with brands such as The White Company. 


She is currently creating the illustrations for a short film. Joanna Layla combines this illustration practice with commissioned work and exhibitions, tutoring illustration at Central St Martins and leading visual art workshops as artist-in-residence with Lyrix Organix.


For Y Not? Joanna will be exhibiting 'Her Arms Too Wide'.

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John Gathercole

Gathercole's work covers a wide variety of genres and media. Predominate features of his work are that of the figure, celebrity and the use of oil on canvas. Much of his work encompasses humour; mostly old fashioned British, double entre humour and linguistic word play. Occasionally seen as ‘shocking’, they cover certain historic and contemporary taboo subjects too.

"I have worked as an artist all my life. It wasn’t until I started deriding the art world with my work in the Kuntists art movement that I gained recognition. Since then I have shown and sold worldwide including Tate Britain and Modern. This has also led me to develop a commercial range of celebrity puppets, Celebriarty Glovvies, glove puppets." 


For Y Not? John will be exhibting 'Safety in Numbness'

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Julia Bellamy

Julia Bellamy is a collage artist who lives and works in Brighton. She is a professionally qualified photo designer and graduated from the University of the Arts in Berlin. 

"Every collage is a piece of me assembled from my thoughts, feelings, ideas and experiences. Personal and raw, fragmented and reassembled, telling stories about dreams and fantasies, struggles and pains and the desire to make sense of it all. My work is a visual diary of my continuous search for identity. “Who am I?” and “What makes me me?” are central questions of everybody’s life and I would like my work to inspire exploration as 'nothing matters more than who we are in the world, where we have been and where we are going. The issue of identity is at the heart of our society and involves everyone.' (Jackie Kay, poet, 2006)"


For Y Not? Julia will be exhibiting her collage 'Rouge'.

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Kelly Chamberlain

Kelly Chamberlain graduated with a Fine Art degree and lives and works in London. She is also a part-time Art teacher in a secondary school in London.


"My work is comes from the exploration and manipulation of paper-based media and techniques, primarily collage and paper-cutting by hand.  I am interested in layering and creating light and space which allows the viewer to be drawn into each piece, discovering and experiencing technique, form and mood with an individual perspective."


For Y Not? Kelly will be exhibiting 'Bunting' and 'Celebration'

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Kerry Beall

Kerry Beall is a Brighton Based Graphic Designer and illustrator, Kerry’s process is to draw free hand in ink and charcoal, merging the works together to create a finished digital piece that has depth and texture. Having worked in the design industry for over 7 years, Kerry has gained a strong background in Graphic Design, and uses her good eye for composition and detail to create exciting free flowing Artwork that combine a mixture of chaotic ink and scrupulous charcoal drawings. Kerry’s works are mainly portraiture based, often with a surrealist twist.


For Y Not? Kerry will be exhibiting 'Precious' 

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Kirsty McKenzie

Kirsty McKenzie is a Canadian artist and costume designer. Living her art, she is a total embodiment of her vision at all times. Her work often depicts portraits of colourful characters with queer and feminist themes, defying sexual and gender stereotypes. She creates paradoxical images of beauty and awkwardness, social and antisocial themes. She mainly works with painting, drawing and mixed media collage. Her collages are whimsical and surreal and often contain cat imagery, and the 6th chakra or “third eye”. She explores the objectification of women, and the feminine identity; especially as it relates to body image. 


For Y Not? Kirsty will be exhibiting her surreal collage 'Smoking Cat Lady'

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Klaus is Koming

Klaus is Koming is an artist based in South East London.


"My work may be regarded as crude and explicit, but it is not intended to shock and repel, but to entice the audience into visual games of language and censorship. it tests the boundaries of etiquette and social constructs and what is allowed in the public domain and what should be kept private. my main focus is on the female body and how it can be exposed. my art asks at what point can the body become obscene or even offensive, whilst examining when the erotic becomes the pornographic and whether this can still be considered art."


For Y Not? Klaus will be exhibiting 'Sex Education'

Anchor 32

Laura New

"Kingfisher I is where I first began to work with the ideas of femininity and the fragile delicate naivety of childhood. However this is a confusion with the narrative in this drawing that leads allows an element of discomfort."


For Y Not? Laura will be exhibting 'Kingfisher I'

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Lauren Jetty

Lauren Jetty studied Fine Art at Central Saint Martins and graduated in 2014. During her time at CSM she was in various exhibitions including Tomb Raiders at The Petrie Museum, The Big Space Exhibition and Creative Debuts at Gem Space. Jetty currently has work in the UAL Collection and was chosen to be in Candid Arts Fair and Platform for Emerging Arts 4 at The Leyden Gallery since graduating in summer 2014.


For Y Not? Lauren will be exhibting two works, '11,781 Stitches' and '9,163 Stitches'

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Lisa Snook

Lisa Snook is a mixed media artist living and working in London. Her practice is primarily sculptural, working with themes of gender and identity, memory and mortality.  A graduate from Goldsmiths, she has been shown nationally and internationally and is held in a number of private collections.  Her work has been reviewed in a wide range of publications including The Independent on Sunday and Culture 24 and most recently her work was reviewed by Lana Bountakidou as presenting a ‘contemporary perspective on our highly sexualised society, humorously portraying our obsession with sex and sexual orientation’ for The Women’s International Erotic Art Competition.


For Y Not? Lisa will be exhibiting 'Rabbit - with Meret on my mind..' 

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Mervenil Emiroglu

"I am interested in evoking both the familiar and unfamiliar - the feeling of the uncanny. Audiences may find they recognise some aspects of my work, while others may remain a mystery. As an artist I am interested in lost memories, history, meanings and cultures, and experimenting through various media. While some of my work investigates these themes some looks at the aesthetics of the natural in an unnatural situations which is so embedded in history and cultures and collective memory which we could all identify and recognise."


For Y Not? Mervenil will be exhibting 'Digested'

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Mia Wilkinson


Mia is a practicing London based artist who studied at UAL Wimbledon College of Arts gaining a BA Fine Art in Painting. 


Her oil paintings are visceral explorations of certain sexualised female forms. The sensual indulgence with which she approaches the work is reflective of her subject; Female Body Builders and Squashers wrestle on the canvas in an orgy of drips and loaded excess paint. The humorous and light hearted intention with which she approaches her work is not lost, as complex issues of sex and gender are confronted by her brush. The work is unapologetic and intense, yet doesn’t become the expected angst ridden expressionism, rather comedic as the figures are increasingly morphing out of themselves and are hilariously exposed as bizarre avatars.


For Y Not? Mia will be exhibting 'Lapdance'

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Michael Walls

Michael Walls focuses on painting as a conceptual medium in art. Walls is interested as the vast array of commercial paints on offer, how each colour is numbered, titled and listed according to their own brand of copyright; making each colour unique, Walls combines the notion of the exhibition being specifically attended to depict the persona/ characteristics of a woman to delve into how paint takes on the personality of a woman, starting by the artist using colours with woman's names, then the anatomy presenting each the body and DNA of a woman, from mundane colour swatches.


For Y Not? Michael will be exhibiting 'Ruby Fountain'

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Nadia Nervo

Nadia Nervo is a London-based artist using photography, film, and performance. She received a Masters in Art Communication & Design from the Royal College of Art (2003). Nadia's work focuses on collaboration, exploring the nature of the relationship between photographer and subject alongside observer and viewer. The themes that are central to her work include gender, identity, femininity, beauty, and movement.


For Y Not? Nadia will be exhibting two works 'Jenny' and 'Sophie'

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Pascale Pressicaud

For Y Not?, Pascale proposes a couple of paintings each part of a series representing a tractor. Her vision of the world seems to hold no concerns with current issues on feminism or the theory of gender when she’s actually only a step away from the frontline. It is comforting for once to discover that a tractor – emblematic of masculine occupation – covered in silver dust does not look filthy and brutal.


For Y Not? Pascale will be exhibting 'Excavate, Extrude, Expose (n°1)'

Anchor 39

Rachael McArthur

Rachael McArthur is a practising artist based in France.


"'Mom' is part of the Family Faces series where I have embodied the influential females in my life."


For Y Not? Rachael will be exhibiting 'Mom'

Anchor 40

Rart & Sete


For Y Not? Rart & Sete will be exhibting 'Waste'

Anchor 41

Ricki Nerreter

"A reflection of how some women are imprisoned by their beliefs.


Feminity under wraps, as well as hopes and desires put on hold in the name of religion or the spiritual path they chose or  were forced to take."


For Y Not? Ricki will be exhibting 'Religion is a life sentence'

Anchor 42

Robina Doxi

Robina Doxi is a Swedish born, London based artist, who completed an Ma in Fine Art at Camberwell College in 2013. In 2014 she was selected for the FBA Futures Show at the Mall Galleries in London. Doxi is influenced and inspired by psychology, surrealism and science fiction, combined with elements of mapping and geometry. Doxi’s work takes place in the world of “Psychogeography” where the human psyche, geometry, spirit and a collective awareness collide.


For Y Not? Robina will be exhibting 'Lady with her Cat 1'

Anchor 43

Rosemary Meza-DesPlas

Rosemary Meza-DesPlas is an artist from Dallas, TX. She works in watercolor and hand-sewn human hair drawings. She received a MFA from Maryland Institute College of Art and a BFA from the University of North Texas. She has exhibited widely including Yorck Studios, Berlin,Germany; Shenyang, China, LuXun Academy of Fine Arts Art; Espace Kiron in Paris, France; ARC Gallery, Chicago, IL; and New Mexico Museum of Art, Santa Fe, NM.  She presented academic papers at conferences: Fifth International Conference on the Image, Freie Universitat Berlin, Berlin, Germany and Mod Art’13 on Beauty; Ugliness, Modern Art Conference in Istanbul, Turkey.


For Y Not? Rosemary will be exhibitng 'I Look Like a Woman, I Cut Like a Buffalo' 

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Sally Hewett

Sally Hewett graduated from the Kent Institute of Art and Design with a BA in Fine Art in 2003. Her work has been included in Stitch Fetish 3 at the Hive Gallery, Los Angeles (2015); in EroticaMENTE at the Milan Arts and Events Centre; The New Georgians, Orleans House, Twickenham; International Women's Day Exhibition, Georges House Gallery, Folkestone; Art and Science, Courtyard Arts Gallery, Port Vale, Hertford (2014). Her work is in private collections in the UK, France and the USA and in the Norfolk Museums Collection. Artlcles on her work have featured online in Huffington Post, Cosmopolitan, TOH! and XOXO


For Y Not? Sally will be exhibting 'Puts hairs on your chest ...'  

Anchor 45

Sal Jones

Sal Jones is a painter who lives and works in London. She has a BA Hons in Fine Art and has exhibited in London and across the UK.  Recent shows include: Flux exhibition, The Rag Factory, London; Discerning Eye, Mall Galleries, London; Beep Wales, Swansea; A Conscious Identity, Espacio Gallery; Moving Scenes, solo show, gallery at Hackney Picturehouse; Face Facts, Face Fictions, solo show, London. Works are held in private collections in the UK, Spain, Portugal and the United States.


For Y Not? Sal will be exhibting 'Have We Met Before'

Sophia Gardiner

Anchor 46

Sophia Gardiner was born in Greater Manchester, 1991 and studied both Foundation Art and Interactive Arts at Manchester School of Art between 2010 and 2013. She has worked closely with migrant communities in Manchester and was Artist-in-Residence for local refugee charity, RAPAR, in 2013.


For Y Not? Sophia will be exhibting 'Feminislam' 

Anchor 47

Yesul Kim

Yeseul is an artist based in Seoul, South Korea. Her work aims to express futility of the modern people in the modern city.


For Y Not? Yesul Kim will be exhibting a series of works: 'Kiss bang Kiss/Hug/Touch', 'Kiss bang Call me', 'B.B Bling Bones 1' and 'B.B Bling Bones 2'. 

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