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Adam Kelly                    Adam Kemp                    Ali Webb    

Aurora Ira                    Corrina Eastwood             Dagmar Rieger    

Danielle Hodson                  Electra Costa                Elizabeth Haney    

Emma Byrne                    Forlane 6 Studio                Gavin Round    

George Myers                      George Kloet                 Helene Williams 

Hwa Seon Yang                 Jane Andrews                 Jerome Beresford    

Jeff Edwards                  Joanna Layla                 John Gathercole   JoWOnder                      Karina Geddes                Katrin Spranger

Maciej Hoffman                Marie-Pierre                 Miki Hauser    

Paul Bloomfield               Raine Kenny                  Rarte and Sete   

Ricki Nerreter                Roseanne Artisan             Salit Krac    

Shara Hayz                    So-Ha Au                     Victoria Coster

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Adam Kelly


Enthused to explore the potential of national identity, Adam Kelly’s work develops notions of history and ideologies. His characteristically Eurocentric compositions are conducted with an autonomous determination, linking his oeuvre to the ideals and disillusions of modernism.

His exorcising approach to making reveals his successes and failures to represent nostalgic and historical memories, constructing new situations to comment on nationalism.

Adam graduated from the University for the Creative Arts, Farnham with a Bachelor’s (Hons) Fine Art in 2012.

He recently completed a Graduate Artist Residency at AirSpace Gallery in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire which resulted in a debut solo show Grandfather in 2013.

For Sweet 'Art's Summer Show Adam will be exhibiting his painting "El Salvador II" influenced by Salvador Dali and surrealism.

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Adam Kemp


Adam primarily produces drawings, using heavy weighted watercolor paper as the main support and a variety of pens as the media to formulate integrated abstract drawings with no figurative or representational intentions. 

"I have extensively investigated drawing, especially line and tone; with these becoming customary elements within my somewhat obsessive handling of spontaneous drawing"

For Sweet 'Art's Summer Show Adam will be exhibiting two of his beautiful drawings. "The drawings are constructed through automatic mark making, are depicted as twisting scribbles and interlacing lines that aim to visually express the subconscious mind."


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Ali Webb


The evolution of ‘Interchangeable Imaginings’ has been the predominant focus of Ali Webb’s more recent artistic process. Themes of transparency, layering and everyday detail are central to the 3 dimensional landscapes. Ali also introduces the concept of the image being ‘interchangeable’ whereby she shares the control with the owner in allowing them to change the order of the photographic images to recreate the landscape. 

‘Interchangeable Imaginings’ incorporates four sliding photographic images that can be changed to transform the landscape time and again. With over 24 possible options the art invites intrigue and possibility.

Ali achieved a BA Hons in Textile Design in 2001 and went on to train as an Art Psychotherapist completing the MA in 2005. She now works with children, young people and adults in mental health hospitals whilst continuing to develop her own visual art practice. 

As a visual artist Ali has an obsessive curiosity about the ordinary within her environment. Inspired by what she observes her work incorporates these findings through detail, form, texture and repetition to articulate the personal and collective in sculpture and photography. 

For Sweet 'Art's Summer Show Ali will be exhibiting two of her sculptural pieces.

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Aurora Ira


"The art practice is experimental and embracing a variety of media - principally photography, but also masks and objects making, video, paintings and prints making. Inspired by scientific research, it examines subjects of memory, repetition, transformation and death, through artist’s personal and shared social and psychological conditions."

Aurora Ira b. 1977 (USSR) is a UK-based artist, photographer and art director.
Formal education is in design, however, in 2009 and in parallel to the design career, the original interest in the contemporary art finally formed into a self art-practice. Since 2010, Aurora Ira works were exhibited and published globally, including the UK, Italy, US, Canada and Spain.

For Sweet 'Art's Summer Show Aurora Ira will be exhibiting one of her photographs 'Executive Reborn' that forms part of her 'Superhero project' in which a superhero fights for his right to be a human. “Executive reborn” work corresponds with Douglas Gordon “Monster reborn”

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Corrina Eastwood


Corrina Eastwood's practice for many years has been concerned conceptually and aesthetically with the ambiguous nature of the impact of trauma. Exploring physical and emotional scars, the healing process and the way in which we view such trauma. This over arching theme has been explored through her abstracted painting and film making. More recently Corrina has begun to focus on the notion of a society that contributes to the development of a distorted or traumatized female sense of self.

Corrina Eastwood has been a practicing artist for 12 years working as a painter and more recently in film. Following completion of her BA hons in FineArt Painting in 2000 Corrina went on to complete her MA in Art Psychotherapy and now works with both children and adults in a range of private and community settings.

She has exhibited extensively over the past 12 years in a range of settings, curating many of her own shows and most recently held her first London based solo exhibition. 'Lines in the Sand' is Corrina's first short film as both co director and writer, which previewed at Cannes film festival 2012 and was also selected for Raindance film festival in the same year.

Corrina also has a keen interest in feminist issues and in 2012 saw her first publication of feminist writings as well as founding the art collective Sweet 'Art. 

For Sweet 'Art's Summer Show Corrina will be exhibiting one of her recent drawings ‘Stacy’. "Stacy is part of a series of works that explore the way in which woman in many physical, personal, political and emotional ways can be ‘distorted’ by their position in society."

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Dagmar Rieger


"I like to paint dreams, thoughts and ideas. My scenes often emerge at night and find their way onto a medium during the day. As I am working with signs and symbols I sometimes like to wrap different meanings in colors, patterns and forms. What you see at first glance is not always what you would discover after a second or a third look at my pictures. So maybe take a seat and have a look again..."

Born in 1958. After living in many cities and countries Dagmar now lives in Linz, Austria. Dagmar's main profession has been teaching language and literature in school and in university, but retired in 2008 following a stroke. Dagmar went on doing research work and has been giving lectures on topics of cultural and gender studies. Her doctoral thesis is about cultural models and the question if culture might be a space of time in space-time.

Dagmar's career in fine art started in 1983 when she showed her works for the first time in a collective exhibition honouring International Women’s Day in Salzburg, Austria. After that Dagmar took part in many competitions and organized exhibitions and performances, having a solo exhibition at the university of Salzburg in 1987 as well as one in Cafè da Vinci in Linz in 2010. 

"I am honored that I could participate in Show No. 1 by the Sweet'Art Collective in London in March 2013."

For Sweet 'Art's Summer Show Dagmar will be exhibiting one of her gouache and ink drawings entitled "Narcotic Nemesis".

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Dannielle Hodson


Drawing from the notions of The Absurd whereby, there is no meaning to be found in the world except for what we give to it, Hodson tackles values, belief systems and asks big questions who are we and what does it all mean? Identity is at the core of Hodson’s practice working between objectivity and subjectivity Hodson creates a body of work that depicts the time we live in and how we place ourselves in it. Hodson uses social media and her IPhone to capture data and works in a variety of mediums, choosing the best media to fit the emotion of the character.

Hodson graduated from Central St Martins in 2001 and has worked in fashion and art and also run as fashion art label called Maison Twenty. Hodson has exhibited in the Pallant House Gallery, Hastings Museum of Modern art, Royal Academy as well as in high-end retailers such as Harvey Nichols and Browns.

For Sweet 'Art's Summer Show Danielle will be exhibiting two of her recent paintings; 'Clown' and 'Piggy Cheese'.

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Electra Costa


"Through my practice I explore and question our sometimes romanticized and wholesome views of the past and evoking lost childhood innocents, through the use of found vintage family photographs. As they have at times a wholesome facade. 

I use blackboard and soft pastel to create my work which has the appearance of being easily wiped away and to disappear forever, representing the fragility of childhood innocence and of the past. By leaving parts blank and adding color to my work, forces the viewer’s imagination to fill in the black expanse. This ambiguity is intended to unsettle the viewer and to give a sinister under current to these seemingly wholesome drawings."

Electra Costa lives and works in London. Electra completed a BA (Hons) Fine Art degree in 2010. Since graduating Electra has exhibited her work throughout the UK as well as abroad. She has exhibited at the Unhinged Festival at Electric Brixton and was a finalist for the OPENCUEB 2013 international art competition at cueB Gallery. She was also selected for the second stage of the international art competition neo:artprize 2013, at Neo: gallery 22 in London.

For Sweet 'Art's Summer Show Electra will be exhibiting one of her drawings 'Polar Bear'

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Elizabth Haney


"When working with the figure I am able to explore the emotive and spiritual side of the human condition. I tend to feel and express my life experiences through the body and my themes are centered around the life cycle. This may manifest through gestures, poses or on canvas surfaces. 
Photography is a unique medium that makes memories tangible. 

Liz Haney trained at York University in Toronto and received her B.F.A in the spring of 2008, majoring in both painting and photography. She also studied painting and photography at various other institutions including the University of Toronto, Humber College and the Art Gallery of Ontario. 
Since then she has been working at the Art Gallery of Ontario in various departments, most recently in the Prints and Drawing department as part of the curating team. Her work at the gallery has also included providing educational programs for school children and tactile tours for the blind. 

For Sweet 'Art's Summer Show Elizabeth will be exhibiting two of her photographs; 'My Son Jacob with Squash Flower (homage to Sally Mann)' and 'My Son Alex with Emmet (homage to Sally Mann)'.

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Emma Byrne


Byrne’s drawings rapture and rupture to create the unstable forms made out of the flesh of animals and humans. Drawn in Watercolour pencil over layers of paint and gesso, she continually pushes towards the experience and motion of flesh with Dionysian aesthetics.

For Sweet 'Art's Summer Show Emma will be exhibiting one of her paintings.

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Forlane 6 Studio


The mass production rate of artificial materials seems unstoppable. It overflows well beyond land frontiers and the seas surface, as it penetrates the depth of a distant and foreign space. 

The Studio’s intent is to investigate phenomenon imposed by the underwater space through the medium of sculptures and installations. When submerged, the objects seem to metamorphose and become organic creatures. While engaging with a time and movement different than the one on land, they become part of this foreign world. This weightless and slow aesthetic contradicts the usual way objects are consumed and disposed of in an inconsiderate speed.

"My partner Mathieu Goussin and I, Hortense Le Calvez, are an artist duo working under the name Forlane 6 Studio. We have develloped a practise that takes places exclusively underwater. Mathieu Goussin worked ten years in the merchant navy before engaging with contemporary art. I am a scuba-diving instructor who studied fine art at the Rietveld Academy of Amsterdam and Wimbledon College of Art of London. We both live on our 40 year old sailing boat named Forlane 6 and we are currently based in Crete."

For Sweet 'Art's Summer Show Forlane 6 Studio will be exhibiting one photograph; 'Disco'.

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Gavin Round


Following his degree in Fine Art in 2001, Gavin Round has worked in the film industry for over 10 years in various capacities. 

Whilst working on his last animated short film, a process that took around 6 years, Gavin once again became interested in drawing and the actual process of drawing frame after frame as an exercise in repetition. Taking inspiration from his work as a storyboard artist and as an animator in his recent body of work Gavin explores the act of drawing and through the simple process of layers of repetition seeks to deconstruct how the subject is perceived.

For Sweet 'Art's Summer Show Gavin will be exhibiting one of his drawings inspired by the British summer.

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George Myers


"I am greatly influenced by cinema and theatre which are dominant platforms for modern day story telling. Everyday objects are a common feature in my current work, both as a material and as a reference. When an object becomes detached from it's history it is natural to construct answers to how and why it has arrived to it's present state. The familiarity of an object infers a history and implies a story, thus creating a narrative. 

Altering the juxtaposition and environment of these objects creates the foundation for a fictional story or character based on remnants of fact."

For Sweet 'Art's Summer Show George will be exhibiting her sculpture Channel Zero.

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George Kloet


George isn’t sorry for his drawings and he’d do them again.

George is trying to draw his way to freedom as a freelance illustrator. 

For Sweet 'Art's Summer Show George will be exhibiting two of his illustrations 'Slap Them Skins' and 'Get Brown Teeth'.

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Helene Williams


Helene creates significant forms that investigate the connection between mind and art, thus embracing her experience as a psychotherapist and an artist. These forms are brought to life through the medium of ceramic, textile, film, sound and performance. 

Internationally exhibited in India, France, EKWC of Holland and the UK. Her training includes a BA from Camberwell School of Arts, BSc in Psychology and an MA in Arts Psychotherapy. She has been reviewed in The Times, The Independent, Time Out, The Hindu Times and The Kentish Gazette.

Along with her sculpture 'Where's Mother' Helene Williams will also being using her skills as a ceramicist to collaborate with JoWOnder who shall be performing a version of ‘JoWOnder and the Psychic Tea Leaves.' Under the guidance of unseen entities and through interaction with show visitors invited to explore their own inner worlds, together they will together make 'contact’!! 

This is a performance piece not to be missed!

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Hwa Seon Yang


"Artist’s independent attitude was recognized as an important part of the new tendency in contemporary art in which artists no longer identify themselves as the successors of the avant-garde, but choose to create artworks as individuals that communicate directly with other individuals. Everyone played with toys when they are young and they have their memories of childhood. I believe that these could be the way to communicate with people as a contemporary artist. "

Born in 1983, Jeju, South Korea, Hwa Seon Yang now lives and works in London, U.K.

For Sweet 'Art's Summer Show Hwa Seon Yang will be exhibiting a playful painting '1704 toys'.

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Jane Andrews


"My work plays with character, identity and survival strategies; my attempt to understand, interpret and laugh at the complexities of life. 

The paintings evolve organically; I approach each composition as a conversation between myself and the viewer, using symbolism, both established and personal, and narratives without definitive beginnings or endings. 
I look for humor to subvert and the ridiculous in the heroic interaction of character and fate. In creating these suspended moments; it is often the tragicomedy of coping strategies and self-delusion that moves me."

"The tableaux that Jane produces are not the beginning or end of a story. A great deal has already happened to lead to the situation that is revealed to us, and clearly the struggle for survival will continue after we have departed..... she is able to create paintings that take on a distinct and disturbing life all of their own." 
- David Coke 

"My last body of work was “Station Of The Skirt”, using the skirt with its intimations of domestic restriction as a starting point. I now live and work in Brighton, and at last resumed work a year and a half ago. I am currently exhibiting at FarleyFarm, Chiddingly."

For Sweet 'Art's Summer Show Jane will be exhibiting one of her oil paintings 'Misconception'.

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Jerome Beresford


Jerome Beresford creates work that explores the tension between modern and traditional design and drafting styles by fusing computational design, cutting edge software and physical image making. He has recently started developing interactive installation works.

He has recently qualified as an architect and has worked in various architectural practices over the last 10 years. He is currently his practice's new technology champion and is managing its transition to Building Information Modelling, a new method of virtually constructing buildings during the design stage. He is currently working on projects for London Underground and Crossrail.

Jerome has previously exhibited his drawings as part of The Fields Beneath show in 2011, a group show of local artists arranged in cooperation with Transition Kentish Town and Transition Tufnell Park, community groups functioning as part of the Transition Towns network. More recently he has exhibited as part of the first Sweet’Art show in support of International Womens’ Day .
Jerome gained his BA in Architecture at Brighton University, followed by his Post Graduate Diploma and professional qualification at London South Bank University.

For Sweet 'Art's Summer Show Jerome will exhibiting two algorithmic drawings inspired by computational design, advertising and summer.

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Jeff Edwards


"What if it seemed everything was slipping away from you, your past, present even anticipated future? How would you see things; how would you remember where you came from and how you got to where you are now?

Working almost entirely in analogue, I like to push the boundaries of how a photograph is viewed and perceived by physically altering my negatives and final prints to explore the many physical and psychological layers of the human body, and isolated structures. These subjects are intrinsically similar in that their identities are formed by their memories."

Born in 1982 and raised in the state of R.I, Jeff started his journey with photography in 2005 by taking courses at Bristol Community College in Fall River M.A. These first few photography classes then branched out into studying art, taking a variety of classes in all mediums, and in 2008 he transferred to the Glasgow School of Art in the UK. Jeff graduated with a BA Honours degree in Fine Art Photography in 2011. 

For Sweet 'Art's Summer Show Jeff will be exhibiting two of his photographs.

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Joanna Layla


A fine artist whose work ranges from the fragility of illustration to large-scale installation and mixed media work. Self-taught she embraces the liminal territories of art making, drawing in the space between paper and sculpture, two-dimensional and three-dimensional planes. Exploring the tension between the act of mark making and the action of the trace, her first mark informs her last – both often visible in the final state of the piece. 

Joanna Layla’s new body of work – a series of ‘drawn installations’ exploring themes of cultural identity and memory through structure and material - is inspired by 5 months living in China and South East Asia. 

For Sweet 'Art's Summer Show Joanna will be exhibiting the piece 'man | made | support'. A drawn installation: a hanging scroll of multi-layered transparencies in supporting tension with a bamboo scaffold. A study of stone supported by bamboo: the divine propped up by the temporary and man made.

Inspired by a porcelain figurine: a found object missing its support. Inspired by the Cambodian belief that only the gods can live in the permanence of stone, humans must live in wooden structures. The piece restores the man made narrative.

Weaknesses inherent in stone are revealed through a fracturing of layers whilst the strength of a scaffold is suggested in bamboo structuring. Simultaneously the bamboo is fragile, floating at the whims of the scroll. The piece hangs in this tension - through material and structure it plays out the simultaneous strength and fragility of man made support.

A polaroid shadow of a figurine – a boy with bamboo in his hand, elusive as divinity yet a refraction of the man made - gestures to the real figurine that introduces the piece. Two and three dimensional planes in dialogue: an exploration of process through paper, scissors, stone. 

man | made | support one of the ‘paper scissors stone’ series is a companion piece to sight lines, site lines.
Please also see this blog for current work.

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John Gathercole


"My work covers a wide variety of genres and media. Predominate features of my work are that of the figure, celebrity and the use of oil on canvas. Much of my work encompasses humour, mostly old fashioned British, double entre humour and linguistic word play. Occasionally seen as ‘shocking’, they cover certain historic and contemporary taboo subjects too.

I have worked as an artist all my life. It wasn’t until I started deriding the art world with my work in the Kuntists art movement that I gained recognition. Since then I have shown and sold worldwide including Tate Britain and Modern. This has also led me to develop a commercial range of celebrity puppets, Celebriarty Glovvies, glove puppets."

For Sweet 'Art's Summer Show John will be exhibiting two of his portraits; 'David Cockney' and 'Angelos Epithemou'.

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'There's no one way of looking at JoWOnder's work. There's no one way of looking at anything! We only have to shut one eye and you get a different angle, turn our head quickly for another, so imagine (ha) what the brain can do through the lens of our perceptions, our values, memory, body and past. There can also be a backward telescopic journey into childhood, when our imaginations were quite erotic - as a part of our life force- at a time before we become erotic.' Jan Woolf

JoWOnder is a visual arts activist who uses work made from diverse materials, such as champagne wrappers, bacteria or poetry to challenge established notions.

Educated at St Martins school of art and the national film school she is also an award winning animator. Her films have been widely broadcast and presented cinematically and her paintings have sold across the world to many private collectors. 

For Sweet 'Art's Summer Show Jo will be exhibiting a stunning large Print of images taken from a Praxinoscope of an acrobat - a mechanism that animates when you spin it, she claims even without the Praxinoscope you can see the images 'dancing.' 

She will also be performing a version of ‘JoWOnder and the Psychic Tea Leaves’ . JoWOnder who comes from a long line of psychics will collaborate with talented ceramicist Helene Williams. Under the guidance of unseen entities and through interaction with show visitors invited to explore their own inner worlds, together they will make 'contact’!! 

This is a performance piece not to be missed!

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Karina Geddes


"My practice is illustration based but I use the processes of embroidery and print to create or embellish my imagery. All my work has a narrative, drawing is my form of communication. I combine text and multiple images to create a tapestry effect telling a story to the viewer.
In this set of work I am discussing my love and awe for Japan and China, the spirituality and the customs. I contrast images to show different aspects of the culture.However because this is from a western perspective I might have warped the ideologies a little."

For Sweet 'Art's Summer Show Karina will be exhibiting one of her screen prints.

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Katrin Spranger


"The initial idea of this project was to present an imaginative and decorative inside view of the human body. One important aspect was to express the different faces of life until death. The vulnerability of human organs is communicated by the thin-skinned materials and shapes. Objects are developed with fictive, dynamic and organic appearance, while shapes and surfaces describe different conditions of growths, mutations, sickness and the limitations of the human body. As material I chose to work with silver, dyed in different colours."

Katrin Spranger is a traditionally trained German goldsmith who moved towards a more conceptual approach during her Masters at Konstfack. Her recent work focuses on themes like consumer culture, depletion of resources and sustainability. Katrin likes experimenting with various materials, pushing their physical limitations as well as changing their characteristics to develop innovative and expressive new results.

For Sweet 'Arts's Summer Show Katrin will be exhibiting a selection of from her 'Human Insides' series.

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Marciej Hoffman


"In painting, I appreciate the courage of opinion and the freedom in the means of expression. I do not like decorativeness and submission to trends or fashion. I do not place emphasis on means of expression or artistic techniques – the intellectual values of art are more important to me than the style in which they are expressed.

In the world today, art is the margin of freedom, which can and should be used."

Born in Wroclaw, Poland, Marciej studied at the Faculty of Theology at the Papal Theological Academy in Wroclaw and The Faculty of Painting, Graphics and Sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Wroclaw. Marciej graduated with a degree in painting and sculpture in 1992 and was for many years connected with the advertising business. He then worked in a theatre as a designer of scenography and costumes, organizer of art exhibitions and interdisciplinary events. Each year Marciej takes part in many group exhibitions and solo shows in many countries all over the world. Marciej currently lives and works in UK

For Sweet 'Art's Summer Show Maciej will be exhibiting one of his paintings 'Grow To Be Blind'.

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"These images are part of a series of Abstract Photographs, "Lyrical Extraction", all representations of the reality, a testimony of discoveries made by Marie-Pierre in nature. It leads the viewer to let go on an imaginary travel and complete the artwork themselves. No IT program is used to compose these photos; only the artist eye and lots of chance to see and catch the invisible are necessary."

A member of IAA-UNESCO, Marie-Pierre has a degree with honour in Art History and has had 34 solo exhibits in France, Spain, USA, Monaco and 15 group exhibits in Mexico, Paris and Mauritius amongst others.

For Sweet 'Art's Summer Show Marie-Pierre will be exhibiting two of her photographs.

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Miki Hauser


"Stopping short of sentimentality, anthropomorphism and full-on kitsch – my works are painted in ways that approximate and suggest rather than establish and confirm. There is a portion left over in these portraits where something ordinary and domestic meets the uncanny and exotic."

For Sweet 'Art's Summer Show Miki will be exhibiting one of his paintings 'One of a Myriad Chambers Of Existence'

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Paul Bloomfield


Paul’s work develops between personal encounters with symbols and language that form between technology and nature and how they shape the social and the individual. Through imagined topographies, projections and geometry Paul creates images that work as a kind of mapped geology of gestures, images and reflections of the physical world and its abstractions.

Paul Bloomfield is a contemporary Filmmaker and Artist who works in animation and illustration. His works have been exhibited at the NGCA and the Site Gallery as well as his animations featured in festivals in the UK, Europe and North America, including The South Bank Centre, EVA, Animex, Yota Space St.Petersburg, Aurora, Toronto Urban Film Fest, Videoholica. Paul’s film RRR was selected as part of the OneDotZero New British Talent 2011/12 Festival. Paul is a member of the London, Tokyo art collective Spaceship Inc.

For Sweet 'Art's Summer Show Paul will be exhibiting one of his digital prints 'SoNam{_it'

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Raine Kenny


"My series of photographs are based on a nightmare I once had; an indistinct woman, her face disfigured and hidden from the viewer, surrounded by the gothic victorian image of flowers, both formal and theatrical. The clarity of the sleeping image maker is shrouded by the sub -conscious. Our fears and influences are free to play out their own theatre in the safety of our own minds.

All my photographs are double exposures and have been created withn the camera [an slr film camera] without the use of photoshop or any other computer programmes."

"I am a photographer living and working in London. I originally trained as a textile designer but photography has always been my passion and I have been involved with several collaborations with musicians, including an album cover for a North London band and also several group shows, the most recent in March 2013 with the artists collective, Sweet'Art. My next project will be shooting a short film for the artist & musician LeonHeart."

For Sweet 'Art's Summer Show Raine will be exhibiting two of her photographs; 'Marra' and 'Ophelia'

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Rart and Sete


"We build our art with the ingredients we have to hand, mixing it up, as we feel fit at the time. Using any material exclusively is not our style. Some works are created in a matter of minutes, yet others take many months or even years before the concept is realized.

We examine things that permeate every level of society and provide a constant yet changing measure of the social climate. 

We are about documenting the times. Our work does not only reflect the jocular, but also takes an attitude, perception or moment, encapsulates it, with all its inherent social ramifications, out of its natural context, then reconstructs and redefines that moment as a permanent record."

For Sweet 'Art's Summer Show Rart and Sete will be exhibiting two of their sculptures; 'Bum Chum' and 'Fight'. The latter piece "... examines different cultures, creeds and religions, and how they are a source of conflict, and yet at the same time can be drawn together regardless of these issues. 
The various colours of the individual jelly babies are a representation of the differing factions within society. The 'Fight' being between two of these factions, yet the same two colours can be seen alongside the other factions, united by the forthcoming event. 
The two colours 'walking away' are united in the rejection of the scene, although they belong to the same faction as those preparing to do battle, and are therefore divorced from the whole ensemble creating a sociological sub group.
The choice of jelly babies to create this piece is to give reminiscence of childhood innocence and of playground fights, and by doing so indicate that in a child's eye all are equal, until nurture informs them otherwise. At the same time the piece reflects global divides by its circular presentation. 
The scene is on the brink of conflict, but whether the 'Fight' will actually take place or not is left undecided."

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Ricki Nerreter


Ricki Nerreter was born 1967 in Nürnberg Germany. 
Her sight was temporarily affected by a Stroke when she was 38, in need for expressing herself but unable to paint and draw, she started Installations. Using her old Toys as a base to her work she build her own 3 Dimensional Diary. Reflecting on her Adulthood experiences she creates sculptures which appear colorful and light but have yet a dark and sometimes unsettling story to tell. All works are complimented by a poem as words feature heavily in her Diary as well. 

For Sweet 'Art's Summer Show Ricki will be exhibiting one of her installations complimented by a poem 'Love Makes The World Go Round'. "Reflecting the constant Wishing and Hoping to break out of the wooden existence of Solitude. Searching all over the world, wandering the trails of Love."


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Roseanne Artisan


We are proud to have Roaseanne Artisan exhibiting in our Summer Show.

















Salit Krac


"This project, which I am still exploring, is a private point of view on children's books and some advertisements both published in the 50's-60's.

In my art through the years I deal a lot with opposition and contradiction. When I accidentally ran into books from my childhood, illustrated by classic artists like Marcel Marlier, i was amazed by how replacing a single character changes the story to its opposite and immediately reveals social and feminine conflicts with the opposite message as the original illustration carried.
This resolution led me to explore advertisements from the 1950's where the naïve theme was most dominant, as well as “normative family structure and gender roles."

Sal'it is a multidisciplinary artist engaged in drawing, photography, graphic design and animation. Living in Israel and exhibiting in Israel and Europe.

For Sweet 'Art's Summer Show Sal'it is exhibiting two of her recent collages.

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Shara Hayz


Shara HAYZ is an East London based fashion designer who recently graduated from an MA course in Digital Fashion at London College of Fashion. Her initial concept, developed while studying for her MA, was to create fashion outfits for stage performance, focusing on the idea of illuminating the performer, to create a God-like status.
Her debut collection involved heavy embellishment and the use of LED electronics integrated into the outfits, as well as a collaboration with Terry De Havilland on the footwear for her graduate collection.

She was instantly snapped up to be represented by Blow Pr, where she captured the attention of many Stylists, Celebs, and photographers including David Sims who shot her work. She has been featured in numerous magazines such as WAD, Vogue, Kurv, Fiasco, USED, Pigeon and peacocks, C-HEADS, 125magazine. Her designs have been worn by different stars from the likes of Lara Stone in the Hot chip video ‘Night and Day’, to Ana Matronic on the cover of Beige Magazine and A*M*E for her latest pop video, and has also met Rihanna on the Sky TV reality show ‘Styled to Rock’.

For Sweet 'Art's Summer Show Shara will be exhibiting one of her stunning embellished pieces.

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So-Ha Au


So-Ha Au has used diagrams in her work over many years, starting from palm prints, floor-plans, genealogy trees, to dressmaking patterns - to explore issues of personal histories, sites or ‘memories’, and ‘mapping identity. 

She is interested in exploring imagined/ ‘unreal’ ‘maps’, creating ambiguous ‘maps’ or ‘spatial landscapes’ as a way of locating and placing. Trying to create a sense of trying to orientate, but also the awareness of not being able to – instead to displace. Presenting the absence of knowledge - what is lost and unrecoverable. 

She has developed a series of work based on the London map. Removing and retaining certain references to create an imagined geography where current knowledge is absent or
disorientating, but alluding to the possibility of either a new landscape or a return to a forgotten past.

For Sweet 'Art's Summer Show So-Ha Au will be exhibiting two of her paintings.

Anchor 37

Victoria Coster


“My work finds its expression in a variety of mediums, many pieces are cyclical, extensions of the past, a way of shifting lines between fact and fiction. Poststructuralist writing particularly the Ecriture feminine of Helen Cixous and a background in theatre are influential in the development of ideas”

Victoria is a mixed media artist living and working in London. She graduated from the sculpture department of University College Falmouth in 2006 gaining a first class honors' degree in Fine Art. In 2011 she was nominated by the Chora Council to receive an award from Metabolic Studios.

For Sweet ‘Arts Summer Show Victoria will be showing her mixed media piece 'The place your mamma warned you about'. “The arena as metaphor for anticipated happenings, the literal, the abstract, concrete or illusion, the dramas of life await to unfold, relationships in flux, to self, to other, the place can be internal, or external, in location we observe, becoming the observed”

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