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A Mimura                    Alice Melita Steffen                    Bex Massey   Bozena Kaluga               Carl Meek                               Catalin Geana   Clare Skill                 Corrina Eastwood                        Dannielle Hodson  Donna Harle                 Dumisani Ndlovu                         Eileen Budd   Electra Costa               Elspeth Scott                           Emily Pütter  Fiona Halliday              Francesco Polazzi                       George Kloet    

Graham Martin               Jennifer Kaplan-Ortiz                   Jerome Beresford Jessie Dodington            Joanna Layla                            John Gathercole   Jon Delgado                 Karina Geddes                           Lisa Mitchell

Liz Haney                   Maciej Hoffman                          Mahtab Grimshaw   Marianne Nix                Mark Whithorn                           Michelle Abbott   Nicholas Brown              Olga Shutova­-Prashnova & Nikolay Prashnov  

Rart & Sete                 Rebecca Coleman                         Ricki Nerreter   Sally Jones                 Sam Hodge                               Samuel Eyles   Sarah Underwood             Siân Louise Spicer                      Susan Clare   Susie Olczak                Tatiana Sveshnikova                     Timothy Shepard   Tom Rushmer                 Victoria Coster

Anchor 77
A. Mimura


The naked and the human body, the mythological fauna, landscapes of the soul, which reflects a state of mind are the themes that A. Mimura explores using different styles and approaches.

A Mimura lives and works in Portugal and in U.K., as an artist and as a teacher in veriouse schools teaching Art, Philosophy and Humanities while also developing his work as an artist exhibiting in different parts of the world. He has also published works about Erotism with international Portuguese artist Julião Sarmento and a book of essays by Universidade Nova de Lisboa.

For Freeze A Mimura will be exhibiting two of his works The Madame and the Novice’ and ‘Tired Women’.

Anchor 78
Alice Melita Steffen


“My work embodies the exploration of language, taken from everyday experiences, segregation of class based social systems, and the extreme environmental comparisons of class systems .The exploration of these themes is transposed into my work which becomes a dialog with the viewer acting like a telephone. My work is autobiographic reflecting the multiple facets that define my personhood”

Alice was born and born and bread in Essex and has attended Glasgow School of Art and School of the Art Institute Chicago. After she completed her BA Degree, she received a Post Graduate Diploma at The London City and Guilds Art School were she was able to experiment more with her technical abilities while still exploring her conceptual ideas. She later joined the Casting Team for the Royal Jubilee Barge, one of the biggest honors in her artistic career to date. In the past year, Revlon have commissioned Alice for two sculptures to celebrate “80 Years of Revlon”.

For Freeze Alice will be exhibiting her sculptural piece ‘Woman of Chelsea’.

Anchor 79
Bex Massey


Bex Massey’s work is based on the copious stories found within newspapers and on occasion the broadsheets themselves as physical entities. Massey appropriates images from Media headlines and translates them through paint. She combines these canvases with objects which reference British nostalgia. Moreover she often couples entities that talk of a mass produced 80’s childhood in which she grew up. In so doing she cements our recent history in a slower, naively easier and more playful tense.
Bex is from Newcastle and presently lives and works in London after completing her MA in Fine Art at the Chelsea College of Art. ‘Untitled’ from her final show at Chelsea was bought by the Leslie collection and she has exhibited nationally and internationally and most recently was selected for the Young Masters prize as part of Frieze week. Massey’s installations question the ideals of expectation, with impetus on manner of display and art history.

For Freeze Bex will be exhibiting ‘Mandela’.



Anchor 80
Bozenga Kaluga


“I work in several mediums such as 3D Fiber Art, drawing, painting, graphics and painting on silk. Repeatedly I use natural material such as cotton, metal, wire, wood or paper. I use light and shadows to define textures, which is one of the characteristic in my work. The process of manipulating the cotton thread become for me the media of free artistic expression. I build my abstract compositions through the use of thread as line in order to layer space and texture.”

Bozena studied her MA in fiber art and sculpture and has exhibited widely in the US, Germany, Belgium and Switzerland.

For Freeze Bozena will be exhibiting two works ‘Swing with Rose’ and ‘I am looking for only you’.

Anchor 81
Carl Meek


"My work is produced in self-contained, conceptual series of images and objects. The two paintings are from Profile Pictures that deals with the solipsistic attitudes that exist in internet- based forms of self-actualisation; i.e. the proliferation of digital imaging allowing everyone to ‘post’ images which self-represent with it’s resultant effect on veracity. Using the internet as its’ source I make a selection of groups - by interest, relationship, etc., and produce a collection of paintings and drawings based upon the images used; such as these from Facebook pages that purport to be of the one, true Santa.

I graduated from Byam Shaw School of Art in London in 1991. My work has been exhibited widely, most recently at the Mall Galleries | London, Espacio Gallery | London, and Place Suisse des Arts | Schweizer Kunstraum | Lausanne, Switzerland. I am also participating in a cultural study of contemporary London life organised by the Italian filmmaker and anthropologist Elia Romanelli under Professor Piero Vereni of the University of Rome, leading toward a book to be published in 2014. In May I produced my first book - Twenty-five Gerhard Richters - based on the series of drawings with the same title."

For Freeze Carl will be exhibiting his painting ‘Santa2’

Anchor 82
Catalin Geana


“I like sculpture because it affords me the chance to translate what i feel through concrete, physical, things, of an undoubtable existence through mass and volume. Modeling excites me, because I feel I give life to matter that only exists as potentiality. I prefer the bronze because its a noble material. I take my inspiration from ancient art but also from everything around me, things, animals and people. I deliberately go against the academic rules. I prefer to have my own rules, made by me but shown to all, shared through my work”.

Catalin has taught sculpture at the Art College in Targu-Jiu and his works have been showcased in many solo and group exhibitions throughout Romania. He has also exhibited widely abroad in Austria, Berlin and at the Biennale of Chianciano, Italy. He was also selected this year for Contemporary Visions IV, London and has won various prices for his work.

For Freeze Catalin will be exhibiting two works entitled ‘The Guargian’ and ‘The Ballerina’.

Anchor 83
Clare Skill


The fascination of people and their thoughts, emotions and imaginations fuel ideas for the drawings Clare produces. Using inks and pens, she enjoys drawing by hand, giving a personal feel to the work and creating plenty of detail in the hope of producing some visually intriguing pieces. The Mandala Variations represent inspiration and imagination expanding out of a centre source. Inspired by Mandala, the idea of pattern, shape and colour being used to represent energy from a core, these are her Mandala Variations.

Clare grew up in Nottingham and graduated in Decorative Arts Ba from Nottingham Trent University. Although she enjoyed learning about various mediums and crafts, the art of drawing by hand was always what she loved. After university she spent 6 months travelling in northern Italy, taking in the culture, observing the beautiful design and lifestyle, and drawing in every place she visited. Now living and working in London, she is at the beginning of her journey of being an artist, with hopes of exhibiting widely and creating interesting pieces that are distinguished for skill, beauty and concept.

For Freeze Clare will be exhibiting ‘Mandala variation 3’and ’Mandala variation 4’

Anchor 84
Corrina Eastwood


Corrina Eastwood's practice for many years has been concerned conceptually and aesthetically with the ambiguous nature of the impact of trauma. Exploring physical and emotional scars, the healing process and the way in which we view such trauma. This over arching theme has been explored through her abstracted painting and film making. More recently Corrina has begun to focus on the notion of a society that contributes to the development of a distorted or traumatized female sense of self.

Corrina Eastwood has been a practicing artist for 12 years working as a painter and more recently in film. Following completion of her BA hons in FineArt Painting in 2000 Corrina went on to complete her MA in Art Psychotherapy and now works with both children and adults in a range of private and community settings.

She has exhibited extensively over the past 12 years in a range of settings, curating many of her own shows and most recently held her first London based solo exhibition. 'Lines in the Sand' is Corrina's first short film as both co director and writer, which previewed at Cannes film festival 2012 and was also selected for Raindance film festival in the same year.

Corrina also has a keen interest in feminist issues and in 2012 saw her first publication of feminist writings as well as founding the art collective Sweet 'Art.

For Freeze Corrina will be exhibiting four of her paintings.

Anchor 85
Dannielle Hodson


Drawing from the notions of The Absurd, whereby there is no meaning to be found in the world except for what we give to it, Dannielle tackles values, belief systems and asks big questions, who are we and what does it all mean? Identity is at the core of Dannielle’s practice working between objectivity and subjectivity she creates a body of work that depicts the time we live in and how we place ourselves in it. She uses social media and her IPhone to capture data and works in a variety of mediums, choosing the best media to fit the emotion of the character.

Danielle graduated from Central St Martins in 2001 and has worked in fashion and art and also runs the fashion art label Maison Twenty. She has exhibited in the Pallant House Gallery, Hastings Museum of Modern art and the Royal Academy as well as in high-end retailers such as Harvey Nichols and Browns.

For Freeze Dannielle will be exhibiting two works ‘Astill’ and ‘Le Pustra’

Anchor 86


Stenders [Noun] - a state/ feeling of mild physical and mental distress. 

‘stenders can come in 30 minute bursts; sometimes lasting up to an hour, if feeling deeply omnibusal.

WARNING: Can be FATAL around Christmas time.

Donna Harle is an artist and comedy writer based in London. She paints off-kilter caricatures from the world of popular culture using oils on paper.

For Freeze Donna will be exhibiting three oil paintings from her 'stenders collection, ‘PAAAT’, ‘OOH I SAY’, ‘WANNA SCHLAP?’

Anchor 87
Dumisani Ndlovu


“My artwork takes a critical view of social, political and cultural issues. In my work, I use a variety of materials and processes in each project. The subject matter of each body of work determines the materials and the forms of the work. I use my depictions as a process that nurtures insight into the future or past and quest for human solutions to problems, everyday life with its joys and obstacles.


The color blue establishes coolness, calmness, sincerity and spirituality, while colors red, orange and brown establishes warmness, focus, healing, comfortable feeling of wholesomeness, naturalness, dependability and down to earth feeling”

Dumisani lives in Zimbabwe and currently works from the National Gallery of Zimbabwe in Bulawayo in a printmaking studio and has exhibited in numerous group exhibitions at home and abroad such as Zimbabwe Heritage, International exhibition of Graphics, Portland Art Museum, U.S.A, Africa Exhibit Germany, the 8th International exhibition of Prints and Drawings in Finland and the Visual Artists Association of Bulawayo annual exhibition.

For Freeze Dumisani will be exhibiting ‘Guinea Fowles’

Anchor 88
Eileen Budd


“I am a visual artist, scuba diver and surfer. I create paintings from the underwater photographs taken on diving expeditions and boats I’ve worked on all over the world from Fiji and Tasmania to the Scottish Borders. The alien spectrum of colours and textures in this silent universe is a constant source of inspiration for me. I work mainly in acrylic on canvas and sometimes experiment with ink”.

Eileen has been selected for the Vienna Showcase and has recently had two paintings selected for the Saatchi Screen Project in the Saatchi Gallery in London. 

For Freeze Eileen will be showing ‘Found by tourchlight’

Anchor 89
Electra Costa


“Through my practice I explore and question our sometimes romanticized and wholesome views of the past and evoking lost childhood innocents, through the use of found vintage imagery such as family photographs and children’s books 

I mainly use mediums that have the appearance of non permanence, such as soft pastel and pencil. As the drawings then seem easy to wipe away and to disappear forever representing the fragility of childhood innocence and of the past. 

I sometimes use humor to create a reaction but it comes from the darkest end of the comic spectrum. The images are both comfortably familiar and deeply unsettling.”

Electra Costa lives and works in London. She studies fine art and since graduating has exhibited her work throughout the UK as well as abroad. She has exhibited at the Unhinged Festival at Electric Brixton and was a finalist for the OPENCUEB 2013 international art competition at cueB Gallery. She was also selected for the second stage of the international art competition Neo: Artprize 2013, at Neo: gallery 22 in London.

For Freeze Electra will be exhibiting four pieces, ‘Feed Me’, ‘Peak a Boo’, ‘Father Bear’, ‘The Easter Bunny’.

Anchor 90
Elspeth Scott


"One summer’s evening I was invited to see Puccini’s Madame Butterfly live on screen in Trafalgar Square. A large crowd had gathered and were sitting on the ground, covering every bit of space, and as everyone watched the opera in silence a solitary seagull flew about overhead throughout the whole performance, seemingly enjoying the spectacle. As Christmas approached I decided to feature one of the four lions that guard Nelson’s Column in an illustration with the gull talking to the angel, who is seated on the lion’s back against a backdrop looking towards the Thames and the London Eye."

Elspeth Scott studied fashion and textiles at St. Martin’s School of Art and then worked as a childrenswear designer. Later she did an MA in Art Psychotherapy at Hertfordshire University and now works as an art therapist and freelance artist in London.

For Freeze Elsbeth will be showing her piece ‘London Angel’.

Anchor 91
Emily Pütter


“These angels come and go with the waves and we see them , when we are able to. Each one is hand over painted and an original. The prints from the photos are also taken by me, in Maroc in Essaoira , where I was working on my participation in the Biennal of Casablanca. The work of the sandangel is printed and the series can be viewed in a catalog available form amazon: Emily Puetter, Sandenel Ifitry”

The making of the Sandangels can be viewed as a film with music by the English composer Michael Neil.

For Freeze Emily will be exhibiting a prints from the sandangel series titled ‘Baroa’

Anchor 92
Fiona Halliday


is a painter based in South Yorkshire. For the past couple of years Fiona has been exploring the traditional vehicle of still lifes. As her work progresses in skill and focus she has been able to use the genre to enjoy the simple pleasures of exploring form, colour and light, building up to using it as a tool of visual language and as a tool of expression.

Fiona was born in 1986, graduated from the University of Huddersfield with a degree in painting and drawing in 2007. She has since continued her painting practice exploring and experimenting with different avenues. Since graduating she has regularly exhibited in shows around the north of England. Alongside this, Fiona also set up a collective called ‘Northern Young Artists’ in 2008 which continues to run studios and exhibition space in Barnsley, South Yorkshire.

For Freeze Fiona will be exhibiting her painting ‘Lemons’.

Anchor 93
George Kloet


George isn’t sorry for his drawings and he’d do them again.George is trying to draw his way to freedom as a freelance illustrator.


For Freeze Charles will be exhibiting five of his illustrations ‘All Together Now’ ‘Die in Snow’ ‘Legs Are Tasty Shit’ ‘Maintain Vigilance’ ‘Telekinetic Coffee’.

Anchor 94
Graham Martin


“I am interested in architecture and urban spaces. This has been the subject of my paintings in recent years. I am particularly interested in the social housing and high rise blocks which sprung up across London (and more widely across Britain) in the 50's, 60's and 70's. These once grand architectural visions of modern living are today being left to decay around the people living in them or otherwise vacated and ear marked for demolition amidst the regeneration of many areas in London and other cities across Britain. The landmark tower blocks and surrounding urban spaces across East London are the focus of my current work”.

Graham grew up in the west coast of Scotland and undertook a BA in Design and Applied Arts at Edinburgh College of Art. He has lived and worked in Edinburgh, Geneva and Paris and currently lives in East London.

For Freeze Graham will exhibit two works ‘Victor House’ and ‘Yates House’

Anchor 95
Jennifer Kaplan-Ortiz


"My art is influenced by spaces and objects with short life spans, I find beauty in these moments that seem to be quickly passing. I have built up an odd attraction to the natural forms the pieces I build take on, they grow and eventually decay and abstract themselves, there is something nostalgic yet breathtaking in the unknown.”

Jennifer is Puerto Rican, London based artist and has an eclectic set of work that fluctuates from Commercial and Fine Art Photography, to Sculpture. Her sculptural work frequently consists of organic elements such as wood, alginate and plants, these pieces are often incorporated into her photography.
Traveling in and out of the country from a young age influenced her passion for different art forms and subjects. This nomadic childhood resonates in her work, which led to an interest in both mediums and moments within her art that appear temporary, and somewhat perishable.

For Freeze Jennifer will be exhibiting two works ‘Movement I &II’

Anchor 96
Jerome Beresford


Jerome Beresford creates work that explores the tension between modern and traditional design and drafting styles by fusing computational design, cutting edge software and physical image making. He has recently started developing interactive installation works.

He has recently qualified as an architect and has worked in various architectural practices over the last 10 years. He is currently his practice's new technology champion and is managing its transition to Building Information Modelling, a new method of virtually constructing buildings during the design stage. He is currently working on projects for London Underground and Crossrail.

Jerome has exhibited his work in many shows in and around London, most recently showing several works as part of the group show ‘Not a Drop’ and Sweet ‘Arts ‘Aneurithms’.

For Freeze Jerome will be showing a series of his drawings.

Anchor 97
Jessie Dodington


“These landscapes are part of a series entitled, “Sleeping in the Forest, Waking in the Desert,” wherein I am exploring the differences between the landscape I grew up in (a lush, green Canada) and the Southwestern plains and desert that I recently moved to. I often work “en plein air,” aiming to capture the character and essence of a particular place. I have disrupted many a territorial snake and suffered much dehydration in the process of creating these small pieces, and yet... I hope they express my great affection and reverence for my new surroundings.”

Jessie is a visual artist working in oil, watercolor and drawing media. She graduated with a BFA from Mount Allison University in Canada in 2008. Since then her work has been exhibited in group and solo shows throughout the province and internationally. She now resides in Portales, New Mexico, where she paints full time, perpetually inspired by her surroundings. She is teaching private art lessons, illustrating a biology textbook as well as her own children’s stories, and designing and publishing knitting patterns. Her artwork reflects her love of nature and the varied landscapes she has found herself living in.

For Freeze Jessie will be exhibiting two of her paintings, ‘Silver Lake Begins to Freeze’ and ‘Where I Saw the Snake’.

Anchor 98
Joanna Layla


A fine artist whose work ranges from the fragility of illustration to large-scale installation and mixed media work. Self-taught, Joanna embraces the liminal territories of art making, drawing in the space between paper and sculpture, two-dimensional and three-dimensional planes. Exploring the tension between the act of mark making and the action of the trace, her first mark informs her last – both often visible in the final state of the piece. Joanna Layla’s new hand-drawn miniature series 'Meta-morphing' - created especially for the Sweet' Art Freeze show - is a playful exploration of metamorphosis through a series of studies and diagrams. Twisting the winter theme of hibernation to reveal small wonders emerging from the darkness of winter.

An emerging artist, Joanna Layla has only been practicing full time since March 2012 developing commissioned work and exhibition pieces, tutoring at Central St Martins and leading visual art workshops. Currently artist-in-residence with Lyrix Organix, she embraces solo and collaborative artwork, including a role as leading live artist for the Cultural Olympiad in 2012. A first-class degree in English Literature sparked an enduring interest in the choreography of visual language. The curiosity to develop and trace the line of her own visual language through different cultures has taken her to India, East Europe, East Africa, Haiti, Cuba and most recently China and SE Asia.

For Freeze Joanna will exhibiting five pieces from the Meta-morphing series, ‘Baby Buffalo-Hopper’, ‘Ant Eaten’, ‘Big Cat-erpillar’ and ‘Rhino-Features’.

Anchor 99
John Gathercole


John Gathercole came to prominence in the Kuntists. Since then he has created a substantial, intelligent, comical and challenging body of work.


His art is characterised by parody and irreverence. Combing influences, from philosophy, psychoanalysis, art history, humour, popular culture and the perpetual human preoccupation with mortality. Addressing the transgressive realities of anatomical existence as in surgery and physical abstraction. Tackling the social ideals of beauty and the contiguity of sex and death. Through aesthetics of horror and disgust, he explores how humour can breach all boundaries. The perception of originality, validity of appropriation and artistic creation are covered too.

John has shown and sold worldwide including including at the Tate Britain and Modern.
His work has often been patronized by celebrities who he has portrayed, including Ronnie Wood & the Chapman Brothers and he has also appeared on the Graham Norton show!

For Freeze John will be showing three of his works ‘Burn’ ‘Approbation’ and ‘Absolve’

Anchor 100
Jon Delgado


Jon Delgado's artworks take us on a magical journey in the natural world. For the artist, the countryside through the changing seasons is a treasure trove of beautiful harmonies and contrasts of colours, light and shade, but more than that and above all, a repository of childhood memories. Inspiration is drawn from a careful observation of nature, the personal experience of walks through Essex landscapes - and from family photographs and found imagery.

Jon has become skilled in the use of single-coloured, water-based dyes, investigating their reaction with chemical agents on paper to produce luminescent, dream-like works.

Jon was born in Chelmsford, where he grew up. Interested in art throughout his life, from school he went on to study Art and Design at Colchester Institute, before completing a BA Fine Art Degree at Bath Spa University, where he specialised in painting. He now works and lives in London, often returning to his home town and surrounding areas, which has a strong resonance, retaining memories and still providing artistic inspiration.

Jon has previously exhibited in Bristol, Chelmsford and Central London.

For Freeze Jon will be exhibiting ‘From the Jewel Tower’, ‘Falling Star’, ‘Frozen Moment’.

Anchor 101
Karina Geddes


“A range of illustration based on Sylvia Plath's "the Bell Jar", my work touches on issues surrounding coping with reality and the distortion of everyday objects. It is a discussion of mental illness and feminism, two issues that I find Important and largely ignored in todays society. I have juxtaposed ugly imagery with bright colours and my whimsy style”.

For Freeze Karina will be exhibiting three of her illistrations.

Anchor 102
Lisa Mitchell


“I have always had a fascination for the past and exploring the beauty found within the realms of decay and dereliction and history. My work is often emotive, drawing on intense and personal life histories, retelling fragmented stories from long ago strangers. As a Fine Artist I enjoy working with recycled materials and with a spectrum of mediums, be it the written word, sculpture or painting. At the present time I am working with digital photography, capturing snapshots in time and recording memories before all is once again lost.” 

Lisa is currently working as an Arts Teacher for Adults with Learning Disabilities as well as creating her own multimedia work. She studied Fashion & Textiles at De Montfort University in Leicester where she also studied an MA in Fine Art.

Lisa has exhibited through out the East Midlands and at the Design Museum in London and her work is held by private collectors in both France and Australia. In 2014 Lisa will be exhibiting in two solo exhibitions in Lincoln.

For Freeze Lisa will be showing two of her photographes ‘Bettys Shoe’ and ‘Memories’

Anchor 103
Liz Haney


Liz Haney trained at York University in Toronto and received her B.F.A in the spring of 2008, majoring in both painting and photography. She also studied painting and photography at various other institutions including the University of Toronto, Humber College and the Art Gallery of Ontario.


Since then she has been working at the Art Gallery of Ontario in various departments, most recently in the Prints and Drawing department as part of the curating team. Her work at the gallery has also included providing educational programs for school children and tactile tours for the blind.

For Freeze Liz will be exhibiting ‘Artist dinner party 1 & 2’

Anchor 104
Marciej Hoffman


“In painting, I appreciate the courage of opinion and the freedom in the means of expression. I do not like decorativeness and submission to trends or fashion. I do not emphasize no means of expression or artistic techniques – the intellectual values of art are more important to me than the style in which they are expressed. In the modern world, art is the margin of freedom, which can and should be used.”

Maciej was born in Wroclaw , Poland. He Studied at the Faculty of Theology at the Papal Theological Academy in Wroclaw and then Faculty of Painting, Graphics and Sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Wroclaw. He works and live in England and has exhibited around the world including many parts of Europe the US and South America.

For Freeze Maciej will be exhibiting his painting ‘Rain’

Anchor 105
Mahtab Grimshaw


“When I left my country I was a puppeteer when I first arrived here I was still a puppeteer but there was no use of the puppets I made anymore, I didn’t know how to get involved in theatre again then I stopped my puppets from moving their limbs, they became still like a statue and since most of them are based on my childhood stories and my homeland nostalgic feeling left in me I would like to call them dolls! When you miss home you make a home wherever you are and that is what I did I made a home full of good and bad memory of those days!”

Mahtab was in the north of Iran and graduated with a 1st class B.A. degree in Puppetry Theatre from the Division of Fine Arts, University of Tehran. She went on to complete an M.A. degree in Drama & Literature. She has worked in Iran as a theatre director, playwright, puppet maker, and stage designer and now lives and works in London focusing mainly on producing clay dolls.

For Freeze Mahtab will be exhibiting three works, ‘Being an Angel ‘ ‘Free at last’ and ‘Scarecrow in lover’

Anchor 106
Marianna Nix


Conscious that human understanding and invention in other spheres has influenced artists, Marianne is concerned with her accumulated influences, the chemistry of materials, how they interact with each other as well how we experience them through our human biology. Gathering material on the internet today mean that she can create work that previously would have been very difficult to put together. Her intention is that the time she lives in means she is producing art of her time.

For Freeze Marianna will be exhibiting ‘A Leaving Present Dinosaur Eggs’ which she also exhibited this year at the Royal Academy Summer Show.

Anchor 107
Mark Whithorn


“My Digital collages play around with the juxtaposition of objects or colors within the use of Old discarded photographs. Grabbing inspiration from current events and biographical elements. There is no specific idea or theme behind each collage, as I want the viewer to come up with their own ideas of the work”.

Mark is a recent graduate from the University of Derby and is now studying a Masters degree in Fine Art. He has exhibited in many group exhibitions around the UK.

For Freeze Mark will be showing three works, ‘Untitled 2’ ‘Untitled 3’ ‘Untitled 5’.

Anchor 108
Michelle Abbott


“I investigate the paths and connections with others amidst the chaos of 7 billion. Abstract codes and depictions chart synchronicity and patterns that we have over a day, a year, a lifetime; ever more prevalent in our lives with current technology. Working on paper, with pencils, watercolour and collage, physically sewing through paper with silk threads, I investigate and map the continuity and randomness of connections to others through our encounters and existence. Numerology, layers and secret codes are charted and brought together by threads to visually plot a graph of existence - almost as a ship would plot its course.”

Michelle completed her MA in Fine Art at the University of Edinburgh/Edinburgh College of Art. She has exhibited her work extensively in group and solos shows in Brighton, London and Edinburgh and undertaken a number of commissions during her career. Her Works are also held in private collections in the UK, Europe and USA.

For Freeze Michelle with be exhibiting three of her works ‘A&(m)E’, ‘One Eight One Five’ and ‘Slice of My Pie’.

Anchor 109
Nicholas Brown


Nicholas Brown completed his Fine Art MA at The Slade School of Art in 2004. Since then he has exhibited extensively at galleries such as Flowers Central, The Signal Gallery and The Whitechapel Galley.

His work is in private collections in Europe, the USA and Israel, including that of Florence de Botton, International Director of Contemporary Art at Christies.

For Freeze Nick will be exhibiting four of his drawings; 'Plums', 'Spotlight', 'Rudolf' and 'John'

Anchor 110
Olga Shutova­-Prashnova & Nikolay Prashnov


Olga and Nikolay glorify female beauty, smooth lines and femininity. Trying to know reasons of the universe and wanting to draw people's attention to it, they raise the question of social and psychological problems in modern society. Eternal values, problems of existence and coexistence of personality and sub personality. Theirs Dolls seek to possess qualities of the conscious and subconscious and a proper understanding and acceptance of the surrounding world. 

Olga Shutova­-Prashnova and Nikolay Prashnov are a married couple who together create ShirrStone Shelter dolls who live & work in St.Petersburg, Russia.

For Freeze Olga and Nikolay will be exhibiting three of their ShirrStone Shelter dolls.

Anchor 111
Rart & Sete


"We build our art with the ingredients we have to hand, mixing it up, as we feel fit at the time. Using any material exclusively is not our style. Some works are created in a matter of minutes, yet others take many months or even years before the concept is realized.
We examine things that permeate every level of society and provide a constant yet changing measure of the social climate. 
We are about documenting the times. Our work does not only reflect the jocular, but also takes an attitude, perception or moment, encapsulates it, with all its inherent social ramifications, out of its natural context, then reconstructs and redefines that moment as a permanent record."

For Freeze Rart &Sete will be exhibiting ‘Second Class’

Anchor 112
Rebecca Coleman


“From my childhood I have always been fascinated by the natural world: My earliest memories are of walking home through ink black woods, onto a silver ribbon of road. This made me aware of the subtleties of shade, and heightened my perception of events that intensify chiaroscuro effects, like a full moon on a cloudless night or the transient illumination of rail lines when a train passes along. Attempting to capture this change from light to dark is what guides my work.”

Rebecca studied entomology at Imperial College which fostered her passion for drawing the natural world. She studies both illustration and wood engraving which introduced her to various forms of printing and ignited her interest in this medium.

She has exhibited extensively including with the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, Society of Wood Engravers, Society of Graphic Fine Art; Royal Society of British Artists, Cork Street Summer Exhibition and Patchings Open where she was winner of the Derwent Prize.

For Freeze Rebecca will be exhibiting ‘Contemplation’ and ‘Pylon VC9’

Anchor 113
Rebecca Coleman


Ricki uses her old Childhood Toys and Trinkets to build her 3D Diary. Based on strong ties to her upbringing and values she was brought up with, she assembles colourful yet dark sculptures, to preserve the adulthood experience under glass. Viewers are invited to take a closer look and share her life with them. All works come with a Poem reflecting the actual diary entry. Her work is fragile but so is Life itself.

Ricki was born in Germany, studied Art and worked as a Graphic Artist, Visual Merchandiser, Songwriter/Singer and freelance Artist. She now works and lives in London. After a stroke at the age of 38 she now choses Installations as her way of expression.

For Freeze Ricki will be showing ‘He Was Player’.

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Sally Jones


“My work is generally figurative often taking found images or familiar objects as its starting point, then transforming or re-imagining them to alter interpretation and confound stereotype.
Recent work focuses on emotionally charged images of characters from fictional dramas. The fiction has been made apparent by the use of enhanced colour and the use of dialogue as the paintings’ title. It is an attempt to capture the action of expression out of context. I am interested in capturing moments that portray the human psyche, of blurring the boundary between fact and fiction; and in the relationship between the title and image”.

Sally lives and works in London. She is a fine artist working predominantly in painting and mixed media and completed a BA Hons in Fine Art and a PGCE in Art & Design. She is an experienced Art & Design teacher and has also worked on freelance projects including artist-in-residency work, art workshops, murals, backdrops, props, photo sessions, commissions and private work.

For Freeze Sally will show her piece ‘I've Thought About Your proposal’

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Sam Hodge


“I am interested in accidents and what we make of them. Out of the accumulated accidents of natural and historical process, complexity and form emerge. As humans we cannot help selecting, collecting and interpreting the results. Giving importance and meaning to what we see and show. My experience as a painting conservator has given me an interest in the processes of creation and destruction of material objects. My scientific education has given me an interest in emergent complexity and in the methods and aesthetic conventions of scientific collection and interpretation. As an artist I make what I can out of this.”

Sam was educated as a scientist; with a degree in Natural Sciences from Cambridge University. She then studied Painting Conservation at The Courtauld Institute of Art and has worked for several years as a Painting Conservator for some major public collections including The Tate. Of recent years she has concerntrainted on her own practice as an artist and had her first solo exhibition in 2009. Since then she has exhibited in group exhibitions and in 2013 was Artist in Residence at the Barbican and Chisenhale.

For Freeze Sam will be exhibiting two works fro the series ‘Unfortunate Events’.

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Samuel Eyles


“In my work I am trying to explore the idea of burying and uncovering marks, nothing is contrived or preconceived, it is accidental art, with the intent of emerging much like the imperfections of any absent space”. 

Samuel is a fine artist currently living and working in London. Exploring in his practice the ideas of modern expressionism. He has worked as a curator for Berlin based artists and now wishes to concentrate on exhibiting his own art works.

For Freeze Samuel will be showing three works “Excavation In Separation 01”, “Excavation In Separation 02”, “The Worm 01”

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Sarah Underwood


"I have been profoundly deaf all my life, but only received a hearing aid when I was 28. Subsequently, I grew up developing many coping strategies for communication. 

To connect to the world around me is not only about the difficulties my disability creates with communication, but the connections I make in my mind in order to decipher the riddle of words and sounds around me to facilitate useful conversations. I look at people’s eyes to interpret expression, and this gives away a lot helping me to connect with a person. 

Tinnitus is a constant aural interference. For me fluid rushing sounds and high-pitched bells can drown out or interfere with external sounds. The colour, patterns and shape in my work are the aural bombardments, disorganised, and conflicting. 

The leaves represent the first time I ever heard the sound of leaves and trees rustling, a moment of calm in a world of confusing sounds. Forming my love and connection with nature"

Sarah Underwood is a London based illustrator and artist specialising in children's book and editorial illustration. Her obsessions lie in drawing and experimenting with colour and technique. Sarah’s work is infused with inspiration from the natural world, be it colour, shapes or her love of animals. She develops characters (animal or human) that reveal an insight into their lives and habitats and is particularly interested in the visual narrative. Her work regularly explores techniques using pattern and various mediums, which are then pulled together in a digital format to create the final piece.

Sarah previously worked for ten years in the children’s publishing industry as well as a local charity for disabled people where she runs art classes for children with learning difficulties exploring self-advocacy, inclusion and confidence building through accessible art. She is actively interested in disability rights, supporting people with disabilities and hopes to express a personal insight into her experiences of disability through her work.

For Freeze Sarah will be exhibiting an illustration called ‘With Bells and Whistles’.

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Siân Louise Spicer


“I squish, scribble and scratch.

My Artistic practice explores the relationship between materials, senses, and processes. Drawn to certain objects; bought, found, given, and grown; familiar and unfamiliar; I combine and overload visual elements creating rich and layered reference points. Associations with craft and consumption, colours, textures, shapes and patterns. A specific dialogue happens between pieces, treading the line between introverted and extroverted. Playfully odd and unsettlingly attractive; seductive and/or dark at times.
The size of things I make is often small, but through multiples and scale shifts, I create quirky 'worlds' in the form of sensory installations.”

Sian is a multidisciplinary visual artist, working across various platforms. She recently graduated from Goldmiths College studying Fine Art, and is currently working freelance for various visual display artists in addition to her own artwork ventures.

For Freeze Sian will be creating an Alternative Christmas Installation.

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Susan Clare


I am a self-taught watercolour artist, exploring the abstract patterning and organic flow within the natural world. My inspiration has been drawn from the luscious environment of my home in Jamaica, where I have been painting and exhibiting for over15 years. Now returned to Essex to live, I hope to invite my viewer to reconnect with the transcendent beauty of the natural world. I believe we would all live healthier, happier lives if we could exchange worry for appreciation and gratitude, for a little time each day. I hope my work can facilitate that.

After a career in scuba diving, in Jamaica, I turned full-time painter, in 1997. Mentored by sculptress and painter, Jannette Eyles, I worked from her studio for 8 months, before my first solo exhibition at Round Hill Hotel.

I have shown five more major exhibitions in Montego Bay and Negril, and many group exhibitions, across Jamaica and Florida. I was one of seven artists chosen for a coffee table book, "Montego Bay - Jamaica" by Pauline Reid, published 2011. My work is in Coyaba Resort, the World Bank, Kingston, private collections in the Caribbean, England, USA, Canada, Europe and Iceland.

For Freeze Clare will be exhibiting her water colour ‘Five Tangerines’ 

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Susie Olczak


Susie Olczak’s work and research is influenced by minimalism, geometry, light, balance and architecture. It explores how the viewer experiences space, form and light. Her installation work alters, highlights or creates space for the viewer to interact with. Inspired by the materials she uses to make her sculptures and installations. Susie produces abstract photographs which become optical illusions or make space ambiguous and encourage the viewer to rethink the way they perceive. 

Olczak uses scale that is recognisable to the viewer, evoking architecture but to a smaller scale, so that the space becomes more intimate. Material processes are important in her work and she believes that technical skill and quality is important alongside concept in a body of work. Susie explores materials such as perspex, steel, concrete and stone and combines them to change their perceived properties. 

Since graduating from the Glasgow School of Art in 2010 Susie Olczak’s work has been shown around the Uk, in Japan and Finland, in galleries and the public realm. She has shown at the BBC in Scotland, Cambridge Institute of Astronomy and for Charles Saatchi at the Big Chill Festival.

For Freeze Susie will be exhibiting her work ‘Neon II’ and ‘Light’

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Tatiana Sveshnikova


“I am very much intrigued by seemingly trivial details of everyday life. In my photographs I aspire at capturing fleeting thoughts and dreams that keep running through a person's brain, the non-stop inner narrative hidden behind the appearances, as well as conveying my own emotions via an image.”

Tatiana was born in Russia. A keen traveller, she also became interested in photography and is self-taught. Her work has been exhibited in a number of juried exhibitions in Europe and the U.S.

For Freeze Tatiana will be exhibiting one of her photographs ‘Walk. St. Malo’

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Timothy Shepard


“These landscape collages merge several practices which gave much of twentieth century art making its tension. Those being painting and photography and the interaction between the two. On the one hand they represent nature in a painterly way and on the other they rely on photography to arrive at their representation of reality.

These works are sly in the way they evoke the truth of nature and yet that truth is created whole cloth from a media of mechanical reproduction. In this way they evoke the American tradition of the natural miniaturists Joseph Cornell and Neil Jenney while referencing the recent European tradition of painterly hyperreality.

Work on a Landscape Collage begins within a particular landscape or place, and overlaying impressions and perceptions in the mind. I use a camera to capture and record this experience, photographing the numerous individual elements which unselfconsciously catch my eye, but which nevertheless combine to form a memory of the place. 

Back in the studio, I reassemble these elements, layer upon layer. Hundreds of image fragments form the final picture, with a fluidity and interconnectedness that express both the actual and imagined - an omnijectivity of the plural viewpoint. This is how the mind conceives the landscape - both in the present of seeing it, and creatively as a memory. Memory is collage.”

Timothy Shepard is an American artist living and working in London and the Montagne Noire in SW France. He is a graduate of Georgetown University Washington DC. Recent group shows include: Zeitgeist Arts Projects' Discernible, Photo & Print at the Charlie Dutton Gallery, London Art Fair in Islington and 20/21 British Art Fair in Kensington (2013). His Observation Works were the subject of a special six month exhibition at the National Centre For Atmospheric Research in Boulder Colorado (2012-13) and in 2013 he had a five month solo show of 24 works at Grosvenor Street Art Space, London. 

In 2008 he was commissioned by Paul Weller to create a Landscape Collage which was used for the cover of his #1 Album 22 Dreams, and concert backkdrop, having created a piece for the cover of the critically acclaimed album by Kevin Ayers, The Unfairground,(2007) which Shepard also produced.

For Freeze Tim will be exhibiting ‘St. George's Bloomsbury’ and ‘Spitalfields’.

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Tom Rushmer


Tom Rushmer is an Illustrator based in Camberley, Surrey. Tom gains a lot of inspiration from folklore and fantasy, and his preferred medium is Pen and Ink, as well as Photoshop. His work is highly detailed and will often feature elements of a story within one image.

For Freeze Tom will be exhibiting ‘Diver’.

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Victoria Coster


“For two nights I followed a group of Christian men through the neighborhood in Aranmula, the village I was living and studying in at the time. As carol singers they went door to door chanting in Malayalam, the spoken language of Aranmula, which is known for its religious diversity. Documenting the event I was the only female present, a follower of the followers, remaining on the periphery of the celebration. I was asking what role tradition played in the shaping of individual and social identity. Questioning both the continuation of and the decline of tradition, asking "does the act of participating in collective celebration reinforce the sense of belonging". Amongst the groups, a dancing Santa Claus, the universally recognizable icon, enabling me to bridge the gap between language and culture. Was I really so far away from home!”

Victoria is a mixed media artist living and working in London. She graduated from the sculpture department of University College Falmouth in 2006 gaining a first class honors' degree in Fine Art. In 2011 she was one of twelve artists to be nominated by the Chora Council to receive an award from Metabolic Studios. 
Victoria has Exhibited with Sweet'Art's collective in both the #1 and summer show. 
She is founder member of VANDA_project which is currently focused on a digital publishing initiative.

For Freeze Victoria will be exhibiting four stills from her film ‘The Following’

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