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Summer Show Artists
Jerome Beresford                    Corrina Eastwood



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Jerome Beresford


Jerome Beresford is a practicing artist and has recently completed his professional qualification in Architecture and has worked in various architectural practices over the last 10 years. Currently his practice's new technology champion he is managing its transition to Building Information Modelling, a new method of virtually constructing buildings during the design stage. He is currently working on projects for London Underground and Crossrail.


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Corrina Eastwood

Corrina Eastwood has been a practicing artist for over 12 years working as a painter and multi-media artist and more recently in film. Following completion of her BA hons in Fine Art Painting in 2000 Corrina went on to complete her MA in Art Psychotherapy and now works with both children and adults in a range of private and community settings. 'Lines in the Sand' is Corrina's first short film as both co-director and writer, which previewed at The Cannes Film Festival in 2012 and was also selected for Raindance film festival in the same year. Corrina also has a keen interest in feminist issues and in 2012 saw her first publication of feminist writings as well as founding the art collective Sweet 'Art.

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