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Allegra Shunk

Allegra Shunk is showing two pieces; Pleasure Toys: Series 3, Beauty Product Prison Shanks.





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Amanda Struver

Amanda Struver is showing one piece; Rub


Amanda Struver is an American artist who is focused on the disruption of expectation. A native of western Wisconsin, Amanda is currently a MFA candidate at the school of Visual and Performing Arts at Syracuse University. Since embarking on her graduate career she has received various awards through the University including the Creative Opportunity Grant and the Graduate Travel Grant. During the summers of 2016 and 2017 she spent time working for Judy Chicago, a fundamental figure of the American Feminist Art Movement. In 2017, Amanda was awarded full funding to participate in the Syracuse University London Artist Residency where she reacted to the influence of CCTV and notions associated with watching and being watched.  

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Amy Oliver

Amy Oliver is showing two piece; Life, Death and Everything Inbetween IILife, Death and Everything Inbetween - The Print.


Amy Oliver has a particular interest in issues surrounding mental health, women’s rights and identity, and social and political conditions, and tends to theme her work around these topics. Her aim is to create pieces that express vulnerability and instability but which also suggest the (often subconscious) core strength within, in an attempt to capture the fragility of self. 


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Andrea Hannon

Andrea Hannon is showing one piece; In-her


Andrea Hannon is an artist, educator and researcher. Born in Coventry in 1982, she completed both her BA (Hons) (2002-05) and MA (2007-08) degrees at the Faculty of Arts and Humanities, Coventry University where in 2014 she was awarded her PhD in Visual Arts.  Her recent exhibitions include: From East to West with Love (2016) Glass Box Gallery, and The House is Still Named After Him (2016), Wolverhampton Art Gallery. She was selected prizewinner for New Art West Midlands 2015 and Coventry Drawing Prize 2015. She is an active member of The NAFAE and Co-Director of artists led organization HA.

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Anett Udud

Anett Udud is showing two pieces; (Pl)aesthetic, Torn


Anett Udud is a 24 year old Hungarian photographer who now lives in Ireland and studies Photography at Griffith College, Dublin. Over the years she has developed a unique, personal style in her photographic work, which can be defined as conceptual fine art photography. In the last two years she has exhibited her work in Ireland, the USA and Italy, and was featured in A5 Magazine and Average Art Portfolio Magazine three times.

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Anna-Lena Dube Fuller

Anna-Lena Dubé Fuller is showing five pieces; Island: BeatriceSleeve 1, Sleeve 2, Sleeve 3, Sleeve 4.


Anna-Lena Dubé Fuller is an Irish-Trinidadian artist living and working in London. Anna-Lena was raised in a small town on the outskirts of Dublin where she was the only person of colour in her school. From a young age she knew she wanted to be an artist however after finishing her degree in Fine Art she travelled the world and tried her hand at several other things before her interest in feminism led her to study Gender and Women’s Studies in Trinity College Dublin.  

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Bahar B.Faraz

Bahar B. Faraz is showing one piece; Clown


"I am a lost soul between countries, between continents, and video is my salvation". Bahar B. Faraz is an Iranian economist who has lived in Stockholm for the last seven years. Bahar works during the day and creates video-based artwork during the night.

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Carolyn Whittaker  

Carolyn Whittaker is showing one piece; I Forgot My Brain Today


Carolyn Whittaker is a printmaker, sculpture and installation artist. Originally from Lancashire and now a practising artist in London; she returned to her childhood passion in her late forties, after having children herself; studied part time for seven years, and graduated in 2015 from the University of East London with a First class honours in Fine Art and won the Dean’s prize for Art and Design. Carolyn has both exhibited and curated exhibitions in various London venues including Caroline Gardens Chapel in Peckham, and Ply Gallery in Crouch End in 2017.

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Claire Newman-Williams

Claire Newman-Williams is showing two pieces; Sugar & Spice & All Things Nice, What Are Little Girls Made Of?


Photographic artist Claire Newman-Williams was born in the UK in1966. She moved to America in 1988 and her work appeared in numerous national and international publications including Time Magazine and The Advocate. She returned to the UK in 2005 and began working with alternative processes and old cameras, blending original photographs with found text to produce intensely personal pieces that challenge the viewer to examine the role that identity plays in our lives. Self-taught, Claire was named by Rebecca Wilson of SaatchiArt as one of 4 must-see artists at The Other Art Fair, Bristol.

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Dennis Osadebe

Dennis Osadebe is showing one piece; Afronaut


Dennis Osadebe is a Nigerian-born mixed media artist best known for his vibrant Post-Pop style. Osadebe's style is a unique blend of digital processes which he uses to create canvases that are subsequently layered with acrylic paint. With his characteristic use of flattened planes and bold colours, the artist creates what he refers to as a “neo” visual style, one that is “modern, bright, expressive and provocative”.   Osadebe is a self taught artist with a business background. He has participated in numerous exhibitions in Lagos, Nigeria. His works are also part of private collections all around Nigeria. 

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Diane Larrea

Diana Larrea is showing one piece; Meat Cuts


Diana Larrea is a Fine Arts graduate from the Universidad Complutense of Madrid. Her art projects have won her many grants and prizes from various art centres, such as The Fundación Botín Visual Art Grant, The first Prize at Vida 6.0, an international competition on Art and Artificial Life, or the Community of Madrid Award for Artistic Creation. Her most recent collective exhibitions include “Os 24 degraus” at the Museu Nacional da Republica in Brasilia, the 2nd International Festival of Video Art of Camagüey (Cuba), CIGE 5th China International Gallery Exposition, Beijing, and In transition Russia at the National Centre of Contemporary Art in Moscow.

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Dianne Murphy

Dianne Murthy is showing one piece; More than the sum of our parts


Dianne Murphy graduated in 1985 with a 2:1 in fine art from Duncan of Jordanstone college of art, Dundee.  She has lectured in art colleges in Wales and has exhibited widely with pieces held in collections throughout the world. She has been involved in many social projects over the years and currently lives in the Welsh valleys with her family.

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Eli Marc Mueller

Eli Marc Mueller is showing two pieces; Remembrances 54Remembrances 72


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Eshly is showing two pieces; Looking, Sold.


Elinora Schwartz studied at the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance where she graduated with a degree in dance and music and a teaching certificate. She has performed as multimedia performer in various festivals in Israel during her career.In 2014 Elinora completed 7 psychology courses and 300 art hours at the Bezalel Art school branch (Hansen) , in preparation for studies of art and phototherapy. She went on to complete Phototherapy, Photography and Video Art studies at the Musrara School of Art and Society, Jerusalem. An artist and phototherapist, Elinora works with mentally disabled adults and children. She is also a member of female artists group "Studio Her Own"

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Elisa Pereira Martins

Elisa Pereira Martins showing one piece; miniature


Elisa Pereira Martins studies Contemporary Arts Practice and Sound Arts at the Bern University of the Arts and is the creator as well as the editor of Laranja Magazine.




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EWA PODLES is showing one piece; MADONNA NR2


Ewa Podleś was born in 1975 in Poland. In 2002 she graduated from Wroclaw Academy of Fine Arts in Glass and Ceramics. In 2002 she received her diploma in glass design as well as a diploma in painting. At the moment she is living and creating in the United Kingdom. Ewa’s works are collected in Poland, Sweden, Switzerland,Canada, Germany, Italy,The United Arab Emirates and The United Kingdom. She uses acrylic, oil ,paper and gilding on multipanels.


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Ewelina Turkot

Ewelina Turkot is showing one piece; act4_7_jeszcze tylko raz


Ewelina Turkot born in Wroclaw in 1982 and is a designer and interdisciplinary artist. She is a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts Wroclaw - Graphics, gravure printing studio. She deals with collages, artistic graphics, and widely understood graphic design. Her work constantly examines the issue of the art of women, addressing gender identity, sexuality and corporeality. 


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Grace Jackson

Grace Jackson is showing one piece; Love and Hate is a fine line (from the series 'Intimacy Diaries')


Grace Jackson grew up in Gloucestershire, England. She graduated London College of Communication in 2015, and at university she found her niche of making the personal political and using her art as therapy. Since graduating she has exhibited in London, Austria and America and been published in both online and print. 


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Gudrun Latten

Gudrun Latten is showing two pieces; Series Dépaysment - Dreamtravelling through my living room # 25, Series One of One # 13


Gudrun Latten has a Degree in Art History and History. She is member of several artist societies among them GEDOK which supports young female artists with scholarships. Gudrun Latten has shown her photographs and videos in the USA, South America and Europe. She has also won several awards for her photographs. She has been selected for interviews, catalogues and magazines (international). She has already published essays and texts in the scientific field of Art History and in the field of Art Criticism. She has recently published her first novel. 


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Hildur Henrýsdóttir

Hildur Henrýsdóttir is showing one piece; Some steps


Hildur Ása Henrýsdóttir grew up in Þórshöfn in Langanes peninsula. She graduated with a BA in Modern Studies from the University of Akureyri in 2012. In 2016 she graduated from the Fine Art department in the Iceland Academy of the Arts. She lives and works in Reykjavík.


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Holly Sabine Nerreter

Holly Sabine Nerreter is showing one piece; Glamorous Genevine


"Holly Sabine Nerreter's work spans around female homelessness, taking inspiration from many real life characters living and surviving on Skid Row , L.A. and examines issues these women encounter including drug use, domestic violence, relationship breakdowns, giving an insight into life on the streets and all it entails. "



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India Dewar

India Dewar is showing one piece; Fabric of the Cosmos


India Dewar lives and works in London. She graduated from city and guilds of London art school in 2012 and has since been exhibiting nationally on a regular basis. She recently completed two years of further training on the Turps Painting Programme. 

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Ixchel Prada

Ixchel Prada is showing five pieces; Gynaikalia's Portal, From Gynaikalia's portal,Ceramics vaces, From Gynaikalia's Portal; Portrait, From Ginaikailia's Portal; Totem, From Gynaikalia's Portal; Women reliques


Ixchel Prada is a multidisciplinary visual artist from Mexico. She graduated in stage design in “Accademia di belli Arti” di Roma and got her Masters degree in Fine Arts in Kingston University. Her artwork is based on the personal self and the collective unconscious, where women (and herself) are the focus of an elemental chaotic and dark world.

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Jake Francis 

Jake Francis is showing one piece; Who? (2016)


Jake Francis is a graduate of Norwich University of the Arts, receiving his BA Fine Art in 2014. Since gaining his degree, Jake has tried desperately to stay afloat and has experienced mild successes from time to time - most likely due to the generosity and subsequent ignorance of other artists and curators.

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Sons of Incoherence

Sons of Incoherence is showing one piece; Control


Together for the first time the un-holy alliance of Johnny K from the the Kuntists and Sete from Rart and Sete are the Sons Of Incoherence. Ressurected by the state of affairs that is this world's pitiful existence and the ever expanding hypocrisy and pretentiousness that constitutes an art world, they have combined to form a nouveau anti-art resistance movement where nothing is sacred, and everything is acceptable. Within their previous respective groups they have exhibted and sold worldwide, causing uproar and chaos along the way, including getting a council building closed, fiticuffs with Tracey Emin, pissing off the Russians and running from the law after art tagging a police car. They have taken their name from The Incoherents (Les Arts Incohérents), a short-lived French art movement founded by Parisian writer and publisher Jules Lévy in 1882, which in its satirical irreverence anticipated many of the art techniques and attitudes later associated with avant-garde and anti-art and pre-dating Duchamp and the Dadaists by decades.


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Julie Montgarrett and Sarah McEwan

Julie Montgarrett and Sarah McEwan is showing one piece; The Daily Diminish


Julie Montgarrett and Sarah McEwan collaborate as artist-curators to highlight women’s common experience of gender bias. With nuanced consideration, they challenge the doctrines of Western philosophy and history which have, in both subliminal and overt ways, shaped the complex spectrum of our collective consciousness, to enforce the operation of gendered binary hierarchical oppositions of power and privilege upon all people, places and objects. 

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Kaewkiriya Spencer-Townson

Kaewkiriya Spencer-Townson is showing two pieces; Head Trapped In Duvet With Yellow Pants On, I Dropped Something


Kaewkiriya was born in Kingston-upon-Thames in 1990. She loved to draw and make things as a child and took up her practice again in 2015. Whilst studying Politics at University she developed an interest in the feminist and socialist movement. These themes can be seen throughout her work, in which the female form frequently appears in - what she hopes to be - an unusual light.

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Karen Byrne

Karen Byrne is showing two pieces; She's all legs, Tits & Arse


Karen Byrne completed a BA (Hons) Fashion at Middlesex University and worked as a Strategic Planner in the design and branding industry.  Interested in human motivations, identity and psychology Karen has also taken short courses in psychology at Birkbeck College and is now developing her practice working in mixed media and textiles. She recently exhibited as part of the V&A's Inspired By…

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Katherine Small

Katherine Small is showing one piece; Aerial Views: Untitled IV


Katherine Small grew up on the Somerset coast before moving to Oxford to study Fine Art at Oxford Brookes University. Having recently graduated she has just moved to London to begin a career.

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Katy Dresner

Katy Dresner is showing two pieces; Comment Hidden (Community Violation), [deleted]


Katy Dresner is a new media artist. Using the internet, digital processing, textiles, and interactive installation, her practice transcends the boundaries that separate our digital and analog worlds. Her work examines the fear that personal computers and smart devices are compromising our ability to identify with ourselves and engage with our communities. She creates non-traditional art experiences that encourage participation with and contemplation about our use of technology.   

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Kelly Xi

Kelly Xi is showing one piece; Absence


Hailing from San Francisco, Kelly Xi moved to Brooklyn after graduating from Union college with degrees in molecular biology and digital media. She currently works as a 3D projection-mapping visual producer for the House of Yes, collaborating on content creation with local DJs.


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Kim Cruickshank

Kim Cruickshank is showing two pieces; Penetralia, Crown


Kim Cruickshank has a BA (Hons) Ceramics; she graduated this year from UCA, Farnham. In June her work was included in the International Society for Ceramic Art Education and Exchange at the James Hockey Gallery Farnham. Sacred Spaces was selected by the Leyden Gallery, London: Platform for Emerging Arts 15 exhibition held in July.

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Kim Thornton

Kim Thornton is showing one piece; The Smile on her Face


Kim Thornton studied at University of the Arts London (Camberwell and Chelsea) achieving her MA Fine Art in 2013.  Her work has been exhibited both in the UK and internationally and is held in the Women’s Art Library slide collection at Goldsmiths, University of London; on their newly released App (Apple Store); and in private collections.  Publications include Art Reveal Magazine, January 2017 and Material Actions catalogue (touring exhibition 2010-2).



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Kirsty McKenzie

Kirsty McKenzie is showing one piece; Clown Frown


Kirsty McKenzie is an interdisciplinary artist and costume designer. She graduated with a BFA in Fashion from RISD in 2005. She prolifically creates paintings, drawings, collages, costumes, interiors, performance, sound and video installations. Kirsty has shown her work internationally, in numerous group exhibitions in London, UK and Toronto. She was a contestant in the legendary Alternative Miss World in 2014, has appeared on BBC 1, i-D, and some of her clients include The Guardian, and Teen Vogue. She currently 'lives her art' in her magical maximalist studio in London.



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Bambi Brown

Bambi Brown is showing one piece; Lady Garden


Bambi trained as a Textile Designer and following completion of her HND, she studied Graphic Design further developing her design skills.  While working on a freelance basis for a number of years, Bambi has curated many exhibitions. Her latest endeavour in 2017 was a successful solo show in the Artists Open House festival in Brighton. 


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Laura New

Laura New is showing three pieces; Things I'm told in therapy, Things I say in therapy, Things I can't say in therapy









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Linda Gray

Linda Gray is showing two pieces; Maternity Leave, Not sitting quietly


Linda Gray studied Fine Art at Middlesex University. Her appliqued political slogans are currently being exhibited at Walthamstow Village Window Gallery, E17. Past exhibitions have included shows at La Viande Gallery in EC2, London City Airport and various venues for the annual E17 Art Trail. Linda is an experienced art educator, teaching art and textiles in the adult education sector and leading workshops for The Barbican and Create. She is co-founder of the customised clothing business ‘Queenie and Ted’.




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Louise Hildreth

Louise Hildreth is showing two pieces; Tonghus, Tonghi


Louise Hildreth lives and works between London and Italy. She was born in 1988, grew up in London and attended City and Guilds of London Art School where she studied Fine Art. Post art school, Louise spent two years living in Italy and travelled extensively through India, a period that has been vital to her practice. She has taken part in various group shows in London, Dorset, Leeds and Italy. Most recently she exhibited with Cultivate Gallery in their group show, 'INTERACT' and will be taking part in the upcoming exhibition with Brains and Lips', 'I'm Gonna Get Ya'.



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Lucy Spanyol

Lucy Spanyol is Coming is showing two pieces; Make up, Dancing girls and harpies 


Lucy Spanyol studied painting at Chelsea school of art from 1977 to 1982 graduating with an MA fine art. She has continued to paint and occasionally  exhibit in group and solo shows in and near London. The most recent was in 2016 in a show of 6 artists called 'Unnatural Histories' at the Sun pier gallery in Chatham.



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Madeleine Barratt

Madeleine Barratt is showing one piece; Host


Madeleine Barratt is a recent Fine Art graduate from the University of Leeds works in a variety of mediums, from video-performance to photography to more sculptural work. She has recently curated the University of Leeds 2017 Degree Show ‘ So What of The Future’. 


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Marina Roca Die

Marina Roca Die is showing one piece; The Blush VI


Marina Roca Die studied the Sculpture Degree in La Palma School of Art in Madrid, as well as Painting in Estudio Arjona, where she won a merit scholarship. There she learnt how to draw and paint the human figure, combined with intensive life drawing sessions in Círculo de Bellas Artes in Madrid. After her formation she moved to Berlin, where she started to develop her own artistic approach. Marina got in contact with Berlin Blue Gallery, where she is now represented. Five years after arriving, Marina still lives and works in Belrin.

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Marnie Scarlet

Marnie Scarlet is showing one piece; FaceDress 


Marnie Scarlet is a unique multi media artist. Marnie creates performance pieces, wearable art and fine art pieces. Her prefered media is latex, but often recycled items and fabrics will also be used, such as hypodermic needles used in her shows or used make-up wipes She blends Drag, Fetish, Art and Cabaret together into a heady mix, with which she has travelled the globe She is part of Art Society Soho and also has had work on display at Cultivate, StopJectify, Modern Panic and Sweet ‘Art  exhibitions



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Michelle Watson


Michelle Watson is showing one piece; Body Conscious 


Michelle has been involved in many different art forms, which has given her a broad perspective in many areas including size, materials and audience response. This has collectively influenced her combination of colour and texture in creating her works of the female form.  Having been strongly inspired by Jenny Saville and Francis Bacon she endeavours to connect with the viewer in using her ongoing research into hormonal changes women endure throughout their lifetime.   Graduating with a degree in 2009 [then 41 years old] she has also been able to draw from her own life experiences so far! 


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Min Angel

Min Angel is showing one piece; Cuntbucket 


Min Angel has exhibited widely including solo shows: Quick, Bentley Hall, Suffolk, 2012, and Poise at Corn Exchange Gallery, Edinburgh, 2010-11. Group shows include Material Quotations, Woburn Square, London, 2013, Geo Organic Components at Litro, London, 2012, Illumination, The Service Point Building, Manchester, 2008, The Art of Sound, Soundwaves Festival, Brighton, and The Aesthetics of Failure, Brighton Fringe Festival, 2008. Min Angel holds an MFA from the Slade School of Fine Art, London, BA in Painting from Camberwell College of Arts, University of the Arts, London and a BA in Art History from University College London. 



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Nadia Shaukat


Nadia Shaukat is showing two pieces; Disappearing Shahla, Observer


Nadia Shaukat was born in Lahore. She completed her BA in Fine Arts at National College of Arts, Lahore. After graduation, she taught drawing and painting at the French Cultural Centre and National College of Arts in Lahore. She then moved to live in UAE, travelling extensively around the world for a few years before moving to London and completing a Post Graduation in painting at Chelsea College of Art and Design. Nadia now works from an East London studio as a full time artist.


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Neeq Serene

Neeq Serene is showing one piece; Illusionist






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Niko Mitsuki

Niko Mitsuko showing one piece; Peering into darkness


Niko Mitsuko's series are about a couple that are traveling in a dreamlike or surreal experience. The characters appear to be living though windows into the dream like experience of love and plagued with the possible death.  


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Nirit Ovadia


Nirit Ovadia is showing one piece; Erica's Journey


Nirit Ovadia was born in Haifa and graduated at "Wizo" arts high school, Haifa. Nirit won several "honorable mentions" in competitions in Israel and Europe including the second stage up at the 2015 competition in "National Portrait Gallery", London, and a slot (one out of 20 selected artists worldwide) at the 2016 "Reflections 24.4.15"). Her artworks are in collections in Israel, Nepal and England.


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prOphecy sun


prOphecy sun is showing one piece; Objects Wrapped in Dreams Wrapped in Objects 


prOphecy sun’s interdisciplinary performance practice threads together both conscious and unconscious choreographies, sound, and environment, to create exploratory works that invoke deep body memory and draw from an interior landscape of dreams. She is a SSHRC funded PhD student at the School of Interactive Arts + Technology, Simon Fraser University and the recipient of the Governor General’s Gold Award. Her experimental performances, sound compositions, installations, videos and collaborations have been exhibited nationally and internationally at the Surrey Art Gallery, L’alternative: Festival de Cine Independiente de Barcelona, ISEA 2015, DIS 2014, Vancouver Art Gallery, Vancouver International Jazz Festival, International Experimental Cinema. 


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Rart and Sete


Rart and Sete is showing one piece; Bust 


Rart and Sete went to Goldsmiths University, it was on a Thursday.



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Rebecca Truscott-Elves


Rebecca Truscott-Elves is showing one piece; After Phryne


Prior to completing her MA in Visual Communication at the Royal College of Art in 2016, Rebecca studied Illustration and Animation at Kingston University, receiving a commendation for narrative design. She continues to practise as an artist, exhibiting in London and Europe. Her practice is concerned with exploring the dialogue between thinking, drawing and making, alongside constructing narratives that play with truth and fiction. She was awarded the Gordon Peter Pickard travel bursary in 2015, as well as being highly commended in the Cheltenham Illustration Awards (2013) and shortlisted for the Adobe Design Achievement Awards (2012).


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Riikka Enne


Riikka Enne is showing one piece; Making a mere toy


Riikka Enne graduated from her BA in Fine Art from Tampere School of Applied Sciences in Tampere Finland in 2014. She continued her art studies at Manchester School of Art, graduating with MFA Fine Art in 2016. Enne is currently living and working in Manchester, UK. She has exhibited her work mostly in Europe in many international shows.



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Sal Jones


Sal Jones is showing one piece; Portrait of Frida


Sal Jones lives and works in London, producing figurative oil paintings. Using photographs of images derived from mass media sources, she explores the nature of, and our relationship with, representation; particularly with regard to human expression and communication. Sal has a BA Hons in Fine Art and lives and works in London. She is an elected associate member of The National Society of Painters, Sculptors and Printmakers, exhibiting with them annually as part of their exhibitions programme. She is a member of the Art Society Soho and ArtCan Artists’ Collectives. She has exhibited regularly in London and across the UK.




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Sam Heydt


Sam Heydt is showing two pieces; Vacant Eyes


Sam Heydt is an American social practice and new media artist born and raised in New York City.  Although currently residing in Vienna, Heydt has lived and worked in Paris, Venice, Amsterdam, Athens, Buenos Aires, Sydney, Udaipur.  After completing her studies at Parsons School of Design (as well as Cooper Union, Universidad de Buenos Aires, La Sorbonne and the Universiteit van Amsterdam), she founded Jane Street Studio, L.L.C. in the Meatpacking District.  Since established, the company has expanded to provide both design and marketing consultation in addition to photography and art direction.  It's growing roster of clients span Europe, North and South America, Asia and Oceania. In addition to this entrepreneurial undertaking, she has attended artist residencies in Iceland, Australia and New Zealand; and has undertaken a range of altruistic, non­-profit work - the most recent being in Rajasthan, India where she helped produce a documentary on child prostitution.  As a fine art photographer, Heydt has exhibited in a constellation of galleries and museums throughout the world and is in the permanent collection of the State Hermitage Museum, St. Petersburg, Russia.  For Heydt, illusion won’t free us from reality, even as the sustained narrative of tabloids becomes history and the myth of progress continues to perpetuate invisible violence.  The transformation of the global landscape under the weight of industrialization is central to her work, as is the residual of consumption, the mutability of history and the material inequalities of a world reduced to a bottom line.




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Sandra Setzkorn

Sandra Setzkorn is showing five pieces; liminal snatch - Clone, Liminal Snatch - Death in Paradise, Liminal Snatch - Bathtub, Liminal Snatch - Tunnel, Liminal Snatch - Hotel Regina

Sandra Setzkorn lives in Berlin working between various media including painting, photography,sculpture and performance. She is represented by the Berlin gallery Blond & Blond Contemporary. 



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Sarah Kitteridge


Sarah Kitteridge is performing one piece; Lift


Sarah Kitteridge is studying at Birmingham School of Art and will be enrolling in her final year this September. Kitteridge's journey to becoming a practising artist continues to evolve. One of her early pieces was a studio based installation that provided an alternative space for students struggling work in the white wall studios. She then moved on to create  sophisticated site based light installations and later project managed a collaborative sensory dinning experience. Kitteridge continues to create engaging and immersive work.





Shabnam Mazharsarmadi

Anchor 104

Shabnam Mazharsarmadi is showing one piece; Self-prtrait


Shabnam Mazharsarmadi studied sculpture in Tehran university, then followed her studies in Rennes/France. She has completed her studies as a researcher in Rennes university and is now living and working as an artist in Berlin/Germany.




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Shaila Nambiar

Shaila Nambiar is showing two pieces; THE HAIR BRUSH, THE COMB


Shaila Nambiar obtained a Graduate Degree in Painting, Fine arts from M.S. University, Baroda, India and a Post Graduate Diploma in Textiles from National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad, India. She has exhibited works in several shows in Delhi, Mumbai and Hyderabad, as well as being showcased at the India Art Fair.    




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Sophie Lloyd

Sophie Lloyd is showing two pieces; Tracey Emin, Michonne 


Soph of Bread is the brain child of Sophie Lloyd - feminist, cat lady and nerd by nature. Growing up Lloyd would always be described as that lovely (sexist) term ‘Tom Boy.’ As an adult, she has developed her interest in strong female role models who defy societal norms into quirky digital illustrations. Her designs are aimed at women like her - ladies who love lipstick but also Star Trek. Girls who game, laugh at memes and fight the patriarchy. Her influences include pop art and pop culture, as well as women from history and characters from film and TV.  




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STEFDIES is showing one piece; STEFDIES 


STEFDIES is a no(woman)man and every(wo)man.  She has no age or ethnicity.  She is a MFA trained artist working primarily in theatrical new works and photographic performance art pieces.




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Stella Kapezanou

Stella Kapezanou is showing two pieces; Harriet, Kristy


Stella Kapezanou was born in Athens. She studied Painting at the Athens School of Fine Arts (ASFA) where she was awarded an honorary scholarship by the Greek National Scholarships Foundation (IKY) on taking first place in the ASFA entrance examinations in 2011 and a scholarship from the Akademie der Bildenden Künste München (The Academy of Fine Arts, Munich) to attend that institution in 2013. She received her MA Fine Arts  from  Chelsea College of Arts, London, where she was awarded The Frank Bowling Scholarship. Stella lives and works in London and Athens.




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Tamar Chechelashvili

Tamar Chechelashvili is showing two pieces; Marta, Plant



Born in Kiev, raised in Tbilisi.




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Theresa Bradbury

Theresa Bradbury is showing two pieces; Feminine Fragments I, Feminine Fragments III


Theresa Bradbury is currently studying for her MFA Fine Art at Nottingham Trent University. She completed her BA (Hons) History of Art at The Open University achieving a 2:1. Theresa has worked as a freelance artist educator for a number of years in schools, museums, galleries and community settings. She is currently employed at Nottingham Contemporary as a Learning Facilitator working with families and within schools. 




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Vered Rosen

Vered Rosen is showing one pieces; Pole dance #21


Vered Rosen was born in 1973 in Israel. After completing her service in the Israeli Air Force in 1993, she studied architecture between 1994-1996 at the University of La Sapienza in Rome and completed her studies in architecture at Tel Aviv University in 2001. Between 2002-2005, she studied painting and drawing at Studio Art School, and in 2011 she studied photography at Creative Land School of Photography. Since 2010, Vered participated in a number of group exhibitions held in Tel Aviv, with an emphasis on exhibitions with social values, as well as Individual exhibitions conducted in non-commercial spaces in Israel.

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Lia is showing one piece; Girls should wear pink


After recieving her BFA degree from Moscow State University of Design and Technology in 2005 Lia worked as a fashion designer. 5 years later moved to Bali to study oil painting from Dutch artist Noella Roos. In 2017 Lia went to Barcelona to study on an art program and start a professional art career that has resulted in group shows and taking part in Loop festival.




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Zoe Buckberry

Zoe Buckberry is showing one piece; Isobel no.1


Zoe Buckberry is an artist based in Nottingham and Leeds and is currently studying for a BA Fine Art at The University of Leeds. She is a quarter of the Leeds based, feminist art collective The Other Collective. Her work has been published by Canadian Feminist Magazine Shameless and this past year alone she has had group exhibitions at the Art Hostel, Hyde Park Book Club and Leeds City Library. Past projects also include exhibitions in collaboration with Loughborough University and a collective Commission for Riverside NHS Bullwell Centre, Nottingham.




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