T'ART Artists



Alexandra Penelope & Lucy Mills         Holly Sabine Narreter                 Meme Marey

Alice Dyba                              Jane Fairhurst                        Mia Wilkinson

Amanda Cox                              Jeanne Roche                          Michael Walls 

Amy Oliver                              Jerome Beresford                      Minju Kim

Andy Mauery                             Joanna Layla                          Mira Ho

Anna Kitai                              John Gathercole                       Nate Masse

Astrid Jahns                            Julia Bellamy                         Nicole Weisz        

Axelle Russo                            Justine Hounam                        Rachel McArthur
Charlie Chrobnik                        Katherine Roberts                     Renata Kopac

Klaus is Coming                         Laura New                             Ricki Nerreter

Deborah Griffin                         Lidwine Titli                         Sally Jones 

Dianne Murphy                           Linda Collins                         Surya de Wit

Eileen Budd                             Lisa Evans                            Zoe Landau Konson

Elina Lund                              Maria Varnava                         

Emma Davis                              Marie Karsjo                     

Ewa Habdas                              Marina Potok

Gudrun Latten  

Corrina Eastwood 

Alexandra Linfoot                                                


Alexandra Penelope & Lucy Mills

Alexandra Penelope and Lucy Mills are recent graduates of University Of Westminster, where they studied contemporary media practice. Their work is mainly moving image based, and typically explores sexism, gender identity, queer identity, and mental health. Alexandra is an occasional contributor to Diva Magazine, and an operations assistant at Little Dot Studios. Lucy regularly writes for Mytrendingstories and is studying scriptwriting. 


"Our work is moving image based and seeks to challenge and educate audiences on sexism, gender identity, queer identity, and mental health. we believe film has the power to inspire, educate, and amplify the voices of the marginalised, and we hope to continue creating art that challenges hetero-centric, patriarchal norms."



For T'ART, Alexandra and Lucy will be exhibiting 'Not Every Princess Needs A Prince'.


Alice Dyba

"Alice Dyba studied art since the age of 13 at the Complex of Fine Art Schools in Dabrowa Gornicza, Poland. She graduated from Bucks New University (BA Hons Fine Art) in 2012. Since then she took part in exhibitions, created more and more art, traveled Portugal and never stopped obsessing about Sylvia Plath, Edie Sedgwick and nights that never end too well."


"Alice Dyba, born in Poland. 1990. I am working in the fields of figurative painting, drawing and printmaking. I'm inspired with everyday's struggles. My work glorifies winos, old ruins, overcrowded communities and blocks of flats. My work is expressive and diverse. My signature is clash of vibrant colors, strong lines and delicate subject matter. I capture dark moments and try to make them beautiful in my own unique way. In my work I construct romantic notion of poverty crossed with my dreams , memories and reflections. My art is very autobiographical and I naturally fill sketchbooks with my ideas through the nights and days."


For T'ART, Alice Dyba will be exhibiting 'Koko'.



Self representing artist based in Gloucestershire, but not the posh bit. London diaspora. BA Painting with Ceramics at Camberwell, Foundation in Croydon, MA (FA) Brighton. Work exhibited currently in East London but has also been in Chicago, Nottingham, Altrincham, Brighton and various other locations.


I have ADHD and am genderfluid so my ideas alter and change as much as the weather, with often unpredictable results. To this end, it makes me hard to pin down as an artist, as I don’t have a “reliable product” as such. I also work as a facilitator in the arts in the local community, my aim is to make art and creativity accessible to all and not just an intellectual or urban elite. My main practise is painting and ceramics. I have my own studio, a slightly renovated grain storage barn made of stone that lets birds in and sits by my vegetable patch.

I like to make wildly brightly coloured work but have also been know to produce moody introspective pieces. I embrace geometric patterns and hues as a language superior to the vocal or written work. My ceramics are sculptural forms often an abstracted parody of the strengths and frailty of the human body and society’s perception of our personal form.


For T'ART, Amanda Cox will be exhibiting 'Frigid'.


Amy Oliver 

"Amy's work and style is ever evolving and she is on a constant learning curve. Amy didn't start her creative journey until 2014 when she was 43 and, aside from a part-time one year Certificate in Sculpture with The Art Academy, London during 2014/15, she is predominantly self-taught. Amy is drawn to and inspired by the subjective work and language of artists such as Schiele, Dumas and Emin, as well as a myriad of well known/currently lesser known artists with whom she's been lucky enough to connect with via social media."


"I have a particular interest in issues surrounding mental health, social and political conditions, and women's rights and identity, and tend to theme my work around these topics. My intention is to create pieces that express vulnerability and instability but which also suggest the (often subconscious) core strength within, in an attempt to capture the fragility of self. In terms of the materials I use, I have an affinity with aluminium but with all materials tend to take an experimental approach and enjoy responding in unconventional ways and pushing their (and my) boundaries."


For T'ART, Amy Oliver will be be exhibiting 'Enough.Period'.


Andy Mauery 

"She received her BFA from Indiana University of Pennsylvania and her MFA from West Virginia University. Mauery has organized several large and small collaborative projects, from directing a community-based arts festival outside of Pittsburgh to developing an informal species-extinction workshop, and also continues her investment in studio pieces.Collaborative and solo installations have been exhibited in venues including the Chaves de la Rosa Cultural Complex (Peru), MOBIUS in Boston, Center for Maine Contemporary Art, Pittsburgh Center for the Arts, UP Gallery (Pittsburgh), and SPACES Gallery in Cleveland. Some group exhibitions include Folktales and Legends at the Kohler Arts Center; Art by America at The Art House in Chicago; Art/Identity at Gallery 263 (Cambridge, MA); Barron, Ed, Mauery, Nestor: Four Pittsburgh Sculptors at the Visual and Performing Arts Space (UMass Amherst); and West Virginia: A Curator's Forum of Emerging Artists, Oglebay Institute (Wheeling, WV.) Other collaborative projects include a residency at the Erik Nyholm Fondet in Denmark with artist Line Bruntse, funded by an individual fellowship from The American-Scandinavian Foundation; Site Unseen, an international/national collaborative series of exhibitions, site works, and public projects centered in and around Albuquerque, New Mexico, with a concurrent project in Maine; and several variations of the extinction project with student groups. Mauery has been at artist in residence at Haystack Mountain School of Crafts, Vermont Studio Center, and Tesuque Glassworks (New Mexico). Currently she is an Associate Professor of Art, and the Foundations Coordinator, at The University of Maine."


"I find interest in works that are unheroic: quieter, contemplative, more likely to offer questions than provide answers. My material choices often reference the body: hair and hair-like fibers, wax, and paper. Our bodies, and these materials, record information--some of it encoded in the very substance and stuff, while other evidence is a memoir of nurture (or lack thereof) within the context of nature. For many, these approaches in themselves define my work as, ""feminine,"" which makes quite a bit of sense in that I am tapping directly into historical craft/art feminine lineage. I am interested in how social constructs of gender affect/influence environmental degradation. My drawings, objects, and installations tend to be organized into groupings, each grouping an exploration/investigation of recurring subjects or problems (Extinction, Mortality, Boundaries...) I find that years spent wrestling around with material solutions and sketches for huge, mortal predicaments has led me to find unexpected examples of humor, and sometimes pathos."


For T'ART, Andy Mauery will be exhibiting 'Right whale chain 1'.




Anna Kitai

"Anna Kitai is a Ukrainian-Israeli artist based in London. She earned her Bachelor's degree in fine art (BFA) from Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem, in 2008. Currently she is taking part in the MFA program in Goldsmiths, University of London. Her work has been exhibited in Israel, UK, and Greece. In addition to her art practice, Anna is also a qualified art therapist and counsellor."


"The main theme of my work is transition and transformation. Through my works I examine and deconstruct the aesthetics invoked by processes of change, whether physical, emotional, or geographical. The elements used in the works are taken from their original context and rearranged in order to expose the threatening content that lies underneath their seductive appearance. The project Variations on Looking In and Out plays with ideas of female identity, domesticity, and beauty conformities. This project as well as others is inspired by folk stories, traditional craft techniques and ritual objects."


For T'ART, Anna Kitai will be exhibting 'Hand'.




Astrid Jahns

"Astrid Jahns is a German based artist. She visited the technical secondary school of art and design and studied graphic design at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts (diploma) in Hanover. Since she is working as a freelance artist and writer. Working on collages, short texts, poems, film sequences, objects and assemblages. Exhibitions, projects and publications national and international."


"The focus of my artwork is the collage technique arising into mostly surreal image spaces as well as the dealing with the language in form of poems or other short texts. The texts are usually connected with the collages. This results little stories or other narrative storylines in which the protagonists have to deal with themselves, the others and/or their environment."


For T'ART, Astrid will be exhibting 'Lust'.




Axelle Russo

"Born in France in 1976, Axelle has been working in London since 2000.  Axelle started working on mixed media sculptures in 1997. Following her MA in 1998 which presented works based on the recycling of books, she developed her painting and textile sculptures.  Her main medium is fabric and she often includes writing and typography to the pieces.  Interested in questioning the way social context defines the Self, most of her works question women self-identity in a society filled with taboos, exploitation, and the commercialisation of sex and happiness. She draws inspiration from the visual codes of consumerist society, traditions and religious beliefs, as well as idioms and slogans, childhood objects, fairy tales and toys. Her current interest resides in creating something playful people would be able to relate to and interact with. Following the birth of her children, Axelle is developing a new body of work which is related to soft sculpture. The new pieces are a departure from her previous work which is more political."


For T'ART, Axelle will be exhibiting 'Stitch and Bitch 2'.  




Charlie Chrobnik

Charlie Chrobnik studied Fine Art at Central Saint Martins. He's a British Ukrainian painter and sculptor based in London.


"My practice, heavily inspired by Susan Sontag's writing, deals with subjects such as illness, loss, grief, and the nihilistic concept of despair. These are genderless subjects that are usually channelled though the female form within my work as I identify more with femininity than masculinity even as a cis male. I think despair is something we are all feeling at the moment, especially as feminists, which I why I feel celebrating and supporting International Women's Day is more important than ever right now."


For T'ART, Charlie will be exhibiting 'Seema'.




Klaus is Coming 

"klaus works and plays in london. klaus has a filthy fascination for vintage pornography and loves to show off the ladies that sprawl the pages. klaus is in their mid twenties although could pass off as someone in their early twenties. klaus likes to concoct images that are celebratory, bold and salaciously fun. klaus likes to challenges censorship and dissect eroticism. klaus goes by the professional title of "artist", so Klaus can get away with looking at porn all day without their mother worrying. klaus wants to reassess the nude and allow for a more colloquial conversation around sex ed. klaus is having a good time and wants you to have a good time too."


For T'ART, Klaus is coming will be exhibiting 'Build a bae'.




Deborah Griffin

From her performance roots in the punk-rock tradition of the anarchist-  social-realism of playwright Chris Ward’s Wet Paint, and James Martin Charlton’s Fireworks theatre companies in the 1980s, Deborah Griffin achieved iconic status on the London fetish scene from the late 80s throughout the 90s primarily with her cutting-edge and genre-defining work with photographer Trevor Watson. Their collaborations, with Deborah centre-stage as model,  muse and partner-in-crime with her edgy sexually and politically-charged  character-play, documented this embryonic scene at a crucial defining  stage of its development in a myriad of published books, magazine front-  covers and fashion spreads.  The same confrontational politic and exhilarating sense of fun and  transgression now informs her current sculptural, installation and image-  based art-work.  Deborah Griffin first exhibited at Resistance Gallery in 2008, in the  inaugural group show ‘Resistance Rising’ and again in the ‘Iconography Of  Mask’ show curated by Jason Atomic and Garry Vanderhorne in 2009,  where she exhibited a mask made from the ashes of her own recently  deceased father.  In October 2010 she had her first solo show, The Pig Show at Resistance Gallery.


"My work is intensely autobiographical and explores themes of life, death, birth, loss and both the personal and the universal experience of womanhood".


For T'ART, Deborah will be exhibiting Me, Myself and Eye'. 



Dianne Murphy

"Widely exhibited, Dianne Murphy is a Scottish born painter/printmaker who now lives and works in Wales. Between exhibiting, illustrating, lecturing and participating in community projects she has now been a functioning artist for 30 years. Her work is held in collections around the world"


"Images of childhood form my visual language. I am mostly etching into steel plate  but have utilised silkscreen monoprint and litho plate engraving too. Steel plate ink  colours are applied in one go for each print made, making them all slightly different.  Larger pieces take a day to ink, wipe down and print only one off."


For T'ART, Dianna will be exhibiting 'Sold out'. 




Eileen Budd

"Eileen Budd is a self taught artist, who began her artistic career as a scuba diver trying to paint the underwater world and has been increasingly drawn away from fine art into illustration and comic books as way to explore the conceptual rather than the actual"


"I work in a variety of different media including; acrylic on canvas; pen and ink and digital. Often the subjects I choose are representative of very personal events or feelings which I am seeking to express into something tangible, to transform feeling into seeing."


For T'ART, Eileen will be exhibiting 'Jerrie Cobb' and 'Valentina Tereshkova'. 




Elina Lund

Elina Lund is a self taught artist from Sweden living in London.


"My work was inspired by the many demonstrations that have recently taken place all over the world. It talks about the importance of protest, solidarity and pushing for change in today's society."


For T'ART, Elina will be exhibiting 'Untitled'.




Emma Davis

"With a Master of Arts (MA) degree in Literature and also in Fine Art, Emma studied at the Slade School of Fine Art, Chelsea College of Art and the University of York. She exhibits regularly at the Royal College of Art, Originals, Discerning Eye exhibitions, and the Other Art Fair. Recently shortlisted for the NOAC, Royal Academy Summer Exhibiton, ArtSlant International Prize 2014, 2016 and represented in State Magazine's inaugural 'Visible' supplement."


"Davis is a writer and a visual artist, always torn between semiotic means. She is greatly influenced by Howard Hodgkin, as well as by Japanese block prints and Chinese pottery. She works across a variety of media, including oils, watercolour, etchings, monoprints and pencil on paper, but all of her work really relates to drawing, an activity she finds somehow intimate. An avid traveller herself, she draws a lot on public transport, or at galleries and concerts, where people are lost in their own thoughts, their private worlds on public display, absorbed and unselfconscious. Etching makes the drawings easier to read, more permanent, more finished. Davis often adds text to her works, making reference to what is in her head, what an image suggests to her, or what sensation is conjured. The act of drawing slows her down, allowing her to access her thoughts more directly. Similarly, her watercolours are mainly about the effect and meaning of line - an abstract quality but one that refers back to pictographic languages and calligraphy." - Anna McNay"


For T'ART, Emma will be exhibiting 'The Virgin Martyr'.


Ewa Habdas

"Ewa Habdas is a photographer based in London. She not only enjoys walking the street with her camera but also spending hours on her own creating her self-portraits. Every picture is the search for inner truth, which she believes is hidden in the world. Her self-portraits, inspired by Frida Khalo's work, examines the questions of identity, women place in the public domain and femininity. But also includes the analyses of her own emotions and especially a discussion with human solitude in the world.   In her street photography she wants to tell the stories of people, places and objects which she meets during her trips. "Photography is an amazing journey and adventure, it is like crossing an invisible border to parallel reality." she says.  Daydreamer and crazy idealist, enjoys reading and long discussions."


"My photography is a study of a condition of human being, especially my self- portraits, which I would like to propose for your exhibition. For me a self- portrait is the way of 'cleaning' myself from overwhelming emotions. It is also self-analysis of my inner ego. Through my self-portraits I express my fear, love, anger, happiness or loneliness.   My self-portraits are also investigation of womanhood. As a feminist, I always wanted to understand my position in the world as a woman. For many years, I did not want to admit that I am like other women, emotional and dependant; I wanted to be like men, strong and out there in the world.   I was not in disagreement with my body, but I did not like the way women are positioned in the society. Today, I accepted my womanhood and I am proud of it. I understand that being strong does not mean to be in the denial of my feelings and emotions. I understood that acceptance of myself make me strong and independent.   I also see that without amazing women in my life, I would be who I am today. They often unseen and unappreciated create our safe world, which we take for granted."


For T'ART, Ewa will be exhibiting 'Morning'.


Gudrun Latten

"Gudrun Latten has a University Degree in Art History and History. She has written a doctoral thesis in Art History but hasn't published it as dissertation. This book is about Metafisical Art with the title "Aesthetics of Metafisical Art. The Origination of a New Myth". She is member of several artist societies. She promotes young female artists. Since 2014 she has shown her photographs and videos in Rome, New York, Los Angeles, Paris, London and other locations. She has also won several awards. She has been selected for interviews, catalogues and magazines (international). She will soon publish her first book. "


"I concentrate on architectural photography, abstract photography, landscapes and staged scenes. I discuss aesthetic problems and questions with the photographs and I work in series. Research topics are so far the (digital) image and all its qualities, (digital) color, reality and illusion, art historical genres, pluralism in style, ambiguity of signs and gender issues. My staged scenes treat the image of women, of (female) artists, business women and housewifes. For T'ART I've chosen my latest series 'detailed. woman in sorrow'. One can never see my whole body and never my face except in the video.  "


For T'ART, Ewa will be exhibiting the series 'Detailed. Women In Sorrow'.


Holly Sabine Nerreter

"German born,London based Holly Sabine Nerreter did study art and has worked in many mediums. She is always driven by a emotional connection to chosen project. She lived 5 years in San Diego, California, but now happily resides in London, U.K."


"My work has the narrative to make visible the stories & beauty of (invisible) homeless Woman surviving on the Street.The portraits are based on real life, incredible characters,mostly from the ""Skid Row"" Area of L.A. Being touched by their stories, investing time uncovering their beauty, SEE THEM.A circle of recognition, discovery,reaching back out to the woman involved,so they have the recognition of being SEEN.The metal leaf, translates in my believe that they are precious human beings.Also a reference to the drug use(spoons/needles), sadly often present to bear the pain."


For T'ART, Holly will be exhibiting 'Doreen'.


Jane Fairhurst

"Jane Fairhurst gained her MFA in Fine Art with distinction from Liverpool Art and Design Academy in 2010.  Her practice encompasses a wide range of media including drawing, painting, mixed media, sculpture and traditional craft skills.   Often using ethnographic artifacts as her starting point she makes work that explores the transformative power of art to question political and social issues in contemporary society.  Combining her fine art craft skills and a wicked sense of humour she focuses upon the female, making her own interpretations of femininity that connect contemporary women with those of the Ancient World."


"I use a wide range of media including drawing, painting, mixed media and traditional craft skills, using the media most appropriate to my narrative. The work is often darkly humorous.  My current work is a response to my research into the pivotal role of women in ancient societies and their resonances in the 21st century and aims to re-dress women's exclusion from the human story.  I construct artworks and create installations, often in response to ethnographic artefacts found in museum collections and make my own interpretations with reference to social issues in contemporary society."


For T'ART, Jane will be exhibiting 'Maiden, Mother, Crone'.


Jeanne Roche

Jeanne Roche is a Fine Artist currently living and working in London. She graduated (M.A) from the Marseille Mediterranean College of Art and Design in 2012 and is now collaborating with Artigon, a creative social start-up that is aimed at promoting young artists. She most recently participated to the second edition of A Dessin (Sete, France) - an exhibition focusing on contemporary drawing - and to the Royal Scottish Academy Open Exhibition 2016.


My current practise is focused on drawing and sculpture. I’m using different techniques and materials that I’m playing with and mixing together. 

Cakeup is a photography work I’ve done in art school 8 years ago. So it’s a bit different from what I’m doing now. I had the sudden idea of applying cake on myself wearing costumes made of underwear I created for a costume competition. So I decided to do it for real and asked a photographer friend of mine, Nina Laury, to take the pictures. I thought of this project like a trashy girly thing to do.


For T'ART, Jeanne will be exhibiting 'Cakeup'.


Jerome Beresford 

Jerome Beeresford is a registered architect and is head of Building Information Modelling and research and development at a London architecture practice. In his spare time he uses new technologies to create 2D and interactive artworks. 


"I work with new technologies to create light-hearted interactive artworks". 


For T'ART, Jerome will be exhibiting 'The Daily T'Art'


Joanna Layla 

"Joanna Layla is a London-based illustrator working on both commissioned and self-initiated projects. She graduated with first-class honours in English Language and Literature the linguistic training sparking her interest in visual communication and developing her own visual language to illustrate a world of words. In addition to creating editorial and reportage illustrations, she enjoys extending her practice into fine art and live interdisciplinary collaborations. She has recently worked on commissions for The White Company, Barbican, Bombay Sapphire, Hackney Museum and A Hackney Autobiography. Joanna Layla is currently exhibiting work in London and Vienna."


"I am interested in communicating the nature of a person or place through the tactility of working on paper. I find pleasure in the imperfections and flaws of marks on a physical page. All my work begins from life, even an editorial image finds its truth in observational drawing. I am drawn to areas of my discipline that challenge my practice, the interdisciplinary edges of live collaboration with dancers, poets and writers. My passion for drawing from life translates into a vivid quality of brush work, both abstract and figurative - animating the people and places in my illustrations."


For T'ART, Joanna will be exhibiting 'Gaze II'.


John Gathercole

John Gathercole studied at U.E.L. and London Met and has sold and exhibited worldwide with an extensive celebrity clientelle list.


"My work is a love of the figure and a love of paint and the pure enjoyment of combining the two to cover different social, sexual and personal issues."


For T'ART, John will be exhibiting 'Out of touch'.




Julia Bellamy

Julia Bellamy is a collage artist who lives and works in Brighton. She is a professionally qualified photo designer and graduated from the University of the Arts in Berlin. 


"Every collage is a piece of me assembled from my thoughts, feelings, ideas and experiences. Personal and raw, fragmented and reassembled, telling stories about dreams and fantasies, struggles and pains and the desire to make sense of it all. My work is a visual diary of my continuous search for identity. 'Who am I?' and 'What makes me me?' are central questions of everybody's life and I would like my work to inspire exploration, as the issue of identity is at the heart of our society and involves everyone."


For T'ART, Julia will be exhibiting 'Dear Mr President'.




Justine Hounam

"Justine Hounam graduated in 2014 with a BA (First Class) in Fine Art, and since has been developing her art practice working from a studio within an emerging Art Foundation in Archway, The Bomb Factory Art Foundation. Since graduating, Justine has consistently exhibited, most recently in January 2017 at The Ply Gallery, with established and emerging artists from London. In April 2016 Justine contributed work to a group show curated by Alexis Harding at Trinity Buoy Wharf and in 2015 she organised a group show at St Johns Church, Bethnal Green. Justine is currently working towards a solo show."


"My artwork investigates notions of childhood, single motherhood, domestic violence, gender, territory & race, as depicted (often with humour) by the body, the home, architecture & rural landscape. I interpret these themes through different but related processes of making, using found objects, personal possessions and traditional manufacturing methods.   I often un-pick the so called 'traditional' roles of men and women and re-assemble by reproducing objects, or fragments, using the process of slip casting. Creating a multiplicity of casts, e.g. vegetables or furniture which juxtapose with the landscape, to generate dialogue between, e.g. the outside, the home and the gendered body."


For T'ART, Justine will be exhibiting 'Commandeer'.




Katherine Roberts 

"Katherine Roberts studied Art History at University of Essex following which she worked in social housing where she developed a passion for social justice. Katherine was determined to follow an art career and in 2016 she graduated from University of Hertfordshire as winner of the Andy Lee Cup for exemplary dedication and innovation. Katherine's work has been in group shows in London at OXO Tower wharf and the Mall Galleries. She regularly exhibits in Hertfordshire, highlights include Food & Drink at Hertford Theatre, Dexterity at Courtyard Arts and her Graduate Exhibition at David Gentleman Gallery."


"My work focuses on our experience of vulnerability through touch, somatic memory and the possibilities for healing and hurt. I make sculptures that entice people to touch. Before starting a work it's important for me to develop a strong feeling about the physical sensation I want people to have. Writing and drawing are the processes I use to understand this sensation. Drawing on personal experience and concerns about violence against women and girls I experiment with materials and forms that have an emotional and visual connection with my experience of the female body. "


For T'ART, Katherine will be exhibiting '(Cease) Touching me'.




Laura New 

" Born in 1980 in Wegberg, Germany, Laura New is a British artist who lives and works in London. She studied at Central Saint Martins in 1998 before moving on to a degree in Fine Art in 2000 at Middlesex University (former Hornsey School of Art). She has since been involved in many exhibitions both at home in the UK and Internationally. In recent years she has produced several series of drawings, one in particular called 'Eyes Closed' was requested for inclusion in the three month exhibition "Face Value" at Collyer Bristow Gallery (2016) by the curator Kathleen Soriano"


"My current work takes me back to drawing in ink and pencil, with the narrative focusing on female sexuality and identity.  I am increasingly working from a strong feminist perspective and influenced heavily by the conversations of the women around me and the burden of the current issues in society that restrict women from being able to fully grasp their identity in all aspects. This work focuses on empowerment and challenges the male gaze."


For T'ART, Laura will be exhibiting 'Wildebeest' and 'Vulture'.




Lidwine Titli

"Lidwine Titli is a visual artist from Paris based in London .She has a background in the film industry having work as a camera assistant and cinematographer.She is an emergent artist and started her passion in Collage just a couple of years ago.Her work takes you to a dream scape suspended in a void beyond your imagination and into the abstract realm of your subconscious.Her collages are purely hand crafted with carefully chosen imagery that suggest beauty and grace which mutate into the serial,cyberpunk and sometimes grotesque.There is a timeless element to Titli's Collages which take you through a universal message."


"My work is a reflection of my path on spirituality and a chronicle of a journey moving to London.  Using collage as a media, and surrealism to form a language, this method has the power to transmute my emotions in a mysterious way.  Fantasy, beauty and expansion of the mind_has triggered my inner vision and stimulated my imagination  The concept of evanescence  has a deep connection with my  soul and has been my main inspiration.A real revelation through the eye of Love"


For T'ART, Lidwine will be exhibiting 'Rabbit Hole'.




Linda Collins 

"Linda Collins has always enjoyed being expressive through various art forms and in 2013 decided to return to college to develop her skills. Linda is due to graduate this year, but since 2013 has continuously worked on both, mixed media and photography work. Linda's work has a very abstract expressionist feel, and she is continuing to evolve within her own style. "


"My work consists of personal expressions and experiences, i translate my feelings into visual art forms. i work with mixed media and photography."


For T'ART, Linda will be exhibiting 'Mother's Bond'.




Lisa Evans 

"Lisa Evans was born in 1992. Her family home is in Newcastle Emlyn, West Wales but she is currently based between Cardiff and London. Lisa graduated from Carmarthen School of Art with a first class honours in Fine Art Sculpture in 2014 and was awarded a scholarship to study for her MFA at Cardiff School of Art & Design, which she completed in 2016, achieving a Distinction. Her recent success is the 2016 shortlisting for the Eisteddfod's Young Artist Award and is now a member of The Royal British Society of Sculptors. Lisa is currenlty working as a sculpture studio assistant at Court Robert Arts in Raglan, Monmouthshire."


"My work is concerned with the juxtaposition between industry (durable) and the domestic (organic) which addresses my interest in the abject body. Central to my practice is the dialogue between destabilizing materiality; working with materials such as wax, latex, lard and jelly that possess external appearances to the pigment and texture of human skin and flesh. My work explores the containment and control of decay and how forms transcend into a temporary state of destruction; procuring a jarring yet intimate dialogue that questions the fine line between sculpture and installation. Most recently my research has shifted and has become concerned with exploring the body as the subject and object through performative actions; existing at the intersection of confronting and challenging the social aspects of gender relations."


For T'ART, Lisa will be exhibiting 'Nipples'.




Maria Varnava 

Maria Varnava is a multidisciplinary artist currently in second year studying BA (Hons) Fine Art at the University of Lincoln.  Maria is originally from London and taken part in group shows in Nottingham and Lincoln.  


"My work explores identity and gender roles.  I have used the idea of fashion photography and dress up to create alter egos and androgynous identities to challenge and critique feminine identity.  Using 35mm film photography, I have tried to visage a 1980s theme of drag and pop culture inspired by Leigh Bowery. I wanted to create something over-the-top and ridiculous using myself in the photographs for ridicule and celebration."


For T'ART, Maria will be exhibiting 'Moonface II'.




Marie Karsjo

"Swedish-born, Cambridge-based, Marie K̴rsj̦ has a degree in Horticulture and works as a gardener. She have also studied photography and ceramics. Her main media are photography and collage. In Sweden and London she has been part of photo exhibitions, and published her collages in a literature magazine. "


"Art for me is a way of telling stories. I get inspiration from the society, the city, dreams and nature. I'm interested in landscapes in different shapes, within a person as well as the outer physical landscape. For my collages I use photos from older magazines from the 60s and 70s as well as newer magazines. I find it interesting to blend these together, play with reality and create my own version. "


For T'ART, Marie will be exhibiting 'Eating Disorder I'.




Marina Potok

"Marina Potok was born in Ukraine in 1974. In 1989, just prior to the sweeping political changes in her country, her family immigrated to the US and settled in Colorado. After graduating from the University of Colorado, Marina lived in New York, New Orleans, London and travelled extensively. Since 2014, Marina lives between London and Porto, Portugal, where she maintains an artist residence studio at Fabrica Social.  Marina has earned her Masters of Fine Arts from School of Visual Arts in New York. In addition to art, Marina has studied psychology and economics and frequently references these disciplines in her work."


"I am a multi-disciplinary artist, working with photography, printmaking and mixed media/collage. While rooted in photographic practice, experimentation with materials, processes and composition is an essential ingredient in my work. I manipulate the images through juxtaposition or superimposition of figurative and abstract visual elements into a newly constructed reality. Infused with humour, irony or a call for re-examination of the familiar ways of being, my work strives to capture the complex and conflicting nature of such themes as migration and urban geography, intimate relationships and family, work and production in a context which is both personal and universal. "


For T'ART, Marina will be exhibiting 'Pantyhose II'.




Meme Marey

"Meme Marey studied at the Royal College of Art in London and gained an MA. She was awarded several scholarships during her time there. Now living in somerset she exhibits regularly with The Bruton Art Factory, and was artist in Residence last year. She was part of Flux Exhibition at The Royal college of Art and The Truman Brewery in 2016."


" The images I work with are a response to my own experience of life through events, memories and relationships.  It is involved with the human condition and fragility of emotions and although the starting point of development is an immediate response to my own experiences, the end results goes beyond singularity.  I tend to work with traditional mediums of drawing and painting, I have also made a few short videos. The connection and activity of engaging directly with a medium is important to me .   Small drawings or mono prints serve to feed into larger works and act as a spring board for ideas.  I tend to use a variety of mediums because of the response I make to each different material which then impacts on the final piece of work. I believe different materials can build towards a language and offer new variants on the same subject. "


For T'ART, Meme Marey will be exhibiting 'Lipstick and Jam'.




Mia Wilkinson

"Mia Wilkinson Studied at Wimbledon College of Art. Group Exhibitions:Transitional, Darlington Arts Centre, Darlington 2010, Art@51, 51 Grange Road, Durham 2011, Open, Seen, Darlington 2011, Nottinghill Mayfest, London 2012, Observing Observed, Wimbledon Project Space, London 2012, Risus Pirus, Wimbledon Project Space, London 2013, Wimbledon Degree Show 2014, Flesh, Espacio Gallery, London 2014, Seams, Sweet'art Hoxton 402 Gallery, London 2014, From Dada to Influx, Espacio Gallery, London 2015, Y-Not, Sweet'art Espacio Gallery, London 2015, The Art Takeaway Charity Auction, Sweet'art Espacio Gallery, London 2015, Hand Maid, Sweet'art Hoxton 402 Gallery, London 2016. Solo Exhibitions: PLUS SIZE, Espacio Gallery London, 2016"


"Mia Wilkinson is a London based artist, whose oil paintings are  visceral explorations of certain sexualized female forms. The sensual indulgence with which she approaches the paint is reflective of her subject; female body builders and squashers wrestle on the canvas in an orgy of drips and loaded excess paint. The humorous and light hearted intention with which she approaches her work is not lost, as complex issues of sex and gender are confronted by her brush."


For T'ART, Mia will be exhibiting 'Palm-O'.




Michael Walls

"Michael Walls deals with conceptual driven ideas found within the mundane environment. The photography studio becomes a space for intervention and conceptualization. Woman's identity is a wide subject dealing with many subject matters. The objects are the clue to the identity of woman, based on their identity, characterization and culture. Whilst in juxtaposition are a pile of sausages that give a hint to man's anatomy identity. The artist uses objects as a hint to culture references or as a clue to where we stand within a social spectrum. "


"I have had an interest in photography for a number of years, both from documentary and conceptual methods. This series of work responds to the aesthetic of stock photography, merging both conceptual and commercial agendas. This particular photograph responds to the playfulness of objects for studio photography conceptualisation. Using the backdrop of ornate wallpaper and a domestic sponge spills the narrative of woman within their home environment, then we see a pile of sausages hinting towards mans influence and interruption on woman's identity.    "


For T'ART, Michael will be exhibiting 'Untitled Timber Series'.




Minju Kim 

"MinjuKim is currently studying MA Visual Arts: Illustration at Camberwell College of Arts in London. Also, She studied BA(Hons) Creative Direction for Fashion at London college of Fashion in London between 2013 and 2014, and graduated BFA in Printmaking, College of Fine Art at Hongik University ,Seoul, South Korea in 2013.  "


"Since I was young I have been fascinated by human sexuality and gender. In particular the female figure as the subject matter is a recurring theme in my work and it's related to my exploration of life and death. In my work, it is mainly based on the female body with the circle of human life in mind. While thinking about the circle of life, from birth to death, similar to the Mobius Strip, I felt that the place where the circle begins is the female body. To me it seems as if the female body has infinite time and space. Thus, the entire concept of my work started and has been developed with desire, especially 'Libido'."


For T'ART, Minju will be exhibiting 'I'm coming banana'.




Mira Ho

Mira Ho studied Fine art at Derby university and is currently studying her masters in contemporary arts practice at the University of Coventry.


"My work examines the role of the mother and how the idealisand the real conflict. Chaotic and disturbing images of the home, the mother and relationships suggest psychological trauma and repression."


For T'ART, Mira will be exhibiting 'Pelz'.




Nate Masse

"Nate Masse's delicate draftsmanship and bold, painterly assertiveness find balance within his interest in formal elements of composition. By way of juxtaposition of dualities, the theme of portraiture as a means of exploring ideas around anti-oppression and social justice courses through his body of work. Masse finds mixed media an appropriate language for his discourse. With a focus on painting and drawing, Masse received a Bachelors of Fine Arts from California College of the Arts (San Francisco, California). He currently lives and works in his hometown of Santa Fe, New Mexico in the Southwestern United States."


"In my work I use portraiture in conjunction with concepts surrounding anti-oppression and social change. Though specific concepts vary from piece to piece the theme of the human form as a means to express some depth of humanity is ever-present. This selection of portraits explore the fluidity of gender identity and gender expression, literally deconstructing societal constructs of femininity through collage. This work is a comment on the endless variations that exist on the spectrum of gender identity and gender expression, which are so often depicted as mere binaries. "


For T'ART, Nate will be exhibiting 'Minature  #10'. 



Nicole Weisz

"Nicole Weisz is a mixed-media artist living and working in London.  She received her BA in Fine Art from Central St Martins, London. Recent exhibitions include Creekside Open 1, selected by Lisa Milroy, APT Gallery, London; 30/30,  12 Collective, London; Lynn Painters-Stainers Prize Exhibition, Mall Galleries, London; The Open West, The Wilson, Cheltenham; Creekside Open 2, selected by Richard Deacon, APT Gallery, London; Pop Living, Schwartz Gallery, London; Piece in Our Time, Gallery 2021, Scunthorpe and XHIBIT, Vitrine Gallery, London. Online exhibitions include Thirty, 12 Collective and the interactive Drill Practice installation with AutoItalia. Commissions include KX Archive Project installation commission, Granary Building, London; Web (Lincoln College) for Turl Street Arts Festival, Oxford."


"My diverse practice revolves around themes of human interaction and social engagement.  The driving force behind my work comes from engaging and reacting with the world around me - attempting to make sense of contemporary living and commenting on society's complexities and idiosyncrasies. The work focuses on social and political issues, in particular, communication, feminism, consumer culture and the urban environment.  Using found objects and images, I sample and remix contemporary visual culture with elements from my own imagination.  I play with images to make the familiar strange, whilst simultaneously making connections between disparate elements, generating new associations and meanings."


For T'ART, Nicole will be exhibiting 'Thigh Gap'.



Rachel McArthur

"Rachael McArthur is a lens based artist currently based out of Toronto, Ontario. She has graduated from the Ontario College of Art and Design University with a BFA in Photography and a minor in printmaking. She centres her work around the themes of beauty, femininity and identity. McArthur builds the props/sets that are in each image. In her work she believes in having her hand involved in each image, from the creation of the back drops to the creating props and sculptures to photograph."


For T'ART, Racahel will be exhibiting 'Female Form'.




Renata Kopac

Renata Kopac have graduated with two Master degrees: one in Fine Art Education and another in Museum and Galleries Management from Vilnius University. At the moment Renata is incorporating her passion for teaching and painting. Renata is London based painter accomplishes a suggestive exploration of elusive feminine enigma with a particular care of multiculturalism. Her abstract gaze on everyday reality leads her to achieve a suggestive investigation about the liminal area in which a representation coexists with an insightful gaze on our inner dimension. 


I try to explore the boundaries between abstraction and figuration. I construct my paintings layer by layer using exclusively oils. I believe that the texture I achieve with this technique gives deeper sensation of an object; paintings become full of energy and harmony. Paintings is crucial to my existence. I try to incorporate my passion for teaching and painting. My busy career and life do not stop me from developing as an artist.


For T'ART, Renata will be exhibiting 'Curve of her Breast'.




Ricki Nerreter

"Born in 1967 in Nuremberg, Ricki Nerreter studied art and worked in many art related fields. She used diffrent mediums to express herself from painting to song writing but a stroke at the age of 38 changed her practice to sculpture. Graphic Design to Song Writing "


"My work consists of Installations, with the help of my old childhood toys i build colourful yet dark sculptures. The narrative is to preserve my experiences of the ""Now"" with the help of the ""Back Then"". Every piece has a poem attached to the complete the circle of my 3 Dimensional Diary."


For T'ART, Ricki will be exhibiting 'Soldiers of the Broken'.




Sally Jones

"Sal has a BA Hons in Fine Art and lives and works in London. She is an elected associate member of The National Society of Painters, Sculptors and Printmakers, exhibiting with them annually as part of their exhibitions programme. She is a member of the Art Society Soho and What is the Point? Artists' Collectives. She has exhibited regularly in London and across the UK  In 2016 she was long-listed for the Jackson's Open Art prize; winning the interim oil painting prize. Works are held in private collections in the UK, Europe, Australia and the United States."


"I'm interested in developing ideas around fiction and reality and shifting contexts; the cross-over between painting, photography and film, how we interpret and relate to images as spectators and how they affect us.  Recent work can be best described as a reinterpretation of the portraiture tradition with an emphasis on emotional conflict and expression. Predominantly fictional characters have been used to communicate a wider idea of human nature. I use captured moments rather than the traditional poses associated with portraiture, to this end working from photographs becomes a part of the process."


For T'ART, Sally will be exhibiting 'Politeness is Not Required'.




Surya de Wit 

"Surya de Wit graduated with a bachelor in fine arts and a minor in film from ArtEZ Academy (Arnhem, the Netherlands).Surya mostly works with traditional painting and drawing techniques, but in addition she incorporates an inexhaustible amount of unconventional materials to add structure and make the painting/drawing more tangible."


In my art I explore our associations with our selves in relation to the outside world. I try to display these relations in the most tangible way possible by using a materials appropriate to these associations.


For T'ART, Surya will be exhibiting 'Alice'.




Zoe Landau Konson

"Zoe Landau Konson is a self taught artist creating stitched sculptures made from crochet, knitting or hair. Zoe spent ten years teaching art and establishing and running creative groups for refugee women at a charity for victims of torture, after gaining funding from BBC Children in Need. Helping them document their stories, using their traditional textile skills, in turn enhanced her practice. Shortlisted by Saatchi, her work is in private collections in the USA, has been shown at the Fries Museum in Netherlands and been included in numerous London shows. She is currently preparing to launch a sculpted cushion business."


"I make textile sculpture that explores themes generated by family relationships and family history; identity, femininity, desire, memory, repression, absence and loss. My work plays with the uncertainty, possibilities and longing within each of us and the sometimes ambiguous way we express that to the outside world. Many of my pieces teem with a mass of tactile and seductive bodily forms which tempt, naughtily, and yet conceal something much more vulnerable. My method of construction consists of making multiples of similar shape and stitching them in a final assemblage. It's an incredibly repetitive way of working but compulsive."


For T'ART, Zoe will be exhibiting 'Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary'.




Corrina Eastwood has been a practicing artist for over 14 years working as a painter and more recently in film. Following completion of her BA hons in FineArt Painting in 2000 Corrina went on to complete her MA in Art Psychotherapy and now works in a range of private and community settings as well as supervising and lecturing in the subject of feminism, art and therapy. 


She has exhibited extensively over the past 18 years in a range of settings, curating many of her own shows including her first London based solo exhibition. 'Lines in the Sand' Corrina's first short film as both co director and writer previewed at Cannes film festival 2012 and was also selected for Raindance film festival in the same year.Corrina also has a keen interest in feminist issues and in 2012 saw her first publication of feminist writings as well as founding the arts organisation Sweet 'Art.


For T'ART, Corrina will be exhibiting 'Kathleen' and 'Shannon'.



Boys Will be Boys exists to raise awareness of the sexism that women and girls face on a daily basis. Slurs are lovingly stitched into the soft fabrics to juxtapose the throwaway nature in which the insults are used. The audience is encouraged to flick through each piece, “trying them on” as if looking through a friend’s wardrobe. The hardness of the words sit against the girly backdrop of pink clothes rails, a very familiar sight that brings the realness into the foreground. The cloth is ripped and torn as if to show the affect these words have over time. But of course, sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never harm me.


For T'ART, Alexandra will be exhibiting 'Boys Will be Boys'.