Lenticular print
12cm x 12cm

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    BLUR is juxtaposition of clashing digital processes. An original photograph was digitally blurred into complete abstraction. The resulting image was then processed several times by resizing and adding dither, pixel-based gradients. The image was then incorrectly reformatted several times using different encodings. The resulting movement is harsh and dizzying despite its playful palette.

    UNMARU is a new media artist who experiments in image data corruption. Her body of work is a formalist and traditionalist examination of color, form, and composition using digital processes. The juxtaposition of revered artistic principles through the lens hyper-contemporary techniques is both purposeful and revealing of our deep-seated habits and beliefs confronted by the digital age. Many of the pieces are reconstructed from personal sources or older pieces and this reshuffling process is continuous. The constant flux of form and shape mimics on a micro-scale internet cultural memetics and the cyclical nature of the world itself.

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