Paul Coker "Mandala 4"

"Mandala 4"
Digital print
30cm x 42 cm
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    Yoga as a Mandala. (1/40 prints)

    I like to create art pieces that are both beautiful to the eye but work at different levels. Art that makes the viewer think, react, question. My silhouetted Mandalas are designed to show the beauty of form in the well known circle that represents life. My 'Art Science' project brings science concepts together as art pieces. Each piece tells part of the story while being a piece of beauty in themselves.

    My background is that of a scientist and artist. My first class honour's degree led me to work as a researcher. All the while I applied my art to the work I did, describing complex concepts in easy to understand ways. I now work as a full time artist and photographer. I take my interest in science and apply it to my art work. I want my art to be enjoyed and to get the viewer to think at the same time. I have had exhibitions in the UK and Japan.

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