Michael Worobec "Sharp Falling"

"Sharp Falling"
Oil on canvas
52cm x 52cm
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    "I am interested in objects and shapes that create an illusion of identity and evoke an emotional presence as well as an emotional response in the viewer.

    Geometric: ‘Geos”
    Organic: ‘Bios’

    These shapes separate into isolation or at times organize and collude to create pattern and to an extent order. On other occasions they are painted with flat colour and the form is more pronounced by the use of painterly areas of light and dark creating a more nuanced surface and a more three dimensional effect.

    My work may be seen as a visual metaphor for the process of reproduction, growth and development both physical and emotional. In the complex and challenging experiences of life we battle with doubt, fear and vulnerability. My paintings attempt to bare witness to this struggle and imbue shapes with pathos, theatre that enliven abstract forms with a flash or a shadow of humanity.

    My recent paintings have become more subdued in colour and the shapes geometric.
    These Geos reveal surfaces for light to land or play upon. The backgrounds are simple and flat. These shapes appear to be suspended in space and time, are they static or are they falling?

    Thin stick like lines are involved, seldom touching and at times in the foreground of these Geos they create systematic lattice of vertical lines. The viewer is invited to seek links, contrasts, conflicts or communications among the various elements of the composition.

    In short I wish to bring the drama and emotionality of Figurative Art to the sometimes cold and calculated world of Abstraction. My Abstracts are Totems and vehicles to animate the complexities of living."

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