Michael Walls "Untitled 2"

"Untitled 2" (from the series Stop The Cavalry)
61cm x 61cm
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    From the series Child's Play constructing images which play with the boundaries of photographic representation. Merging a childhood play time with a surreal depiction- using army toys to create uncanny conceptual representations to the alternative view to Christmas. I want to highlight how the social or political issues surrounds Christmas, becomes not just about the bright colorful lights, but instead the culture of the times we are living in today including war, or more recently, the terrorist outbreak in the middle east. The aesthetic of the holiday season being overshadowed with images of terror and conflict.

    Child's Play focuses on the surrealistic depiction of a child's imagination. Previous series focusing on photomontage with mundane objects, the new series Stop the Cavalry is a representation of culture in terms of the outbreak of war, and altering the perception of Christmas in terms of the world's issues that surround the global holiday. A child being innocent in the social outbreak of war, what is an uncanny representation to Christmas becomes the surreal and bizarre opening into the realm of a child's mind, how children understand war, also disturbing the aesthetic of Christmas.

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