Kirsty McKenzie "Cat Lady Pamela"

"Cat Lady Pamela"
Acrylic, oil pastel, ink & marker on Murano paper
50cm x 65cm
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    Kirsty McKenzie’s work depicts portraits of colourful characters with queer and feminist themes, defying sexual and gender stereotypes. She mainly works with painting, drawing and mixed media collage, but also creates wearable art and video installations. Her collages are whimsical and surreal, often with cat imagery, and the 6th chakra or “3rd eye”. She explores the objectification of women, and the feminine identity; especially as it relates to body image. With her drawings, she uses the technique of blind and partially blind contour drawings, as she is extremely interested in the balance and tension between improvisation and control.

    Kirsty McKenzie is a Canadian artist and costume designer. She graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design in 2005. Living her art, she is a complete embodiment of her vision; customizing everything from herself to her magical maximalist studio home. She blurs the lines between fashion, art and music, creating a Universe of her own. She has worked for designers threeASFOUR, Zandra Rhodes, and created costumes for many shows, and musicians such as Gabby LaLa, Les Claypool and Bishi. She has shown her work internationally, and currently lives and works in London. Her spirit animal is a leopard.

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