Joanna Layla "Black Dog Of Wimbledon"

"Black Dog Of Wimbledon"
Giclee print
30cm x 21cm
(Limited edition Giclee print from original pencil, ink, watercolour, acrylic. Available unframed)
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    Inspired by the magical and the real encountered every day on the streets of South London, I have created a new series of illustrations that capture the wonderful weirdness of the southern pockets of London. Scenes caught in my sketchbook come alive in this series of limited edition prints to tell the story of the changing face of South London, in this case Wimbledon and the sole surviving dog race track. A piece of old London.

    Hand drawn in ink, acrylic and pencil, and giclee printed, 'Brixton Boys' - the print - exists in a limited edition of 25. Printed to the highest quality on beautiful Hannenuhle German Etching Paper.

    Joanna Layla's work rotates around the hand drawn and begins with the pencil. Forever drawing and sketching - she interprets the world around her, editing and selecting the components of an image as if storytelling each moment.

    Recognised as an emerging talent in the world of illustration, she embraces the liminal territories of illustration and mark-making. Teasing out meaning and interpretation in series of works on paper, her drawings from life create an alternative narrative to the finished product - as seen in the new series of three works created for the Sweet' Art Seams Exhibition.

    Joanna Layla combines this illustration practice with commissioned work and exhibitions, tutoring illustration at Central St Martins and leading visual art workshops as artist-in-residence with Lyrix Organix.

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