J. Bareham "Muizenburg Mountains #2"

"Muizenburg Mountains, Balley’s Kloof #2"
B&W, Silver Gelatin Print
40cm x 30cm
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    Muizenberg Mountains, Cape Town, South Africa. All photographs hand printed by the artist, Joshua Bareham,

    One cannot help but be fascinated by the intricacy and beauty of the natural world. Nature’s seemingly disordered elements work harmoniously to form a network of inconceivable configurations. Viewing my surrounding environment through the lense of a camera enables me to understand the intrinsic characteristics of the natural world and create compositions from its chaotic organic formations.

    In today’s urban society nature acts a form of meditation, escapism and defiance. We witness unadulterated beauty w​hich is unbound by distractions and barriers , ​the medium of photography enables me to encapsulate this experience, and translate nature's alluring beauty to the audience.

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