Franco Di Cesare "Icone 3-12"

"Icone 3-12"
Multimedia on canvas
140cm x 100cm x 3cm
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    My work predicates are the Futurist, Bauhaus, Constructivism. I use graphics, colours, forms and symbols to represents ideas and concepts in connections with my cultural heritage.
    The Icone series are paintings with compositions that are connected with the Byzantine religious Icon concept, forms and colours to “worship”.
    Within the Line Dimension Interconnection series I explore and fragment the light and forms to create dynamic compositions.
    The paintings I produce are multimedia (oil, acrylics, tempera, home made colours) on
    canvas. The diversity of the materials gives me the opportunities to reach different deep and chromatic effects.

    This work is inspired from Poseidon, Trident mythology.

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