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Naughty & Nice Artists




Anna Fairchild

Bahar Faraz



Phanggungfook is showing one piece; I am not perfect.


Phanggungfook is a recent graduate (2017) of City and Guilds Art School. She was born in London, to parents migrated from the West Indies, she was raised and educated in London. She was inspired and encouraged by an art teacher, eventually studying printed textiles, a career as a freelance designer followed. Phanggungfook worked in the American home furnishing industry, traveling to America to present her collection of designs. She also exhibited at major trade fairs in Europe. Following the birth of of her third child, in 2005, Phanggungfook closed her practice. In 2016, she returned to study for a MA in fine art. 


Abigail Waud

Abigail Waud is showing one piece; A Christmas Dinner.


Abigail Waud studied Fine Art at Goldsmiths University of London and she continues to live and work in London. 


Adam Robinson

Adam Robinson is showing one piece; Counterclockwise.


Adam Robinson was born and raised in Sydney and has been living in London since 2002. He graduated in Australia with a degree in Theatre Design and has since worked mainly in television as an art director, developing his art practice at the same time. His work reflects his passion for colour and the processes of collecting and arranging. Found and sometimes forgotten materials with their own history are his source of inspiration. He aims to transform these objects to exist in a more contemporary and ordered context, with a clean and vibrant aesthetic. Adam also enjoys the emotional response that colour and repetition can bring, and the notion that once the materials are rearranged and framed they become preserved in an altogether different way.


Aiden Milligan

Aiden Milligan is showing three pieces; Permafrost, Highland Breeder 2 and Yellow Snow. 


Aiden Milligan studied at Gray's School of Art, graduating in 2017 with a First Class BA (Hons) in Contemporary Art Practice (Printmaking), he is currently studying towards an MA in Fine Art. From his Degree Show he won the BP Fine Art Award and will be exhibiting as part of FBA Futures 2018 at Mall Galleries in London.


Alexander Salazar

Alexander Marco is showing one piece; Breaking Boundaries.


Alexander Marco Salazar is an artist and pianist based in Florence, Italy. He was raised in New England, and moved to Florence, Italy to pursue his passion for the arts. Salazar graduated from Marist College on the Florence campus earning a BS of Digital Media and BA of Studio Art With a background in digital media, studio art and classic piano, he combines various mediums to create his artwork and compositions.  Salazar has presented his works in a wide variety of venues including the New Britain Museum of American Art and La Strozzina in Florence, Italy. 


Amelia Allen

Amelia Allen is showing one piece; Champagne in the Caravan.


Amelia Allen is a fashion, portrait and documentary photographer. She was born in 1995 in the south west of England and now lives and works in London. Having made the decision not to go to university, she moved to London at the age of eighteen and started an internship in fashion PR and photography.  She has been photographing shows, clothes, models, celebrities and London Fashion Week every season since she was eighteen. She has had work published in magazines such as Vogue, Vanity Fair, Tatler and Harpers Bazaar.  Her developing interest in reportage photography comes from her enjoyment of travelling, meeting various people and observing them in their everyday life.  Amelia's first photo book NAKED BRITAIN was published throughout Europe by Kehrer Verlag on 3rd November 2017.

C. Smith

Angela C. Smith

Angela Smith is showing one piece; Snow on the Cedar Tree.


Angela Smith was born in London in 1950 and formally educated to A-level.   She studied life drawing and modelling plus carving at adult education institutes.  She also studies maths, as another source of shape imagery and obtained a BSc (Hons) in maths and statistics in 2017.  She worked as a ceramics technician, then in finance and administrative posts, to support herself. As well as these conventionally recognisable facts, her biography is dominated by self-reliant resistance and struggle to produce her sculpture, against the abuse and rights violations that much of society inflicts, directly and indirectly, on an independent creative woman.


Anna Fairchild

Anna Fairchild is showing one piece; Instanbul Liquid 2017.


Anna Fairchild is currently studying for a professional Doctorate in Fine Art at The University of Esat London and her work explores the sensory and specifically located experiences of places, in particular, the transitional space between her time spent in Istanbul, Turkey in the 1990s to a return to the UK at the turn of the millennium. 


Bahar Faraz

Bahar Faraz is showing one piece; After Christmas. 


Bahar is Iranian economist who lives and works in Stockholm, Sweden for the last seven years. A governmental slave by the days , an "art-ist" by the night. 


Bambi Brown

Bambi Brown is showing one piece; Tory Tampon Tree Decorations.


Bambi Brown gained an HND in Textile Design at Amersham and Wycombe College and later, an NVQ level 2 in Graphic Design at the Central Graphics Academy in Hackney. Since then she has produced a body of work which has been exhibited in London and Brighton at various shows, including a solo exhibition in May 2017, as part of the Artists Open House Festival in Brighton.

Bhavisha Patel


Bhavisha Patel is showing two pieces; Bicycle in Snow with Red Carton and City Bicycle in Snow.


Bhavisha’s art exhibits influences of several continents. Indian by ethnicity, born and brought up in Kenya, educated in England, and now living in Philadelphia, her art spans from landscapes of the African Savannah, to Urban Cityscapes, and Design Art with Indian motifs. A self–taught artist of over twenty years, she easily transitions from nature to urban scenes that carry a romantic, nostalgic feel.  She is a grant recipient from InLiquid and Asian Arts Initiative.   

Carolyn Whittaker


Carolyn Whittaker is exhibiting one piece; Blanket Pleasures.


Born in 1963, London based sculpture and installation artist Carolyn Whittaker, returned to her childhood passion in her late forties, after having children. She studied part time for seven years, graduating in 2015 from the University of East London with a degree in Fine Art and the Dean’s prize for Art and Design. Carolyn has both exhibited and curated exhibitions in various London venues including Caroline Gardens Chapel in Peckham with a solo show Marking Now in 2014 and a small group show at Ply Gallery Hornsey Town Hall Art Centre in 2017.

Chris Avis


Chris Avis is exhibiting one piece; Three of a Kind.


Chris Avis has a BA in Fine Arts (First Class Honours) 1994 and an MA Art in Architecture 1996. She returned to her studio in 2009 after a period in senior management. Since then she has exhibited widely in London and across Europe. This year highlights include selection for 'Schlachten' Contemporary Arts Festival held near Berlin Germany and a two-month solo exhibition called SHE at the Park Theatre, London. In 2014 she devised and directed a Barbican Guildhall Open Lab which was followed in 2015 when her work was shown at Rich Mix as part of a Barbican Festival.

Douglas Kirkland


Douglas Kirkland is exhibiting one piece; Intersection.


Dougal Kirkland studied illustration at SGS college Stroud at distinction level before advancing to Goldsmiths university Of London to study Fine Art and graduating with a 2:1. Work includes performance, writing, sound, research and sculpture. Other experience includes movement course at the national theatre.  


Drew Alexander Burrett

Drew is exhibiting one piece; Signature Turquise II.


Drew Burrett studied fine art and Design from Norwich university for the arts where he obtained a first Class degree in Fine Art and Design. Drew's interests span a range of mediums from photography, psychology of Colour, sculpture and painting. His passion for colour is evident in his work. Drew hopes to study further at MA level in Fine art sculpture where he wishes to also continue his academic studies and research around how experience effects the gallery Space. 


Elinora Schwartz

Elinora is exhibiting one piece; Femaile.


Elinora Schwartz Born on 29.1.1960 1981-1985 Studied at the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance. graduated with a degree in dance and music and a teaching certificate. 1986-1988 Studied at the Visual Theater School in Jerusalem and performed as multy media performer un varios festivals in Israel.1990 got married and raised a family (6+), 2013 Studied theater at the Aspaklaria School, 2014 Completed 7 psychology courses and 300 art hours at the Bezalel Art school branch (Hansen) , In preparation for studies of art and phototherapy. 2014-2017 Completed Phototherapy, Photography and Video Art studies at the Musrara School of Art and Society, Jerusalem. An artist; phototherapist, works with mentally disabled adults and with retarded children. A member of female artists groop "Studio Her Own"


Emmnauel Awuni

Emmanuel is exhibiting one piece.


Emmanuel awuni studied fine at goldsmith university, currently living and making work in london. His practice involves the use of painting,sculpture, and film

Garry Rutter


Garry is exhibiting one piece.


Garry is an emergent artist who recently graduated from a BA in Fine Art at Goldsmiths. In his second year he won the Hamad Butt Prize for Second Year of Exceptional Promise. His practice is focused mostly on performance and draws on his 24-year career as a puppet performer. Garry has created puppets for other artists, and most recently used in a music-promo for folk music legend Shirley Collins. His performance credits include CBeebies, titles and Hollywood films. Garry's own work has been long-listed for Bloomberg New Contemporaries and Charlie Smith Anthology and selected for National Open Art Competition 2015.

Gia Strauss


Gia is exhibiting piece; The Glutton. 


2017 - 2019 - Mres Moving Image Central Saint Martins  2016 - Drawing and painting course at the RA 2016 - Painting course at Charles Cecil 2014 – 2017 - BA Hons Fine Art at Goldsmiths 2012 – 2014 - Art and Design at UAL 2011 - Make Up for theatre and fashion at Yarin Shahaf 2005 – 2008 - Drama And Art Performance at Sofi Moskovich


Han Caroline

Han is exhibiting one piece;Last Christmas Issue #1: Thank God for Gumtree. 


Han Caroline is a visual artist and writer.  A lot of Han's art combines sewing and photography - including pieces called “photopatchwork”. They explore the use of text in their art, including original poetry. Experiences and personal recollections, often rooted in queerness, autism and deafness, are key features in Han’s work; they consider the identity a prominent influence on practice. Their work usually reflects their attempt to understand themself and their surroundings, believing that identities are made up of many factors that intersect and collide with each other to make up people's thoughts, ideas, and how they perceive the world. 


Hsi Chun Huang

Hsi is exhibiting one piece; The Train I Saw in Amsterdam.


Hsi Chun Huang (1985) was born in Taipei, Taiwan. After getting an art degree at the National Taiwan University of Arts, He chose Europe as a starting point to begin his full-time creation in 2013.  In 2014, he headed to Melbourne and started his life as a street artist and he also started actively participating in art activities locally, including group exhibitions. After holding two exhibitions in his home town Taipei, Hsi Chun went to London to continue his journey in Autumn 2015. Now he is working in a market and keep drawing in his free times.



Hyeyeon is exhibiting one piece; The way to Prage.


CHUNG  Born in Seoul, Korea,1992 grew up in Korea and majored in Korean painting (Oriental traditional painting). Bachelor of Arts, Chung-Ang University moved to Berlin and recorded western and oriental gazes and landscapes.Group Exhibition list  2012 Hurdling 1st temporary/ Asia culture center gallery / Korea  2015 Zeinxeon gallery temporary exhibition Journey to youth life/ Zeinxeon gallery / Seoul . Korea 2016 Hang Ryeo Art gallery temporary exhibition/Hang RyeoArt gallery/hang zhou shi, China 2016 young artist tempordry exhibition/ Uijengbu Art center gallery / Uijengbu. Korea 2017 Kirock , record of daily life / LiTE-HAUS Galerie + Projektraum / Berlin . Germany 2017 Fresh Legs 2017 /Galleri Heike Arndt DK / Berlin . Germany 2017 Uijengbu Art center young artist  temporary exhibition/ Uijengbu Art center / Uijengbu . Korea.  2017 Asian Students Young Artists Art Festival /DDP . Dongdaemun Design Plaza /Seoul . Korea 2017 United  temporary exhibition / Gologorski gallery / Krakow . Poland


Jess Clauser

Jess is exhibiting one piece; Candy Cane.


Jess Clauser is originally from the United States and completed her MFA from the University of Pennsylvania in 2009. After spending 6 1/2 years in Beijing and Hong Kong she relocated to London, England.

The Sons of Incoherence


Johnny and Geoffers are exhibiting one piece; Armed Angel Gabriel.


Founding members of the Kuntists and Rart and Sete are the Sons Of Incoherence. They have combined to form a nouveau anti art resistance movement where nothing is sacred, everything is acceptable. Having exhibted and sold world wide, causing uproar and chaos along the way, including getting gallery permanently closed, fisticuffs with Tracey Emin, pissing of the Russians and had their collars felt by the gendarmes in France.  Their name comes from The Incoherents (Les Arts Incohérents) A French art movement founded by Jules Lévy in 1882, which anticipated the avant-garde and anti-art pre-dating Duchamp and the Dadaists.



Karina is exhibiting one piece; “Sorry but Paganism is cooler”.


Karina Geddes is currently undertaking a Masters degree in Illustration and Animation, She wants to create narratives and moving imagery that combines illustration with traditional craft techniques. Karina intends to confront cultural stereotypes and gender politics through whimsical embroideries and colourful prints hoping to make the world a better place one stitch at a time.


Katerina Panagiotopoulou

Katerina is exhibiting one piece; Charging mobile.


Katerina Panagiotopoulou studied Photography at University of Westminster and Fine Arts & Photography at Kensington & Chelsea College. She has been into Photography since a very young age. She first started with mini courses in Greece until she moved to London, UK to dive more into the art. She has participated in a number of exhibitions presenting photographs, videos and installations.


Katy Itter

Katy is exhibiting one piece; Commercial Festoon.


Katy Itter is a fibers and mixed media sculpture artist who lives and works in New York. She received a BA from University of Washington in Seattle and an MFA from SUNY New Paltz. Her work has been exhibited in galleries and museums in Seattle, New York, and Rome, Italy, including the Queens Museum, Dorsky Museum of Art, and most recently, Williamsburg Art and Historical Center.


Kevin Hunter

Kevin is exhibiting one piece; Snow.


Kevin Hunter is an MFA candidate at Northern Illinois University. His paintings are an illustration of life from the mundane to the miraculous. He feels that everyone we meet adds to the art conversation and enjoys hearing new perspectives. He is currently living in Sycamore, Illinois with his amazing wife and five incredible children ranging in ages from 10 to 2.


Khalil Charif

Khalil is exhibiting one piece; The messenger.


In late 90's, studied at Parsons School and New York University. Afterwards, he obtained a post-graduate degree in Art History at PUC-Rio (among further studies in Art-Philosophy). Recently he accomplished the Advanced Programs of the Escola de Artes Visuais do Parque Lage, in his hometown. He was one of the recipients of the awards: “Prêmio Interações Florestais 2011” (Brazil), “ExperimentoBIO 2013” (Spain), and he was finalist of the "Arte Laguna Prize 2017" (Italy).


Kinga Pilarska

Kinga is exhibiting one piece; The Bedroom Project.


Kinga Pilarska was born in Bydgoszcz, Poland in 1994. At the age of 7 along with her parents and brother she moved to North West London. Pilarska has briefly lived in Hatfield whilst studying Fine Art BA at University of Hertfordshire. After graduating in 2016 she has moved to East London to work and live. Being surrounded by the nature and a lot of open space which contrasted London made her think of how we use and live in each space. 

Lara Buffard


Lara is exhibiting two pieces; Plastic beauty or a woman in a box and Glitter Fever.


Lara's work has evolved via an atypical journey of creation  & through a creative expression workshop, & as a cultural project coordinator at mudac (Museum of Contemporary Design and Applied Arts) CH, & as a co-creator of a pedagogical museum platform for 15 museums Pakomuze CH & as a HES tutor for students preparing their Master thesis in “Cultural Management” CH, & as collaborator for HEP (pedagogical training for teachers in visual arts) CH, & as a costume designer for theatre companies & a teacher in the slums of India and Cambodia for NGO’s, & as assistant artist for fashion designers and photographers and today, more and more, as a performance artist, film maker and producer. 


Liz Haney

Liz is exhibiting one piece; Four Reds.


Liz Haney trained at York University in Toronto and received her B.F.A. in the spring of 2008,  Majoring in both painting and photography.  She also studied graphic design at both humber college and Sheridan college in Toronto.
Since graduating, Liz has been at the Art Gallery of Ontario in various departments including Education for both primary and secondary school children, Gallery Guide for the blind and most recently volunteer in the Prints and Drawings Department. Her art practice is mostly based in painting but she has also experimented in mixed media and photography.  Sometimes its the combination of these mediums that make the most interesting results.  Her most recent exploration was during the contact photography festival 
in which she requested her viewers to interact with her art with a pencil and charcoal over a large scale photograph. Liz has been in a few collectives over the years ranging from the Albright Knox area artist, Buffalo, New York, Art Divas of Port credit and the Sweet art collective in London, uk.


Maria Varnava

Maria is exhibiting two pieces; When snow falls, nature listens and Roasting on an open fire.


Maria Varnava is a multidisciplinary artist currently in her final year studying BA (Hons) Fine Art at the University of Lincoln. Maria is originally from London and has participated group shows in Nottingham and Lincoln.

Marie Kårsjö


Marie is exhibiting one piece.


Swedish-born, Cambridge-based, Marie Kårsjö has a degree in Horticulture and works as a gardener. She have also studied photography and ceramics. Her main media are photography and collage. In Sweden and London she have been exhibiting photos and collage, and published her work in literature and art magazines. 

Marta Pieregonczuk


Marta is exhibiting two pieces; I think you missing one...Merry Christmas! and I give you my heart.


Marta Pieregonczuk is a London based versatile fine artist. She has been working in many different mediums as a freelance interior decorator and muralist. She is a member of BAR (Brent Artist Resources) and she has also been cooperating with artists from Creative Cricklewood. Marta was born in Pionki, Poland. In the bleak Communist era expressing herself through drawing and painting gave colour to her childhood. While studying Journalism and Political Science at the University of Maria Sklodwska-Curie in Lublin she enrolled on an additional programme in the fine art department rekindling the flame of passion for art. After moving to England Marta continued her education under Henry Liam Ward and has received a lot of support from many art lovers and collectors across Denmark, the UK and Germany.


Marla Born

Malra is exhibiting one piece; This video is about xmas.


Marla Born is a multimedia artist currently residing in Berlin.

Mia-Jane Harris


Mia is exhibiting one piece; Virgin of the Resurrection.


The idea of mortality means a lot to Harris and has always fascinated her due to her death during birth, and her fear of when it will take her next. There were complications during Harris’ birth which resulted in her being born deceased and after resuscitation left with Erbs Palsy, the partial paralysis and stunted growth of her right arm, so she has always had a fascination with the morbid and abnormal. She studied at ‘City & Guilds of London Art School’ and the ‘University of East London’ and is now an internationally exhibiting artist based in London and Kent.

Michael Croft


Michael Croft is exhibiting one piece; Love Meat.


Oxford Polytechnic Foundation, Central St Martins Fine Art Degree

Michelle Watson


Michelle is exhibiting one piece; Loving the Bump!


Having had exhibitions both in London and along the south coast of England since her graduation from Chichester University 2009 Michelle Watson’s influence of her earlier theatre studies comes through in her paintings. The large-scale work and the application of the oil paint create the sculptured female form in her work today.  During her three-year stay in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, she had the opportunity to work on many projects within the scope of various painting styles and sizes.  Having won local competitions she is now working towards a series of solo exhibitions. To be held 2019-2020. And collaborates with other artists in exhibition regularly. 

Christo Viola


Milena is exhibiting one piece; Jesus.


I was born in Italy in 1978.

Nadia Mehr


Nadia is exhibiting one piece; Heart, Happiness and Beyond.


Born in Lahore, from an early age Nadia was interested in drawing, and would make things with paper, fabric, clay and other everyday materials. She later formalised this passion by doing a 4yrs BA in Fine Arts from National College of Arts, Lahore. After graduation, She taught drawing and painting at the various Institutes in Lahore e.g National College of Arts and French Cultural Centre, before moving to live in UAE from where she did extensive travelling around the world for a few years. She then moved to London and did and a Post Graduation in painting from Chelsea College of Art and Design. 

Olivia Brazier


Olivia is exhibiting one piece; She's got beef.  


Olivia Brazier is a London based artist working predominantly in collage and painting. She studied her BA (Hons) at UEL and completed her Foundation Diploma In Art & Design at Kingston College. Recent exhibitions include: Fruit Drawers, Comité AIAP Unesco, Monaco (2017); CurAte, Clapton Depot, London (2017); Nasty Women Wigan, Cross Street Arts, Wigan (2017); Tickle Me Pink, Hotel Novotel, Monaco (2017); Colourflux, La Turbie, France (2016); Prince’s Trust Art Exhibition, Darren Baker Gallery, U.K (2016); Future Late, Tate Modern, U.K (2016) and a four page spread in Arcane Magazine, Canada, (2016). She is a founder and a member of Your Beautiful Collective. 

Omi Feeney


Omi is exhibiting one piece; Straggler.


Omi Feeney is a recent graduate from the BA Fine Art programme at Goldsmiths, University of London. She is living and working in London, but is currently based in the Norfolk countryside for a six-week long artist's residency at sculptor Antony Gormley's home.


Pierrick Senelaer

Pierrick is exhibiting one piece; Winter.


My name is Pierrick Senelaer, I am a French native living in London for almost 15 years.  I have been running ART-PIE , a modern and street art online magazine, for about 6 years and have recently been renting an art studio in Stoke Newington.   I have been working on mainly landscaping, a great passion of mine, using acrylics (mainly spray paint) where geometrical shapes, mainly cubes and circles are entangled.


Raul Lara

Raul is exhibiting one piece.


Born in Morón de la Frontera, Seville. After living in different countries like the USA or UK currently back in Spain and based in Marbella, Málaga. Like every child, Raúl was keen on his early scribbles, soon  at the age of 9 years old he took its first classes of painting that would be extended during several years where he would know the basics of the pictorial art. From that moment his training has been self-taught, guided by inspiration, by the hours and hours in front of countless canvases, by the readings he has made, by videos, information online ... Almost all his knowledge about painting has been fruit of his interest, of his passion, of his curiosity and desire to learn, and above all of his innate quality for painting. Already in his maturity, not only vital but pictorial, he manages to capture in his painting all that learning, which continues to develop day by day, with every stroke of color that forms on his canvases and after having dedicated his work performace in the world of bussiness he decides to take the step forward and dedicate itself exclusively to painting.


Renee Antoinette

Renée is exhibiting one piece; Street sleeper laid motionless in the cold whilst the public walk passed him.


Renée Antoinette is a Jamaican born illustrator and Visual Artist based in London who is in her final year of studying BA Illustration and Visual Communication at the University of Westminster. Her passion for art came at a young age when she was introduced to anime which influenced her to want to pursue a career in illustration and animation. Through her studies, she was exposed to a wide range of mediums to explore topics which were of interest to her. She likes to visually inform her audience on subjects of the black identity, her individuality and the human condition.


Rhiane Aurielle

Rhiane is exhibiting two pieces; Puke Object (From series Puke Objects)and Rubber Mesh, Nails, White Chocolate, Angel Delight & Salt.


Rhiane Aurielle (b.1995, Brighton) is a London based artist working in sculpture and digital photography. She has recently graduated from Goldsmith’s College, London with a BA in Fine Art. Central to Aurielle’s work is the interconnection between the organic and inorganic, between nature and the artificial. Aurielle believes that the relationship between the natural world and the techno-world is one of dynamic interconnectivity in which boundaries are charred and where a place of in-between-ness can swell. 

Rosie Burns


Rosie is exhibiting one piece; Snow Sky.


Rosie sold her first paintings when she was about 15 year old. She does not have a fine Art degree, however trained as an Archaeological site and find illustrator both as part of a degree in Archaeology and Sociology, and on site as an illustrator for the Hebrew University, Jerusalem in Israel. She then went on to study for a Post Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE ) in secondary Art and design. Her first teaching job, in a secondary boys school, provided a large Art room with a ceramic kiln, printing press and lots of materials. Rosie has exhibited successfully nationally, in group and solo exhibitions, July 2017 saw a small collection of Rosie’s nudes and landscapes being shown in Amsterdam, Netherlands and November 2017 an Artist Residency at the Bargehouse  Oxo Warf, Southbank, London with the National Open Art exhibition. 



Heydt is exhibiting one piece; Cancer is a suitcase away from one's own death.


Heydt is an American social practice and new media artist born and raised in New York City. She has lived and worked in Paris, Venice, Amsterdam, Athens, Sydney, Udaipur and currently resides in Vienna.   Heydt's work continuously examines different phenomenologies of our hyper-mediated society wherein tabloids become history.  Her interest lies in semiology's role in the mutability of history, disillusionment of the social psyche and exploitation of a world increasingly reduced to a bottom line.  Heydt’s work exhibits internationally and sits in the permanent collection of a number of museums. 



Raven is exhibiting one piece; Constitution Day.


Raven studied at University of Sussex as a master in Art history and Museum curating, with the abundant experiences in visual art,especially graphic design layout ,illustration and lifestyle photography.

Theresa Bradbury


Theresa is exhibiting one piece. 


Theresa Bradbury is currently studying for a MFA in Fine Art at Nottingham Trent University. She was the recipient of the art school scholarship award. She currently works as an artist with the education team at Nottingham Contemporary. Theresa’s practice is primarily sculptural, working with materials which hint at the fetishistic and have a connection to the physicality of the body. The materials and processes utilised are selected for there associations to femininity and investigate ideas surrounding impermanence, instability, fragility and decay. To recast traditional artistic representations of the female body through the use of unusual materials, including, hair, silicone, lipstick, fur, dust and mirrors. Her work is inspired by the theories of Judith Butler, Luce Irigaray and Sara Ahmed.

Valerija Savchits


Valerie is exhibiting one piece; Mona.


VALERIE SAVCHITS was born to a Russian-speaking family near the Baltic Sea in Latvia in 1993. She graduated from the University of Salford in 2016 with a degree in Visual Arts. Valerie is currently working from her studio in South London. Her work appeared in Tate Modern, Saatchi Gallery, Affordable Art Fair UK, The Guardian, BBC Live and Uniqlo on Oxford St. She is one of the winners of Hotel Elephant & Southwark Council's Art & Culture Grant Scheme. Artist has also been published in several art magazines such as Sukeban Gang, Average Art Magazine and Art Maze Mag.

Victoria General


Victoria is exhibiting one piece; I love you.


Victoria General draws. A LOT. ;-) 

Xenia Levina


Xenia is exhibiting one piece; Self Portrait.


Xenia Levina is a figurative artist, specialising in oil painting. She read History of Art for BA (1) at the University of Oxford and apprenticed to the painter Odd Nerdrum. Presently Levina is based in New York, studying at the Florence Academy of Art, to further develop her craftsmanship to render more subtle and sophisticated compositions. Levina focuses on the human experience in her work, drawing inspiration from Caravaggio, Rodin, Kollwitz and other figurative artists. 

Yassen Grigorov


Yassen is exhibiting one piece; Resilience.


Yassen Grigorov is a London based photographer of Bulgarian origin, studying Photography at the University of Westminster. His work spans a lot of photographic genres, and is currently focused on documentary and street photography.


Mirella Bandini

Mirella is exhibiting one piece.


Mirella obtained a Professional Masters in Landscape Architecture from the University of Pretoria in 2008. This qualification, in conjunction with her experience in design education, shapes and informs her practice as artist. As emerging artist her work draws inspiration from found materials and an intuitive process of making. She has been involved in public and land art workshops in South Africa, often leading to work that is deeply connected to context. She currently resides in the UK and continues to investigate the possibilities that arise from an artistic engagement with place and material. 


Arin Purple

Aarin is exhibiting two pieces; Gods, Guns and giggles and happy christmas.


Aarin Purple cureently lives and works in Tokyo. She sudied fine art at Central Saint Martin's College of Art. Aarin's practice is mainly creating assemblage objects and installtion.She has also started working on her performce art since she participated Franko B's work shop " Death and Romance" in 2016. She had done several solo exhibitons in Toyko and participated group shows in Japan and Italy.She changed her artist name from Arin Dogu to Aarin Purple in 2015. She is a feminist and a left handed. 



Kun has her exhibition in world  , from the museum to the culture centers 

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